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Virtual Debate Watch and Virtual Film Night - Pauline in Belgium, 18 March 2020

Below you’ll find the message we’re sending out as people RSVP to our event (which you can find here You’re welcome to join us - only a few have RSVPd, which I’m glad, as it’s really meant to be a pilot/dry run for our Virtual Film Night, where we’ll have people watch a film on Netflix (for those who have it, to be fair) and then join us for a facilitated conversation.  I’d like to do the same with the documentary Suppressed (which is available free on YouTube) as a continuation of our Black History Month Lunch.

titleMessage for Virtual Debate Watch
Thanks for RSVP’ing to our first virtual event of the Covid-19 season!

You’ll find the Zoom details below.  A few things to keep in mind, as we run this first event:

  • Watch the full debate BEFORE our meeting - you can find the replay here.
  • Grab a drink and snack, make yourself comfortable, and log on to our Zoom meeting using the “Join Zoom Meeting” link below.
  • You’ll be prompted to download an app and join the meeting as a guest - there is no charge for this, you do not need a Zoom account to do this.
  • We recommend joining the Audio part of the meeting via your computer/tablet. 
  • After a brief round of introductions, we’ll ask people to mute themselves and cut the video to maintain a better quality during our discussions. 
  • Click on the Chat button at the bottom of your screen to open the Chat box - we’ll ask that anyone who wants to speak type in **hand up so that we can moderate the discussion and avoid a chaotic free-for all of people talking over each other, which is far harder to manage online than it is in person!

You can also text me at any time during the call if you’re having problems logging in.  Be patient as we try this new way of engaging and staying connected - we’ll live and learn!

Thanks again for joining us,



Pauline Manos is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: DA Belgium Virtual Debate Watch
Time: Mar 19, 2020 07:30 PM Brusselsz

titleResponse from DAUK Film Committee

Great to hear that you are doing this.  Our DAUK Film Committee is also investigating having online Film Nights  and it would be  good to share ideas and information.
A very long time ago, we set up a Facebook group to share ideas, resources and contacts about documentary screenings.  It really has lapsed: nothing posted since 2017,  but it might be a good place to revive and use now:    We have produced various guides (e.g. about licenses) and lists (films and contacts) that we would be delighted to share and would really appreciate hearing/sharing from other groups.
If people have other ideas about where we could all gather together more effectively (perhaps mobilize?)  count us in!  I realize  that a lot of people don't use Facebook. 

Best wishes and hope we can all keep in touch and support one another.  

Elaine Capizzi (Chair of DAUK Film Committee) 

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Mutual Aid via hashtag - Carija in Ireland, 18 March 2020

#selfisolationhelp used in Ireland:

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