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Call to 2018 DPCA Global Meeting -- 30 Day Announcement -- April 25, 2018

Dear Leaders,
Democrats Abroad will hold our 2018 DPCA Global Meeting on May 25-27, 2018 at the TKP Shinagawa Conference Center, Takanawa, Minato-Ku, TOKYO, (next door to Shinagawa Station). Find out more information about the meeting (and Tokyo!) here

Schedule: There will be pre-meetings on proposed Charter amendments and resolutions, as well as trainings on Friday May 25th. The DPCA Global Meeting will be called to order on Saturday morning, May 26th and will end midafternoon on Sunday May 27th at 3pm Tokyo time. 
A draft agenda is linked here. This agenda is tentative and subject to change, especially as we finalize time slots for guest speakers. Attendance via WebEx will be possible for all daytime sessions.

The AP Regional Meeting will be held on Sunday, May 27th, during lunch. 

Evening social events are planned for Friday and Saturday evenings.

The deadline for submitting resolutions to be considered at the Global Meeting is 30 days out, or the end of the day today (EDT) (April 25).  If you have questions or would like to submit a resolution, please write to the Resolutions Committee Chair Susan Vaillant or Resolutions Secretary Will Bakker at

Charter Amendment Proposals
Please note that Propositions 1 through 12, which propose to amend the Democrats Abroad Charter, will be considered at the Tokyo Global Meeting. These Propositions are posted on the Standing Bylaws Committee's Wiki page.   Additional proposals may be submitted by the end of the day today (EDT) (April 25). To submit a proposed Charter Amendment, please fill out the online submission form. If you have any questions, email Tom Schmid, SBC Chair, at

DPCA Vote Allocation, Voters and Proxies
For the 2018 DPCA Vote Allocation please check here on the wiki. Do ensure your country committee is represented during the weekend. If one of your DPCA members or you may not be able to attend, we recommend assigning proxies. More information and the PROXY form are available here (DPCA Vote Allocations, Voters, and Proxies).  

Please donate to help with meeting costs
Democrats Abroad meetings are open to any member of Democrats Abroad.  We don’t charge a meeting fee, however these meetings incur significant costs to our nearly all-volunteer organization and we urge all participants, whether attending in-person or by WebEx, to donate to help pay the costs.  If you are motivated to donate extra, please consider giving to our Travel Fund to help others attend.
The registration page for the meeting is available here. (

More information coming
Updates on the Global Meeting and related events will be posted over the next weeks.  Please watch this space for the 15 Day Announcement on May 10.  Do make sure that this information reaches new country committee officers in your committee, as well as interested members.
Thank you!  And thank you to all who are working to organize these events! 
Looking forward to seeing you all soon. 

All the best, 

Julia Bryan
International Chair, Democrats Abroad

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