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Dear DNC Member,

With 19 days to go, below are some DNC updates that we are pushing out to our networks and would love your help amplifying!  

Final Push for Team Blue: In coordination with Swing Left, 270 Strategies, and other key partners, we have deployed dozens of people to campaigns around the country and sent thousands to fill GOTV shifts and other critical GOTV roles. We are doing another push to help people head to critical campaigns - below is language you can use to encourage anyone who wants to help this cycle!

With less than three weeks before the most important Election Day of our lifetime, campaigns around the country still need our help. Most of these elections are going to be won or lost by hundreds of votes. 

Here are ways that you and your network can plug in. It’s not too late!  

Willing to head to a campaign for the final 4 - 14 days?  →   Sign up here

Sign up to knock doors, make calls and texts remotely or near you →   Sign up here

Lawyer willing to help with voter protection efforts?  →   Sign up here

Not sure what to do? See all options to help by joining Team Blue!   →

Some draft tweets to re-tweet or to re-make your own! UpdatesWe have made some exciting updates to

    • Embeddable polling place widget:  We have updated our polling place locator tool that campaigns, state parties, and organizations can now also embed on their own websites! Not all polling information is released by states at the same time though, so we add locations to as soon as they become available. 

    • A daily updated list of what early vote and polling places are up:!

We hope it’s a helpful resource for voters and for our partners! 

Some draft tweets to re-tweet or to re-make your own!

We would love your help pushing out these options and resources to appropriate people.




Jason Rae


Democratic National Committee




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