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A Quick Update

March 20, 2020

Dear Fellow DNC Member,

I wanted to make sure that you saw our exciting news that will allow us to even more rapidly scale our efforts to hire the organizers and build the teams we need to defeat Donald Trump and his Republican Party. 
The Bloomberg campaign made an $18 million transfer in the DNC to support its’ Battleground Build-Up 2020 program and to continue its organizing in key states. This comes after Mayor Bloomberg and his team reflected on how best to use the remaining resources of his campaign, and is a compliment to the work of the DNC and the commitment of Mayor Bloomberg’s team to making good on his promise to do everything he can to defeat Trump. While significant in the size of the transfer, these transfers from suspended campaigns are common practice. 

The new transfer from the Bloomberg Campaign will help accelerate the hiring pace for important positions in organizing, data, and operations across the battlegrounds. Simultaneously, the Bloomberg campaign will transfer ownership of several of its former field offices to the DNC or Democratic state parties.  

As outlined in the DNC’s General Election Unity Program, the DNC is working with every former primary presidential campaign to facilitate the transition of their infrastructure into supporting Democrats’ general election efforts -- including staffing, fundraising, and other relevant elements of the campaign programs. 

Most importantly: We now have some expedited hiring to do, and we need your help. As we run a competitive hiring process to fill these newly funded positions, we continue to encourage former primary campaign staff and interested parties to submit their resume to the 2020 General Election Talent Bank. Every resume submitted will be given to the nominee or state coordinated campaign, and everyone who submits a resume to the Talent Bank will receive the DNC’s weekly Talent Bank email, which includes current job openings and training opportunities. Right now, state parties and other Democratic committees are reaching out for resumes from the Talent Bank, and we are actively trying to help all these folks get hired. We’re committed to taking this robust talent pipeline and staffing campaigns and state parties across the country. 

I am heartened every day by the extent to which people are stepping up to defeat Donald Trump — from the volunteer making an extra set of calls, to people like Mayor Bloomberg and his team who are doing it at scale. We all have a role to play, and I’m excited for our work ahead. 


DNC Member: SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments For Abortion-Related Case, Will Hear ACA Case In The Fall

March 7. 2020

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SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments For Abortion-Related Case, Will Hear ACA Case In The Fall

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in June Medical Services v. Russo, a case practically identical to one they heard four years ago. The difference now is that Donald Trump has spent over three years remaking the federal judiciary with judges who have built their careers trying to gut Roe v. Wade, and Gorsuch and Kavanaugh now sit on the bench. Anti-choice Republicans have capitalized on Trump’s presidency and forced through dangerous legislation across the country aimed at restricting a woman’s right to choose. This case is just another tactic by Republicans to criminalize doctors and punish women for simply making decisions about their own bodies and their own lives.

Trump and his Republican Party have proudly worn their ‘family values’ emblem as a badge of honor, but their hypocrisy is endless. Republicans claim to be advocates for women, but in reality, they have sabotaged nearly every attempt to make women equal partners in society, from undermining efforts to make equal pay a reality, to attacking the Violence Against Women Act, to chipping away at the most fundamental right we have as human beings: the right to control our own bodies and make our own health care decisions.

Let’s be very clear: The Democratic Party trusts women. I trust women. We will always fight to ensure that women are treated as equal partners in society and are able to make personal health care decisions free from political interference.

The Supreme Court also announced that it will review the Trump-backed challenge to the Affordable Care Act this fall, with a decision not likely to come until after Election Day. This is just another reminder that health care and the makeup of the Supreme Court are on the ballot in 2020 – and the American people know that when it comes to protecting their health care, the Democratic Party is the only party that has their back. The lives of millions have been thrown into chaos by Republicans and their allies seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act. This case is yet another betrayal of the American people and a direct attack on the health and economic security of so many working families. There is no overstating the consequences of this year’s election. When Americans head to the polls on November 3, they will have a clear choice: a Democrat who will protect their health care, or a Republican who will take it away.

Voter Turnout Surges on Super Tuesday

This Tuesday, we went from 5% of delegates allocated to almost 40%. I was so encouraged by the record turnout numbers – in Virginia, more than 1.3 million people voted and blew through the record set during the Obama era. In Minnesota, three-quarters of a million voters cast their ballots. In Texas, Democrats beat 2016 numbers by 40%. Utah and Massachusetts doubled 2016 turnout. The list goes on, but we are clearly seeing excited, energized Democrats ready to vote Trump and the GOP out of office.

Trump Fails The AAPI Community

Last Friday, I went to Michigan to meet with local Democrats and community leaders to highlight Donald Trump’s broken promises on health care to the AAPI community, including the proposed cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security programs included in his FY2021 budget. 

Donald Trump’s real health care agenda is crystal clear: His proposed budget slashes funding for earned benefits like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security programs; his administration has filed lawsuits to attack critical protections for people with preexisting conditions; and he has blocked Democratic efforts to bring down the costs of prescription drugs. For the AAPI community, these attacks attempt to roll back the meaningful progress that the ACA made in reducing health care disparities. Trump has broken promise after promise to Michiganders about health care, and it will cost him in November when he loses Michigan and the White House.

You can read more about my Michigan visit in the Detroit News, and listen to a one-on-one interview I did with Fox2.

Our Battleground Arizona Strategy

Speaking of battleground states, I also stopped by The Gaggle, an Arizona politics podcast, to talk about our strategy for winning Arizona in 2020. Arizona is part of our Battleground Build-up program, through which we’re opening offices and hiring organizers across the country to carry Democrats to victory. Our presence in Arizona started in 2017, in a mission to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, and we’re continuing to build a remarkable coalition there that will help solidify Arizona as a blue state.

You can listen to the podcast here.


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee