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  • Wages Slowed, Manufacturing Declined, And Economic Optimism Fell
  • Past 24 Hours: The Walls Close In On President Trump
  • THE LATEST: Trump Bans Immigrants Who Don’t Have Health Insurance
  • LO ÚLTIMO: Trump prohíbe la entrada a inmigrantes que no pueden pagar por un seguro médico
  • Trump’s Erratic Policies Contribute To Declining Wages
  • DNC on Trump Administration Blocking Sondland Testimony

Jason Rae
Democratic National Committee


Wages Slowed, Manufacturing Declined, And Economic Optimism Fell

Today, on National Manufacturing Day, the new jobs report shows that the manufacturing sector is in decline and lost 2,000 jobs last month. It’s clear that Trump did not bring back manufacturing as he promised, but that’s not the only broken promise -- he also broke his promises to raise wages and increase job growth.

Wages slowed to the weakest level in more than a year last month.

Bloomberg: “Average hourly earnings rose 2.9% from a year earlier, the weakest in more than a year and missing estimates.”

Manufacturing growth slowed again last month and the lost 2,000 jobs.

Bloomberg: “Manufacturers subtracted 2,000 jobs, continuing a trend toward weaker growth. It likely reflects the slowdown at factories, seen also in data from the Institute for Supply Management, which points to slower production and orders amid weakening demand for goods.”

Americans’ optimism in the economy fell to the lowest level in three years.

CNBC: “Americans’ attitudes toward the economy took a sharp turn downward in the third quarter, according to the CNBC All-America Economic Survey, with just 23% believing the economy will improve in the next year, the lowest level of optimism in three years.”

U.S. factory orders fell in August.

Reuters: “New orders for U.S.-made goods slipped in August and business spending on equipment was much weaker than initially thought, the latest indications that manufacturing was in a slump.”

Over 100 more manufacturing workers lost their jobs in Iowa and Illinois.

The Gazette: “Deere and Co. has announced layoffs for more than 160 production employees in the Quad Cities”

The decline in manufacturing is spreading to the rest of the economy as non-manufacturing growth fell to the lowest level in three years.

CNN: “America's manufacturing industry is in contraction. Business spending is soft. And now the biggest chunk of the economy, the US service sector, is growing at its weakest pace in three years. Recession fears were reinforced on Thursday after the Institute for Supply Management said its non-manufacturing index dropped to 52.6 last month, down from 56.4 in August. This barometer of growth among service providers such as banks, restaurants and hotels is now at the lowest level since August 2016.”

Past 24 Hours: The Walls Close In On President Trump

Yesterday started off with Trump once again admitting to his gross abuse of power. And then he did it again! He pressured China to investigate his political rival, and at the same time that we’re in a protracted trade negotiation with them. But that wasn't the end of it.  By the end of the day, we learned much more about the extent of Trump’s use of presidential power to pressure Ukraine into investigating his political rivals - including the most explicit evidence yet of a quid pro quo.

Text messages between top US officials working on US-Ukraine relations explicitly stated a quid pro quo that involved the White House. 

Washington Post: “This is as explicit a quid pro quo as you can get: Promise to get to the bottom of events in 2016 — which could refer to either the hacking or to the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor targeted by Biden — and you’ll get the validity that comes with a White House visit.”

NBC News: “‘Are we now saying that security assistance and WH meeting are conditioned on investigations?’ Taylor wrote, using an acronym for the White House, after Trump canceled a planned meeting with Zelenskiy in Poland. A week later, he told Sondland: ‘As I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign.’”

Trump ordered the removal of the Ukraine ambassador after complaints from Giuliani that she was undermining his work to get Ukraine to investigate his political rival.

Wall Street Journal: “President Trump ordered the removal of the ambassador to Ukraine after months of complaints from allies outside the administration, including his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, that she was undermining him abroad and obstructing efforts to persuade Kyiv to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Trump’s top envoys to Ukraine prepared a statement to push Ukraine to commit to pursuing investigations into Trump’s political rivals.

New York Times: “Two of President Trump’s top envoys to Ukraine worked on a statement for the country’s new president in August that would have committed Ukraine to pursuing investigations sought by Mr. Trump into his political rivals, according to three people briefed on the effort and documents released Thursday night.”

Giuliani was warned that he was receiving untrustworthy information from Ukraine about Trump’s political rival, but he pursued it anyway.

Washington Post: “The former U.S. special envoy for Ukraine told House investigators on Thursday that he warned President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudolph W. Giuliani, that Giuliani was receiving untrustworthy information from Ukrainian political figures about former vice president Joe Biden and his son, according to two people familiar with his testimony.”

Many people in Ukraine knew about Giuliani’s efforts to dig up dirt on Trump’s political rival before the whistleblower complaint, including an oligarch close to the Ukrainian president.

Washington Post: “Months before an intelligence community whistleblower accused President Trump’s lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani of digging for dirt on former vice president Joe Biden in Ukraine, many in that country knew what he was up to and some were talking about it publicly. One Ukrainian oligarch in particular, a figure close to President Volodymyr Zelensky, claims to have first-hand knowledge of Giuliani’s activities because, he says, Giuliani’s business associates tried to rope him into the scheme.”

The White House continues to obstruct the House’s impeachment inquiry, making it clear they have something to hide.

Axios: “The White House is planning to send Speaker Nancy Pelosi a letter as soon as Friday arguing that President Trump and his team can ignore lawmakers' demands until she holds a full House vote formally approving an impeachment inquiry, 2 sources familiar with the letter tell Axios.”

We found out that Trump previously spoke to China’s president about the political prospects of his political rivals, in another call that was stored on the White House’s separate, highly secure computer system.

CNN: “During a phone call with Xi on June 18, Trump raised Biden's political prospects as well as those of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who by then had started rising in the polls, according to two people familiar with the discussion. In that call, Trump also told Xi he would remain quiet on Hong Kong protests as trade talks progressed. The White House record of that call was later stored in the highly secured electronic system used to house a now-infamous phone call with Ukraine's President and which helped spark a whistleblower complaint that's led Democrats to open an impeachment inquiry into Trump. Asked earlier this week about Trump's call with Xi, the White House did not deny that he raised Biden.”

THE LATEST: Trump Bans Immigrants Who Don’t Have Health Insurance

Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda is cruel, immoral, against everything we stand for as a country, and hit yet another stunning new low last week. Here’s the latest:

Trump will deny visas to immigrants who cannot prove they will have or can pay for health insurance.

New York Times: “The Trump administration will deny visas to immigrants who cannot prove they will have health insurance or the ability to pay for medical costs once they become permanent residents of the United States, the White House announced Friday in the latest move by President Trump to undermine legal immigration.”

Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda is unathombaly cruel. He has even threatened to shoot migrants trying to cross the border.

New York Times: “Privately, the president had often talked about fortifying a border wall with a water-filled trench, stocked with snakes or alligators, prompting aides to seek a cost estimate. He wanted the wall electrified, with spikes on top that could pierce human flesh. After publicly suggesting that soldiers shoot migrants if they threw rocks, the president backed off when his staff told him that was illegal. But later in a meeting, aides recalled, he suggested that they shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down. That’s not allowed either, they told him.”

Trump is seeking to indefinitely detain immigrants, collect their DNA, and entering it into a government criminal database. 

New York Times: “The Trump administration is moving to collect DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of people booked into federal immigration custody each year and to enter the results into a national criminal database, an immense expansion of the use of technology to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.”

Thousands of migrant families still face trauma after being forcibly separated by the Trump administration, with some even trying to kill themselves.

NBC News: “Thousands of migrant children and parents were ‘cruelly and inhumanely’ separated by the Trump administration, with several parents having tried to kill themselves and at least one dying by suicide, according to a federal lawsuit filed Thursday by the American Civil Liberties Union.”

LO ÚLTIMO: Trump prohíbe la entrada a inmigrantes que no pueden pagar por un seguro médico

La agenda anti-inmigrante de Trump es cruel, inmoral, y va en contra de todo lo que representa nuestro país, y aun logró alcanzar una nueva baja esta semana pasada. Esto es lo último: 

Trump le negará las visas a los migrantes que no puedan pagar por un seguro médico. 

Telemundo: “La administración Trump le negará las visas a los migrantes que no puedan demostrar que tendrán un seguro médico cuando se conviertan en residentes permanentes o los recursos suficientes para costearse uno, anunció el Gobierno este viernes.”

La crueldad de la agenda anti-inmigrante de Trump es incomprensible. Trump ha amenazado con disparar a los inmigrantes que intentan cruzar la frontera.

BBC News: “El presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, sugirió disparar a los inmigrantes a las piernas para frenar su paso por la frontera con México, según un nuevo libro recientemente publicado...Otras propuestas incluían la construcción de un muro fronterizo electrificado, además de un foso infestado de caimanes y culebras.”

Trump está buscando la manera de mantener detenidos indefinidamente a inmigrantes, recolectar su ADN, y guardar la información en una base de datos.

Univision: “El gobierno del presidente Donald Trump anunció este miércoles un plan para recolectar muestras de ADN de todos los migrantes detenidos por cruzar la frontera de forma irregular...Los datos serán resguardados por una base de datos del FBI, que podrá ser usado por otras divisiones del gobierno. ‘Esto nos va a permitir identificar mejor a una persona que entraron ilegalmente al país’, indicaron los funcionarios.”

Miles de familias inmigrantes aún se enfrentan con el trauma después de ser separados a la fuerza por esta administración. 

USA Today: “Abogados de la ACLU, como se conoce a la organización, y de otras entidades presentaron en Tucson la querella contra funcionarios que trabajaron o trabajan en el gobierno del presidente Donald Trump, argumentando que el gobierno violó los derechos de los inmigrantes y traumatizó profundamente a unos 4.000 niños que fueron separados de sus padres tras cruzar la frontera de manera ilegal. La mayoría de las familias son de Centroamérica y muchos solicitaron asilo.”

Trump’s Erratic Policies Contribute To Declining Wages

Trump’s economy is not benefitting working families. His erratic policies have contributed to wages declining, have only made the rich richer, and are leading to rising risks of a recession.

Trump’s erratic policies have contributed to workers’ wages falling behind the rest of the economy.

CNBC: “That 50-year low in unemployment isn’t helping worker paychecks”

CNBC: “While the September nonfarm payrolls report showed that the 3.5% unemployment rate is at a fresh 50-year low, it also indicated that average hourly earnings are on the decline. The one-cent-an-hour slip to $28.09 was the first month-to-month drop since October 2017 and the 2.9% year-over-year rise in wages was the slowest increase since July 2018.”

CNBC: “Indeed, even though the economy continues to grow at about a 2% pace, risks have become elevated that a combination of global weakness, the U.S.-China tariff war and geopolitical turmoil could cause a slowdown or recession in the U.S.”

For the first time on record last year, the wealthiest 400 Americans paid a lower total tax rate than any other income group.

New York Times: “For the first time on record, the 400 wealthiest Americans last year paid a lower total tax rate — spanning federal, state and local taxes — than any other income group, according to newly released data.”

Trump’s erratic policies are leading to a rising risk of a recession.

CNBC: “The risk of a recession is rising, and the main threat to the economy is the Trump administration’s trade war, according to a survey released Monday by the National Association for Business Economics.”


DNC on Trump Administration Blocking Sondland Testimony

In response to the Trump administration blocking Ambassador Sondland’s deposition with congressional investigators, DNC Deputy War Room Director Daniel Wessel released the following statement:

“Sondland had direct contact with Trump in the midst of discussions about the quid pro quo, he described Trump’s quid pro quo to Senator Ron Johnson, and now we’ve learned there are text messages being kept secret -- his testimony must be heard and the evidence must be secured. 

“The White House has refused to comply with Congress at every turn. Trump and his administration’s total disregard for the rule of law is disturbing, and it’s destructive to our democracy. Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee is cheerleading the White House on to defy the law. The American people expect more from their leaders and will hold them accountable.”

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