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“Personal Postcards to Potential Voters” is a new Democrats Abroad get-out-the-vote campaign for the 2020 election. This simple, direct action campaign empowers a DA volunteer to easily reach out to other Democratic potential voters to motivate them to register and vote.

How does it work?
DA volunteers write a brief, personal message on a postcard that has printed inspirational line art and lettering suitable for easy coloring. PDF files for the postcard and instruction sheet, and all other supporting materials, are available in the column on the right. Postcards are collected for central addressing, stamping and mailing within each country. (Only a few central volunteers with confidentiality training in each country handle name and address data, which will be supplied by DA Global.)

Postcards prepared by DA members will be sent to:

  • Democrats Abroad members world-wide who vote in battleground states, especially members on no-email and/or no-phone lists
  • Democrats living abroad identified through battleground state voter registration lists

  • How many DA members in your country vote in the following 10 battleground states?:  AZ, CO, FL, GA, MI, MN, NC, OH, PA, and WI

Person-to-person communication is the most effective way to influence behavior. A hand colored and written postcard is an empowering way to reach out to another individual voter, motivating them to register, request their ballot and vote.

  • Only a third of Democrats Abroad members actually vote and less than 10% of American voters abroad overall vote.

  • If we can get more of our Democratic voters abroad to vote, we could be the margin of victory in 2020!

Start writing and coloring postcards immediately! The campaign will run at least through late spring/early summer to enable the production of tens of thousands of postcards.

How many?
Yes, tens of thousands of postcards! At the DA Germany AGM, where this campaign started, 90 people took or ordered over 6,000 postcards. Add postcarding easily to any event or have postcard parties. Color alone or recruit family, friends and neighbors. Only Americans should write messages and only Americans can contribute for postage. However, anyone of any age can color! We can do this!

Where can I find out more?  How can I start this campaign in my country?
Please see the PDF file below called, "Campaign, Detailed Description".  To start postcarding in your country or for more information, please contact:  Irisita Azary, Chair, Personal Postcards to Potential Voters, by clicking HERE for a Google Form.  All the materials you need are in files listed in the section below.

This is the fight of our lives.

This is not a normal election.

It is a crisis and we have to act like it is a crisis.

I know you care deeply or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Together we can turn our deep caring into action.

We can win this!

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Sample postcard, colored and message written by a DA volunteer

  • Color to music; color with kids, friends, neighbors; color to wind down before bed; have a postcard party!
  • Write one card first thing in the morning and in 5 – 10 minutes you have fought Trump already that day! Feel ready to take on the world!
  • Chairs and Caucus leaders: Postcard writing is an inspirational and team-building activity to do at a meeting or event.
  • GPP Managers and Other Event Coordinators : Set up a “Postcard Action“ table and give voters and new members a fun, empowering reason to stick around for a bit.
  • Write and color when the news makes you mad! That’s what I do.
  • Do 5 at once assembly-line style!
  • Give yourself a boost! Feel the power of positive action!

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PDF of Postcard, A6 scale, ready to go to print (main image side)

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PDF of Postcard, A6 scale, ready to go to print
(Address side)

Here are all the materials you need to quickly start your Personal Postcards to Potential Voters campaign:


• This is a more detailed description of the Personal Postcards to Potential Voters campaign:

PersonalPostcards-PostcardImageSideA6.pdf (Ready to print A6 size; suggest 300gr, recycled paper)

PersonalPostcards-PostcardAddressSideA6.pdf, A6 size (Ready to print A6 size; suggest 300gr, recycled paper)





This is an A4 size handout that can be cut in two.  It provides the postcard graphic and some fundraising text.  Please customize with your country specific information about how to donate for postage, for example bank details transfers or address.

• This is a sample database layout for tracking who takes how many postcards, when they are returned, etc.  I suggest you make a Google Spreadsheet for your country and customize it for your needs.  For example, you could have a tab for each chapter and caucus.

• This is a screen shot of a filter to use in the DA database for your country to the identify Democrat Abroad addresses in your country that vote in battleground states.

• This is a screen shot of a filter to use in the DA database for your country to identify all Democrat Abroad addesses in your country that are on no-email and no-call lists.

Here is a PDF of a 10-minute Powerpoint presentation that could be useful to introduce the campaign to a group:

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Here are some posters that might come in handy:

Once you print them out you can write in a message in the cloud area.  Or photocopy the cloud area, print your message on the copy, and then trim and glue it to the poster.  That makes one poster reusable multiple times for multiple events.

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namePersonalPostcards-Poster A3.pdf
  PDF of poster in A3 size

View file
PDF of poster in A4 size

View file
PDF of Postcard, main image side, A4 size

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