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Democrats Abroad WebEx Meeting Calendar

Please review this calendar in advance of scheduling your WebEx calls.

The DA WebEx Meeting Calendar can be opened in a new browser tab at:






  1. I need to block book some times for the Meet Your Candidates interviews.

    We did this two years ago. 

    I do need some help on the aspect of recording the interviews and getting the links.

    Meredith Wheeler

  2. Is there a Comms Committee meeting today 24/5?

  3. I would like to suggest that the WebEx calendar time zone be converted to UTC. The advantage is that UTC does not change into and out of daylight savings time (DST). People already have to deal with their local time changing in and out of DST but that is local and something people are well aware of. In contrast, Wash DC time changes in and out of DST are not obvious in other locales and generally do not occur on the same dates as the rest of the world.

    If the WebEx calendar were in UTC, users only need to remember their local offset to UTC. Granted that offset will change if the locality uses DST, but it is an obvious change. And it doesn't depend on being aware of the dates for DST changes anywhere except where you live.

    Discussion welcomed. Thank you.

    Will Prescott