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DNC on Trump Holding G7 at His Doral Golf Course

In response to Trump holding next year’s G7 summit at his Doral property, DNC Deputy War Room Director Daniel Wessel released the following statement:

“Trump’s Doral property has been hemorrhaging money. Its profitability is down 69 percent in two years. But Trump, the president with the most conflicts of interest in our nation’s history, has found a way out - by hosting the G7 at his failing property.  

“Trump still has not divested himself from his business empire and stands to gain a fortune from his self-dealing. It’s obvious that ‘America First’ is a euphemism for ‘Trump First,’ and Americans deserve so much better.”



Mulvaney Admits To Trump’s Bottomless Corruption

At his White House presser, Mulvaney just admitted to a quid pro quo, revealed that Trump is using his presidency to prop up his failing Doral property, and so much more. 

Mulvaney undercut Trump’s GOP defenders and admitted there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine to withhold military aid in order to get Ukraine to investigate a debunked conspiracy theory.

CNBC’s John Harwood: “ultimate defense by Trump and GOP allies has been ‘no quid pro quo’ Mulvaney just conceded from WH podium that there WAS a quid pro quo - delaying Ukraine military aid for investigation of DNC server that investigation is an attempt to absolve Russia for its 2016 interference.” 

New York Times: “Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, said the U.S. froze aid partly to pressure Ukraine to investigate Democrats. He undercut President Trump's denials of a quid pro quo.”

Mulvaney said the withholding of Ukraine aid was based in part on making sure Ukraine was cracking down on corruption -- which Trump has made clear is code for investigating his political opponents. 

Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey: “He adds there were three factors: Corruption in the country. Whether or not other countries were doing enough to help Ukraine. Whether or not they were cooperating with Durham's review of investigation.”

Trump: “We had a great conversation. The conversation I had was largely congratulatory. It was largely corruption -- all of the corruption taking place. It was largely the fact that we don’t want our people, like Vice President Biden and his son, creating to the corruption already in the Ukraine.”

Mulvaney said there was no problem with the quid pro quo he openly admitted to because politics influences Trump’s foreign policy “all the time.”

CNN’s Josh Campbell: “After @jonkarl points out the White House's explanation for its dealings with Ukraine was quid-pro-quo, the chief of staff replies: ‘We do that all that time with foreign policy.’ To those concerned about political influence in foreign policy, he says, ‘Get over it.’”

Mulvaney conceded there were “plenty of other good places” to hold the 2020 G-7 Summit, but they chose to hold it at Trump’s struggling Doral property -- at Trump’s direction. 

Mick Mulvaney: “There’s plenty of other good places in this country to hold a large event. There’s no question about it.”

Washington Post: “At Doral, which Trump has listed in federal disclosures as his biggest moneymaker hotel, room rates, banquets, golf and overall revenue were all down since 2015. In two years, the resort’s net operating income — a key figure, representing the amount left over after expenses are paid — had fallen by 69 percent.”

Mulvaney said he was not concerned about the message the White House was sending to the rest of the world by endorsing self-dealing.

ABC: “Asked if the White House was concerned the choice of Doral as the location for the next G7 would send a bad message about ‘self dealing’ to the rest of the world, Mick Mulvaney says, ‘No.’”

Mulvaney claimed Trump wouldn’t profit, but the G-7 Summit will fill his Doral property at a time it’s usually empty and use the presidency to boost Trump’s brand.

Washington Post’s Fahrenthold: “Mulvaney claimed Trump wouldn’t profit from the G-7 Summit, but  The summit will be held in June, when Miami is hot and Doral is usually empty. In 2017, only 38% of Doral's rooms were occupied in June. Only August (31%) was slower. Now -- b/c @realDonaldTrump has awarded the summit to himself -- it will be full.”

Washington Post: “For the Trump Organization, the event would bring guests to fill unfilled rooms, as well as a glut of global publicity.”

At a summit of the world’s biggest economies to be held in South Florida, the White House won’t discuss one of the globe’s most pressing issues: climate change.

Newsday’s Lauda Figueroa Hernandez: “Mulvaney, asked if Climate Change will be a topic at G-7 given its location in South Florida which has grappled with flooding, massive hurricanes. Mulvaney: No.”

Manufacturing And Other Metrics White House Uses To Argue A Strong Economy Decline

The White House has repeatedly pointed to retail sales and housing data as evidence the economy remains strong despite other indicators signaling a downturn, but reports over the last two days have shown those measures falling too. While they try to claim that Trump is helping the manufacturing industry, two new data points out today show the sector struggling.

MANUFACTURING DECLINED AGAIN: U.S. manufacturing production fell in September for the second time in three months, despite the White House claiming that manufacturing was “starting to boom again.”

Wall Street Journal: “U.S. manufacturing production fell in September for the second time in three months, suggesting trade frictions and slowing global growth are denting a key segment of the U.S. economy. Manufacturing output, the biggest component of industrial production, fell 0.5% in September from a month earlier, the Federal Reserve said Thursday.”

Larry Kudlow: “Housing, manufacturing starting to boom again in July and August. The president mentioned that in his presser yesterday. It looks like the U.S. economy is in a turning zone back up. And our policies of tax cuts and deregulation and lowering trade barriers and energy are working.”

RETAIL SALES FELL: Retail sales, which the White House has repeatedly cited as evidence of the economy remaining strong under Trump, fell suddenly last month for the first time in seven months.

Bloomberg: “U.S. retail sales unexpectedly posted the first decline in seven months, suggesting consumers are starting to become shaky as the main pillar of economic growth and potentially bolstering the case for a third straight Federal Reserve interest-rate cut.”

CEA Chair Tomas Philipson: “In an email on Thursday, the acting chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Tomas Philipson, said, ‘The U.S. economic outlook remains strong despite slowing global growth.’ He cited the strength of the services sector, which makes up the bulk of the American economy, and strong consumer spending powered by increased wage and productivity growth.” 

Larry Kudlow: “I sure don’t see a recession. We had some blockbuster retail sales, consumer numbers towards the backend of last week, really blockbuster numbers.” 

HOUSING STARTS FELL BY NEARLY 10% last month, after the White House pointed to housing data as a sign the economy would pick back up.

Reuters: “Housing starts declined 9.4% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.256 million units last month as construction in the volatile multi-family housing segment dropped, the Commerce Department said on Thursday.” 

Larry Kudlow: “Consumers are doing very well. There is a very strong movement up in housing because of low interest rates. Starts, sales, pending sales. That may be a leading indicator that the whole economy is picking up steam.” 

Larry Kudlow: “‘It’s like the entire media is trying to push us into recession,’ said Larry Kudlow, Trump’s top economic adviser. ‘If you look at the housing data the numbers are much better. I don’t think impeachment, even if they do vote, will have any impact on the economy at all. It doesn’t have anything to do with it.’”

FACTORY ACTIVITY FELL IN PENNSYLVANIA: While White House officials claimed “manufacturing is coming back” in Pennsylvania, a new report shows factory activity fell in Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic.

MarketWatch: “Philly Fed Manufacturing Index Stumbles In October” 

Peter Navarro in Pennsylvania: “This is no longer the Rust Belt. It’s the Trump hub of prosperity, and it’s because manufacturing is coming back.” 

Peter Navarro in Pennsylvania: “What President Trump is doing is rebuilding that manufacturing and defense industrial base.”


Trump Promised To Save Their Plant -- Now It’s Closed For Good

Trump promised workers at the General Motors facility in Lordstown, Ohio that he’d save their plant -- but now it’s closed for good.

Trump promised workers at the GM Lordstown plant that he’d save their plant and bring back manufacturing jobs.

CNN: “In 2017, Trump went to Youngstown, 15 miles down the road from the Lordstown plant, and promised residents that manufacturing jobs would be returning to the region, telling the crowd: ‘Don't move. Don't sell your house.’”

But the GM Lordstown plant is now closed for good, and workers are devastated from Trump’s broken promise.

“He lied. He told everybody it’s all coming back. It’s not. It’s harder and harder to find a job.” - GM Lordstown worker

“He said don't sell your house, and look, now I got to sell my house that I just built three years ago.” - GM Lordstown worker

“So many people left the community with the thought in their mind that, you know what? Our union's strong and our union's going to get us back to work in Lordstown one day. To hear this news that we might not get another General Motors product, it's just devastating.” - GM Lordstown worker

“I’m looking for something that says we’re not losing jobs to Mexico. I see nothing… It’s a very good experience working there. But it’s not home.” - GM Lordstown worker forced to transfer

“I left my home and everything there in Lordstown.” - GM Lordstown worker

“That totally went against us in Lordstown.” When unions face off with the Trump administration, “it seems everything they do is something that favors business.” - GM Lordstown union leader


Trump’s Failed Deal Gave Turkey Everything It Wanted

Trump is claiming credit for a “ceasefire” agreement to clean up the disastrous situation he created, but the reality is that it’s not a ceasefire at all. Instead, Trump gave Turkey everything it wanted, attacks on our allies continue, and Trump’s fake deal only codified what Turkey has already done. 

The Trump administration announced a “ceasefire” agreement that gave Turkey everything they wanted and validated Turkey’s annexation of Kurdish land.

New York Times: “The cease-fire agreement reached with Turkey by Vice President Mike Pence amounts to a near-total victory for Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who gains territory, pays little in penalties and appears to have outmaneuvered President Trump.”

CNN: “‘This is essentially the US validating what Turkey did and allowing them to annex a portion of Syria and displace the Kurdish population,’ the senior US official said. ‘This is what Turkey wanted and what POTUS green lighted.’”

After Pence announced the “ceasefire,” Turkey said it was “not a ceasefire” and shelling of civilian areas in the region have continued.

Mike Pence: “I’m proud to report, thanks to the strong leadership of President Donald Trump and the strong relationship between President Erdoğan and Turkey and the United States of America, that today, the United States and Turkey have agreed to a ceasefire in Syria.” 

Turkish Foreign Minister: “This is not a cease-fire.” 

Associated Press: “Fighting continued Friday morning in a northeast Syrian border town at the center of the fight between Turkey and Kurdish forces, despite a U.S.-brokered cease-fire that went into effect overnight.  Shelling and gunfire could be heard in and around Ras al-Ayn as smoke billowed from locations near the border with Turkey and the Turkish town of Ceylanpinar.” 

Trump continues to defend and praise Erdogan while downplaying the violence in Syria. He touted Erdogan for doing “the right thing,”  compared the slaughtering of our allies that he enabled to a schoolyard fight, and defended Turkey’s actions, saying they “had to have it cleaned out.”

Trump on Erdogan: “He’s a friend of mine and I’m glad we didn’t have a problem because frankly, he’s a hell of a leader. And he’s a tough man. He’s a strong man. And he did the right thing and I really appreciate it and I will appreciate it in the future.’”

Trump: “This was a great thing for the Kurds.  This was a great thing for Turkey. This is great for everybody.” 

Washington Post: “Addressing supporters at a campaign rally here in Texas, Trump likened the warring in Syria to a schoolyard squabble… ‘Like two kids in a lot, you’ve got to let them fight and then you pull them apart,’ Trump said. He marveled at the fighting, saying ‘it was pretty vicious,’ and adding, ‘It was nasty. … It’s not fun having bullets going all over the place.’” 

Independent: “‘They had to have it cleaned out,’ Mr Trump said of Turkey’s offensive to expel Kurdish fighters and their families from the area. Ankara launched its incursion against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) a week ago, days after the Republican announced he was withdrawing American troops from the area. The SDF had been US allies in the fight against Isis.”

Meanwhile, ISIS is preparing further attacks after Trump’s abrupt withdrawal from northern Syria and abandonment of our Kurdish allies.

Washington Post: “The Islamic State is racing to capitalize on the deteriorating security situation in northern Syria, stepping up attacks on prisons as well as on the now-weakened Kurdish militia that served as the vanguard in the U.S.-led war against the group’s self-proclaimed caliphate, intelligence officials and terrorism experts say...Turkey’s week-old incursion into northeast Syria is already proving to be a propaganda windfall for the extremist group.” 

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