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July 29, 2020


1. The Biden Plan to Advance Racial Equity

2. NEW DNC War Room Ad: Trump Gambles With Children’s Health and Safety


3. Trump’s Repeal of DACA

4. Trump Won’t Stand up for American Troops

5. Trump and Republicans Threatening COVID Relief for Working Families

6. Trump’s Coronavirus Crisis

7. Trump’s Abuse of Power in American Cities


8. Trump’s Unemployment Crisis

9. Trump’s Attacks On Americans’s Health Care


1. The Biden Plan to Advance Racial Equity

Background: Yesterday, Vice President Biden rolled out the fourth and final plank of his economic recovery plan: Advancing Racial Equity Across the American Economy.

  • Today’s crises have exacerbated the racial disparities that persist across our economy and culture.

    • Black and Latino Americans have been three times as likely to be infected and two times as likely to die from the coronavirus than white Americans.

    • More than 15% of Black Americans and almost 15% of Latinos are unemployed, and 40% of Black-owned businesses have closed for good.

    • We are reckoning with racial justice and the tragic human costs of systemic racism in the murder of so many Black men, women, and children.

  • Joe Biden has proposed bold investments to recover from the economic mess we’re in, and rebuild for the economic future we all deserve.

    • Spur investment in small businesses and minority communities

    • Work to close racial wealth and income gaps by boosting retirement security, ensuring fair pay, and supporting second chances

    • Expand access to homeownership and affordable housing

    • Boost education and training opportunities

  • These challenges existed before coronavirus and before Trump, but have worsened in light of these crises and Trump’s failed leadership.

    • Failed to respond to racial disparities in the coronavirus or to direct lenders to prioritize aid to Black and Latino small business owners

    • Put big corporations and wealthy investors over communities of color in his tax scam, budgets, and by dismantling labor protections

    • Rolled back protections from housing discrimination

    • Undermined efforts to reduce racial disparities in education

2. NEW DNC War Room Ad: Trump Gambles With Children’s Health and Safety

Background: The DNC War Room released a new television ad this week, “This Is Not a Test,” to call out Donald Trump for gambling with children’s health and safety.

  • Trump is risking the health of children, teachers, and families as he demands schools reopen unsafely — without proper PPE, testing or adequate resources.

  • Instead of providing solutions, Trump is falsely claiming that children will not spread the coronavirus and threatening to cut funding for schools that don’t fully reopen.

    • New studies show older children spread the virus just as much as adults.

    • Trump claims coronavirus has “virtually no impact on children,” but child hospitalizations in Florida surged 23% in just eight days.

    • Trump points to other countries that are reopening schools, but those countries got the virus under control because their leaders took decisive, early action. Trump never did.

  • Trump’s failure to lead is the very reason many schools can’t reopen safely. The continued growth of infections and deaths is a direct result of his failure to provide adequate protective equipment and testing.

  • Experts, pediatricians, teachers, and parents don’t trust Trump to make this life-or-death decision. They don’t trust Trump with children’s health and safety. Trump just wants to pretend that life has gone back to normal because he thinks it will help his reelection.

  • Unlike Trump, Biden has a plan to reopen schools safely by getting the virus under control, setting national safety guidelines while empowering local districts, and providing emergency funding for schools and child care providers.


3. Trump’s Repeal of DACA

Background: Yesterday, Trump’s administration announced they will not accept new applicants for DACA and will limit renewals to one year.

  • Trump is defying the Supreme Court and violating the law to continue his attacks on immigrants.

  • Trump’s immigration policies have torn families apart. Now he is upending the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people who are American in every way but on paper.

  • Trump’s action will undermine our coronavirus response. DACA recipients are nurses, doctors, and frontline health care workers. Nearly one-third are essential workers.

  • Joe Biden will protect Dreamers and their families. He will offer them a roadmap to citizenship so they no longer have to live in fear and uncertainty.

4. Trump Won’t Stand up for American Troops

Background: In an Axios interview, Trump admitted he never confronted Putin on Russia paying for the murder of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

  • Trump has yet again turned his back on American troops and failed to stand up to Putin.

  • The most sacred duty of a commander in chief is protecting the lives of those who serve this country. Trump has failed to do so.

  • American soldiers in Afghanistan died because Russia paid to have them killed, but Trump has done nothing to stop Russia. Instead, he repeatedly defends Russia and praises Putin.

  • This is not the first time Trump has caved to Putin. Trump pushed the G7 to reinvite Russia; sided with Putin over our intelligence community on election interference; and gave Putin exactly what he wanted in Venezuela, Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan.

5. Trump and Republicans Threatening COVID Relief for Working Families

  • Trump and Republicans couldn’t get on the same page, delaying critical relief for Americans and additional funding for testing, tracing and treatment.

    • Trump and Republicans waited over two months after House Democrats passed the Heroes Act to even begin negotiations over coronavirus relief.

    • Enhanced unemployment benefits have already effectively run out for tens of millions of Americans who were relying on it to pay their bills.

    • Federal eviction protections expired at the end of last week, and 24 million Americans say they won’t be able to pay next month’s rent.

  • Republicans unveiled a plan that cuts pay for millions of Americans

    • Taking away about $400 from unemployed Americans each week — leading to a massive cut in resources for millions of Americans

    • Lacks support for states and cities trying to deal with the COVID pandemic

    • Limits new funding for testing and contact tracing to fight the pandemic

    • Trump held up the GOP’s bill because he wanted nearly $2 billion for a new FBI headquarters across from his DC hotel, which could benefit his business

    • Republicans refused to include funding for food assistance but they had enough money to double the “three-martini lunch” tax deduction for business meals

6. Trump’s Coronavirus Crisis

  • Trump failed Americans from day one. America has over 4.3 million confirmed cases and nearly 150,000 reported deaths.

  • Trump claims “the death numbers” are “really looking much better” even as nearly 1,300 Americans died from coronavirus yesterday — the largest single-day increase in deaths since May.

  • Trump isn’t setting a new tone — he’s rejecting health experts and promoting conspiracy theories about treatments.

    • Trump doubled down on recommending hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment despite his own FDA and Dr. Fauci warning against it.

    • Trump said a doctor who says masks don’t work against coronavirus and pushes absurd medical conspiracy theories was “very impressive.”

  • It didn’t have to be this bad. Studies show that if Trump had acted earlier, the vast majority of lives could have been saved and hundreds of thousands of Americans wouldn’t have been infected.

  • Joe Biden will rely on science and experts to guide his coronavirus response, including in developing a vaccine. Trump must respect the independence of the FDA to decide if the vaccine is safe and effective.

7. Trump’s Abuse of Power in American Cities

Background: Trump is sending hundreds of federal agents to cities across the country, against the wishes of residents and mayors.

  • Trump is once again abusing the power of the presidency and violating the rights of Americans for political gain.

    • Alarming videos show unidentified law enforcement in unmarked cars kidnapping protesters and unnecessarily shooting tear gas and rubber bullets into crowds, unprovoked.

    • Trump’s actions are meant to incite violence. They are the opposite of “law and order.”

  • Trump’s administration cannot be trusted to put the rights of peaceful protesters ahead of Trump’s political agenda.

    • In a congressional hearing yesterday, AG Barr struggled to answer questions on the use of tear gas against peaceful protesters and falsely said it was not used in Lafayette Park.

    • Barr said that he didn’t think systemic racism existed in police departments.


8. Trump’s Unemployment Crisis

  • 17.8 million Americans — nearly one in nine workersare out of work, and nearly 2.4 million workers filed for some form of unemployment in the second week of July.

    • Unemployment claims are rising again because workers are being laid off a second time as cases surge. In fact, Census data suggests all of the job gains since mid-May have been wiped out.

  • Trump is trying to cut enhanced unemployment insurance, which will cause tens of millions of Americans to lose income they need to pay the bills.

  • Trump and his administration are utterly disconnected from the pain and suffering so many families across the country are experiencing.

    • With millions of Americans out of work and the unemployment picture getting worse, Trump thinks that “the last two months have been incredible.”

  • Job growth had already slowed in Trump’s first three years, then his failed coronavirus response led to far worse economic damage than other developed nations.

    • We’ve had 18 straight weeks of more than a million unemployment claims — higher than any week during the Great Recession.

9. Trump’s Attacks On Americans’s Health Care

  • During the worst health crisis of our time, an estimated 5.4 million people have lost their health insurance and Trump is still fighting to take away health care from 20 million Americans and strip protections from as many as 133 million Americans with preexisting conditions.

  • While Trump and Republicans try to tear health care away, Joe Biden will protect and build on the Affordable Care Act to give Americans more choice, reduce health care costs, and make our health care system less complex.

--Democratic National Committee, 430 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003, USA

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