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  • help your members show off they've voted with an easy to share "I've voted" sticker 
  • grow understanding of which of your members engaged in voting this year 
  • provides a great excuse to nudge your members about getting their ballot request in (or checking the status of their ballots)
  • helps you reach out to friends of members regarding voting (friends sharing voting messaging increases voting rates in friend sets) 

Basic How to: 

Write a short email that says something like this:  

Already voted? Let us know!


Yay! Click here for an "I VOTED" sticker you can share on social media! 

(Add this link to the text you'd like to hyperlink){{}}&tag=2018Voted&redirect=thanks_for_voting


Head straight to Any questions, ask

Advanced tip: Filter out already voted members who are tagged "2018Voted" - they are likely to have already received a sticker.  

Many thanks to Alex for setting up this link and Amanda and Ada for spreading the word about it!

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