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Dear Adrianne---

In mid-August, the Democratic Party will convene for the nominating convention, and the Party’s four-year platform will be approved. We know who the Democratic nominee will be. The platform, though, is another matter.

These are extraordinary times, and this is an extraordinarily important election. Democratic Party leadership can not repeat the mistakes of previous platform processes. They must throw out the old playbook. They must run the most public, transparent and inclusive platform drafting process in the history of the party.

We’re calling on the party to reimagine this process and make this commitment. Read the details at Medium.

Platforms send a clear message about where the party is, where the party is heading, and where the party separates itself from Donald Trump and the Republican Party. So does the process by which platforms are created.

While this Council is working to draft a set of bold and aggressive climate and environment recommendations for the platform, our recommendations are just one piece of the larger plan for our Party.

The Democratic Party needs a platform that is bold and visionary, and a process that is public, transparent and inclusive from the start.

It is nearly June, and the Democratic Party has yet to disclose the platform process. The coronavirus poses real logistical challenges to both the convention and the platform drafting process. But Democrats can not use that as an excuse to retreat behind closed doors.

In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever that we live our values and put them into action.

Read more and let us know your thoughts.

In solidarity,

Michelle Deatrick
Chair, DNC Environment and Climate Crisis Council

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