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Hello Women Making A Difference! 

I’d like to welcome you to our first DNC Women’s Update of 2020! These updates are an effort to let folks know what we are working on at the DNC as it relates to all things women and to share relevant info, trainings, and articles that might be helpful to you as you work to organize in your communities. I don’t have to tell you that President Trump and his administration’s policies are downright dangerous for women - and we are doing all we can to make him a one term President. 

By way of introduction, my name is Taylor Barnes, and I am proud to be the Women’s Political Director for this cycle! I’ll be working hand-in-hand with our National Political Director, Muthoni Wambu Kraal, and our other leads, including three of our seasoned Constituency Directors, Cynthia Jasso-Rotunno, Ebony Baylor, and Libby Schneider as well as Kristin Avery and Lila Jafaar on the Battleground States team. My past work includes helping start the United State of Women Organization and Summits with the Obama White House Council on Women and Girls and being a field organizer in NH and FL - so my heart is definitely in this work!  

I’ll be back in touch later this month, but in the meantime, I wanted to make sure I shared news about recruitment for our PAID grassroots organizing initiative - Organizing Corps 2020. This program is an unprecedented program and investment made by the DNC to recruit, pay, and train young people to work on the 2020 presidential cycle, starting last year with our 300 Wave 1 Members. This program ensures the eventual Democratic nominee has the support of hundreds of homegrown and diverse field organizers. We need your help to make sure women are well-represented in this group for Wave 2 and 3 in the following states: AZ, FL, GA, MI, MN, NC, PA, & WI. Here’s how you can help: 

  • Tweet: If you’re a college senior/recent grad looking to make a difference in 2020, check out @orgcorps2020. They’re offering paid trainings and an on-ramp to full-time employment in this year’s election. We cannot afford to sit this out. Learn more at #OC2020 (More tweet samples in this toolkit

  • Share: Share one of these graphics (option 1 // option 2 // more options) in your insta stories, tagging @OrgCorps2020 or post on facebook!

  • Email: If you have someone specific in mind, this toolkit has email to student language you can copy and paste. And if they end up applying, please let me know and I am happy to flag the application for the OC2020 Team. 

  • Include in Updates: If you send regular updates to your community, include this as a job opportunity! Additional text and graphics can be found in the full toolkit here

And as an unpaid summer 2011 organizer in NH myself, this program hits close to home. I hope you’ll consider spreading the word and helping a young person get their jump start in politics! 

I look forward to working with you all in 2020, 

Taylor Barnes
Women's Political Director
Democratic National Committee 

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