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Democratic Municipal Officials



Democratic Municipal Officials Digest
Week of 4/30/2018

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Ideas for Cities

Messaging - 
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  • The American people respond best to relatable language on people’s economic futures and how the wealthy are getting wealthier.
  • Overwhelmingly, surveyed individuals believe that politicians, especially Republican politicians, only serve the interests of wealthy campaign donors.
  • Americans believe that the already-rich are getting most of the benefits, and it's putting other American's futures at risk. 
  • More than paying today's bills, Americans worry about paying for future healthcare, retirement, and quality of life. 
  • Americans care more that Trump is reckless and abuses power than that he is lazy. 

News for Democrats

DMO Update

  • Seattle Council Member Teresa Mosqueda will be joining the DMO Labor Council.
  • Council Member Mosqueda brings a strong union background, having worked for the AFL-CIO and passed legislation guaranteeing paid sick and safe leave for workers in Washington State.
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