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Participants in DA WebEx meetings are asked to use a standardized format for the displayed your Participant Name.
Recent changes in the WebEx Join Meeting process mean that it is not always intuitive to change your Participant Name once it is saved in your computer.


Options for Changing your WebEx Participant Name.

Table of Contents


1. Join from the DA WebEx Search Meetings page 

The Search Meetings page in Classic View is a public listing of all upcoming DA WebEx meetings.
Be sure to select the correct meeting you wish to join, and select the meeting name, or the Join button.

If you get the “Modern View” display, Change to “Classic View” 

Find your meeting under “Search Meetings” in Classic View

Select the correct meeting you wish to join.

You should now be able to enter your Participant Name in the correct format 



3. Join by Web Browser

You can also join a meeting directly within your web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Vivaldi, Internet Explorer, etc.)
Note: Joining a meeting by browser has a somewhat different layout and more limited feature set than when joining using the desktop application.  This should be fine for most who are joining just as meeting participants, but is not suitable for Hosts, Presenters, or Moderators who will be running the meeting.

Paste the WebEx meeting URL into your browser address bar.

Select the option to Join by Web App in your Browser

In Modern View:

In Classic View: