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Association of State Democratic Chairs Clips

Democrats Abroad

US expats in UAE rate 100 days of Trump presidency

The US expats in the #UAE are offering different interpretations of how the President Donald Trump has fared over the course of his first 100 days in Oval Office. On Monday night, four Americans - two Democrats and two Republicans - held a lively debate at the Capital Club in Dubai International Financial City (DIFC), organised by the GCC Business Council and moderated by a Khaleej Times journalist. In his opening remarks, Tony Graham, the media spokesman for #UAE chapter of Democrats Abroad, noted that he was concerned that Donald Trump was damaging America's standing in the world. "Foreign governments, companies, and individuals need to be able to view US government policy and statements from our leaders with credibility. They need to believe there is a consistency in policy, whether they agree with that policy direction or not," he said. "I think in the first 100 days, it has extension of the campaign in the sense that American credibility and consistency in our foreign policy has been under-whelming. That's a very sad thing."


Republicans, Democrats weigh in on community college

Bonneville County voters will decide in roughly two weeks if Eastern Idaho Technical College should be converted into a community college. While it’s clear there is a lot of interest in the May 16 election — Bonneville County officials say nearly 200 people have cast early votes since Thursday and a large number have requested absentee ballots — the outcome of the controversial measure is less certain. The issue has drawn both support and criticisms in recent months, and three groups that lately released their opinions have continued that trend. The Bonneville County Democrats also believe that a community college is a good idea. In their resolution passed April 18, they state a “well-educated populace is a positive way to invest in the Idaho economy and strengthen the skills of the Bonneville County workforce simultaneously.” Economists estimate that a community college could generate $66 million in economic activity, Democrats say, creating more opportunities for local employers and employees and strengthening the tax base. They also believe the institution would help fill the local need for a skilled workforce.


Democrats Blast Messer, Rokita And GOP For Health Care Vote

The Indiana Democratic Party says a Congressional vote to repeal and replace Obamacare takes health care away from millions just to fulfill a political promise. The Republican health care bill includes a trillion dollar tax cut – mostly for wealthier Americans – and cuts billions in government spending. And U.S. Rep. Luke Messer (R-Shelbyville), speaking on the House floor, says, most importantly, it repeals Obamacare. Indiana Democratic Party Chair John Zody says the bill is a result of Republicans’ misplaced priorities. “Since January, they’ve governed like their first priority has been tax cuts for the rich and trying to pay for it by taking health care away from working families. That’s not what anybody voted for in November,” Zody says. And Zody says the health care reform bill is no solution at all. “Their solution is getting worse. Their solution will throw 24, 26 million people off of health care in 10 years,” Zody says. “Their solution has not been scored by the nonpartisan office who looks at the fiscal impact of these things.” Zody adds that Messer and fellow Republican Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Brownsburg) – both potential U.S. Senate candidates – will pay for their votes in next year’s election.


Nevada healthcare advocates disappointed by Trumpcare vote

As Republicans in the House of Representatives were able to gat an approval vote to repeal Obamacare and pass their own version of a health care bill, it signaled the first big win for President Donald Trump. "What a great group of people," President Trump said. "And they're not even doing it for the party; they're doing it for the country because we suffered with Obamacare." Nevada Democrats say more than 150,000 residents of the state stand to lose healthcare under the American Healthcare Act. In fact, two Republicans on Capitol Hill have opposed the bill, but one of those Republicans flipped. Nevada Republican Mark Amodei, who was initially a firm 'no' vote on the American Health Care Act voted 'yes' Thursday. Nevada Democrats say the congressman gave into pressure from the white house. "He had concerns about the Medicaid provisions and the rollback of that funding, he had concerns about the rushed process, the lack of transparency, the lack of hearings; that hasn't changed," said Stewart Boss, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party.

New Mexico

Pearce Puts Trump & Political Ideology Ahead of New Mexicans' Health

Congressman Steve Pearce just voted to take health care away from more than 250,000 New Mexicans including more than 60,000 of his own constituents. The bill, also known as Trumpcare, was passed by 217 Republican votes. “Congressman Pearce put his loyalty to Donald Trump and his political ideology before his constituents’ health care,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “The bill Congressman Pearce voted for will take health care away from New Mexicans raise premiums on our seniors, and threaten coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.” Congressman Steve Pearce’s district had the largest drop in uninsured residents in the state since the Affordable Care Act was enacted.

North Carolina

GOP health care bill receives support from Rowan’s congressmen

Rowan County’s congressmen joined the majority on Thursday when the U.S. House passed a Republican bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Reps. Richard Hudson, R-Concord, and Ted Budd, R-Advance, voted in favor of the American Health Care Act with 215 other Republicans. Hudson has supported the bill from its first introduction months ago. Budd had opposed it until recently. The N.C. Democratic Party noted the potential for people to lose insurance coverage when it called Thursday’s vote a shameful betrayal of working families. “While this legislation is appalling, it should surprise no one,” said party Chairman Wayne Goodwin in an emailed statement. “From his first day in office, President Trump has shown that he is squarely behind the congressional Republican agenda of more money for the rich at the expense of good health care, jobs and wages for the middle class.”


With Trump's encouragement, Barletta weighs U.S. Senate run against Casey

The latest Republican mulling a challenge next year to Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Casey? One of President Donald Trump's earliest congressional supporters. U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta said Wednesday he is considering a Senate run against Casey. Barletta talked with Trump this week about a possible bid, and the Hazleton legislator says he received an encouraging response. A spokesman for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party responded to Barletta's consideration of a Senate bid by criticizing his support for a GOP plan to replace the Obamacare health care law. "This week congressman Barletta announced he was breaking his promise to protect Pennsylvanians with preexisting conditions and would support the new health care law that will take away insurance from millions of Americans," party spokesman Max Steele said. "Now he's asking for a promotion?"

State Sen. Scott Wagner confronts cameraman, tells crowd 'you're about to see your senator in action'

A Pennsylvania state senator confiscated a camera from a political tracker during a Tuesday luncheon speech at the Country Club of York. Republican Sen. Scott Wagner, who represents much of York County and is challenging Gov. Tom Wolf in the 2018 gubernatorial race, broke off his speech before the York County Estate Planning Council after noticing the cameraman in the back of the room, according to the York Daily Record. After asking if the cameraman was a member of the private club, Wagner told the man he was trespassing and said he was going to confiscate the camera. “OK,” Wagner told the group, “you're about to see your senator in action.” The crowd applauded as Wagner approached the cameraman. Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, said Wagner “proved yesterday that he is unhinged and cannot handle the pressures of a gubernatorial campaign.”

Rhode Island

R.I. Democratic critics scorch GOP health bill

The four Democratic members of Congress from Rhode Island on Thursday issued statements slamming the passage in the Republican-led House of a bill that would dismantle former President Obama’s healthcare law. U.S. Rep. David N. Cicilline said the legislation would hurt older Americans, children covered under Medicaid and working people to benefit the wealthy. “This is the cruelest and most immoral thing I’ve seen the Republican Party do to the American people,” Cicilline said. “They just passed a bill that they know will result in the deaths of thousands of working people each year. I don’t know how they sleep at night.” Governor Raimondo sounded a similar theme charging that “TrumpCare hurts low-income, working Rhode Islanders to give a tax cut to millionaires, and could cost more than 100,000 Rhode Islanders their health insurance. That is nothing short of immoral.”

South Dakota

SD legislators back Obamacare repeal

The path will be narrow, but U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds is looking ahead to a Senate vote to approve the American Health Care Act (AHCA). While speaking to press at the same moment the U.S. House of Representatives passed the proposed replacement to the Affordable Care Act, the South Dakota Republican senator hoped the GOP-led Senate could garner at least 50 votes to approve a health care bill. If the Senate gets 50 Republicans to agree on the plan, Rounds said the upper chamber will rely on a tiebreaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence. South Dakota’s lone U.S. Representative, Republican Kristi Noem, supported the plan in the 217-213 vote, much to the disappointment of the South Dakota Democratic Party. “With her vote for the latest healthcare plan, Kristi Noem voted for a disastrous and cruel healthcare plan that would have devastating impacts on tens of millions of Americans, including tens of thousands of South Dakotans,” the S.D. Democratic Party wrote in a statement released shortly after the House vote.


Rep. Will Hurd only Texas Republican to vote against the GOP Obamacare repeal bill

Rep. Will Hurd waited as long as he could to reveal how he would vote on the American Health Care Act. But moments before voting Thursday, as Republican leaders voiced certainty that they had secured enough support to pass the bill, the San Antonio Republican announced his opposition to the measure. After weeks of playing coy with constituents and reporters about how he would vote, Hurd was the only Texas Republican to reject House Speaker Paul Ryan’s American Health Care Act. Democratic leaders in the state also offered Hurd no credit, arguing that he should not get a pass for refusing to take the lead on the issue. Manny Garcia, a spokesman for the Texas Democratic Party, suggested that Hurd was waiting for Republicans to cobble together enough votes to pass the bill so that he could get “permission to vote no” from Ryan. “What he could have done if he was so adamantly opposed to Trumpcare is he could have worked with Democrats and he could have worked to convince his fellow Texas Republicans, all of whom voted for this legislation,” Garcia said. “He could have stood up for his constituency, publicly opposed it and defeated this bill.”


People With Preexisting Conditions Fret Over Health Overhaul

Utah's all-Republican House delegation voted Thursday in favor of a health care overhaul that could impact people with pre-existing conditions, triggering serious worries from people who fit that category. Salt Lake City resident Emilee Sharp said she is considering rushing a major spinal surgery in case she loses her insurance even though her doctor warned it's risky. Sharp suffered spinal damage as a result of a fall down a cliff while ATVing in central Utah in 2010. Utah Democrats said Republicans supporting the measure "became a death squad for thousands of Utahns and millions of Americans" who will no longer be able to afford insurance or health care. "Today the Republican Party did exactly what they've accused Democrats of doing with Obamacare in 2010 - they rammed a flawed health care bill through without proper vetting, collaboration, or the support of the American People," Utah Democratic Party Chairman Peter Corroon said in a statement.

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