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This is an opinion editorial from Shari Temple.

Democrats Abroad mainly gets involved with issues that impact Americans living abroad.   The Equal Rights Amendment would give equal rights under the constitution for the half of the Americans living abroad that are not currently granted equal rights.  

The ERA will provide legal grounds for the Supreme Court to make decisions on women's issues such as equal pay, reproductive healthcare, sexual harassment, and pregnancy discrimination and maternity rights.  

The passage of the ERA in the US can also set the stage for more countries around the globe to implement similar measures.

So passing ERA is not just for women's rights in the US but also to improve women's rights globally.

For those that don't think there is a need for the ERA, as long as you believe women should have equal rights, then you should have no objection to having it clearly stated in the constitution.

For those that don't think women should have equal rights, do you have a mother?  do you have a daughter?

For those that do see the need for the ERA, please join in DA's efforts to work along side state legislatures in the US to get one more state to ratify it.

Comments welcome.

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