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titleHelp for DA Leaders connecting up with WebEx

Help pages for Scheduling WebEx calls and Setting up your computer for a WebEx conference call

– created by the DA WebEx volunteer team:

Table of Contents


How to schedule a WebEx Meeting:

(Note: you must be a pass the DA WebEx Host Certification Program in order to schedule a WebEx meeting.)

  1. Check the current WebEx Meeting Calendar to avoid conflicting with other scheduled meetings

  2. Schedule the event in advance by filling in the WebEx Scheduling Form on the wiki

  3. Review the invitation messages to make sure that all listed dates, times, and meeting details are accurate
    1. Be sure that you have received both the Participant Invitation e-mail for distribution to participants, and the Host Key e-mail with the Host-Key

  4. Distribute the full WebEx invitation message out to your event participants

Please do not schedule meetings any more than 3 months in advance without prior consultation with the WebEx team.

Canceling, Changing, or Requesting a Recording of a Meeting

Please use the Meeting Change or Recording Request Form to cancel your meeting, make a change to the name or times, or to request the Streaming Recording link.

Recording & Change Request Form for WebEx Meetings

Calendars and World Time Utilities

Help Tips for WebEx Users

The following pages will help first-time WebEx users to get set up and oriented with WebEx on their personal computer:


Becoming a WebEx Meeting Host

Host Certification 

Before you can be a WebEx meeting Host, you must pass the DA WebEx Host Certification Program to ensure that your participants have a good remote meeting experience. Contact the Help Team to schedule your one-on-one host training session:

Host Help Pages

If you are the "Host" organizer, please review the following Help Pages:

  1. WebEx Host Certification Program

  2. WebEx Roles: Host, Presenter, & Participant

  3. How to manage a WebEx meeting as the "Host"

  4. If you need to cancel a scheduled meeting, please send a cancellation request to:


Support from the DA WebEx Help Team

The DA WebEx team is here to help wherever possible, but requests for advice, training, or troubleshooting need to be made with sufficient advance time so that they can reasonably be coordinated on all sides.  We are all volunteers working towards the same shared objective of turning out the vote, but as they saying goes, "Failure to plan on your part, does not constitute an emergency on ours." (smile)

Quick Links:

WebEx Meeting Calendar page

WebEx Scheduling Form - Old






titleScheduling a WebEx Meeting by e-mail


If somehow theWebEx Scheduling Form is not working to schedule a WebEx meeting for your group or Country Committee, please send a request e-mail with the following information to:

Please try to request your meeting event at least one week in advance to provide sufficient time for setting up the meeting and for you to be able to get the meeting invitation out to your participants.
Your request should include:

  1. Who– name of the group organizing the meeting (CC name or Committee name)
  2. Title– of this specific meeting
  3. Date and Time– of meeting in both EST/EDT (DC-time) and your local time zone (all calls are listed in EST/EDT)
  4. PW– password requested (keep this simple, we will use our generic password for most general access meetings)
  5. Host– who will be the person responsible for managing the call control features 

One of the WebEx team will respond and send you the meeting access details for you to distribute to your participants.  

We will also send you, as the "host" organizer, the "Host Key" which you will use to manage the meeting call.

When managing a call:

  1. Keep in mind that the meeting starts automatically 15 min prior to scheduled start.  The Host does not need to manually start the meeting.
  2. The Host must "End the Meeting," when finished – not just close the WebEx application. If the Host closes the meeting, this will end the call for other participants

  3. The meeting organizer is responsible for distributing the invitation emails to the attendees. (We do not need the list of participants for WebEx.)

  4. If you cancel a scheduled meeting, please send a cancellation request to



Contact the DA WebEx volunteer team:

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