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Do you have graphics worth sharing? Send them to Thanks!

Fantastic video from Switzerland, Mexico, and Japan!

Looking for a QR code to use in your graphics?

Try free services like They're also customizable if you log-in (also free).

Example QR Code:

Thanks to Robin in France and Tre'Shawn in the Netherlands for these social media graphics!

You'll need to download the image and then post it to your social media, just like you normally would with images and graphics.

And thanks also to Robin for this great looking poster:

Thanks to Kendra and the team in the Netherlands for sharing this gorgeous poster, too!

You can create a similar poster by using the files available here. 

The link 
includes a READ ME file with details on fonts, colors used etc. If you still have questions, you can email the designer, Crobin Poticha, directly:  But please read the file first before sending him an email! 

In some cases he is even willing to make SMALL amendments for you. All three images have given permission to be used globally and should you want to use them or you can use your own photos but read his README file to understand the quality of photo.  To make it as easy as possible, please send him your QR code and dates/locations i.e. vote March x in Berlin, vote Nov 3rd in Florida. Again please first read the READ ME file to fully understand what he'd need from you before you bombard him with emails. He's very generous with his time but will not have time for 45 countries, especially in countries where printers may have different standards and needs. 

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