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Friday, September 11, 2020


1. Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks

2. Trump Lied To Americans and Downplayed COVID


3. Unemployment Claims Rise in Trump’s Recession

4. Trump Attacks Fallen Soldiers and Wounded Veterans


1. Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks

Today, Vice President Biden is commemorating the anniversary of 9/11 at memorial events in New York City and Shanksville, PA. The campaign has pulled their ads for the day to acknowledge the anniversary.

  • 19 years ago, almost 3,000 people were brutally murdered and thousands more were injured in the deadliest terrorist attack in history. As the towers fell and the smoke rose, only one thing was certain: Our world would never be the same.

  • Today, we remember not only the horrors of that fateful morning, but the heroes who got us through it:

    • The first responders and ordinary citizens who braved fire and falling debris to get to those in peril

    • The passengers of Flight 93 who spent the final minutes of their lives ensuring others would be spared from harm

    • The flight attendants, who stayed calm amid the chaos in order to alert authorities of the hijacking

    • Their actions saved untold lives, and their courage should inspire us all.

  • In honor of those we lost, we hold fast to the values that were attacked, but not defeated, on that tragic day: liberty, justice, and equality for all.

    • We pray for them, we pay tribute to them, and we promise to never forget them.

2. Trump Lied To Americans and Downplayed COVID

Trump admitted on-the-record in taped interviews with Bob Woodward that he worked to conceal the true threat of coronavirus from the American people.

  • Trump lied to the American people and downplayed the coronavirus for months despite knowing how deadly it was. It’s a stunning act of betrayal.

  • Trump and the White House can’t spin this: Trump is on tape admitting in his own words that he knew the virus was “deadly,” but that he was “playing it down.”

    • Trump told Americans that it would “go away” or miraculously “disappear,” that it was no more dangerous than the seasonal flu and the virus would “pass.”

    • As Trump lied to the American people, he told the truth to Washington insiders, that the coronavirus is “more deadly” than the flu and that it was airborne and highly contagious.

      • Trump knew COVID was dangerous and harmful to young people, while in public saying they were “immune.”

      • Trump knew COVID was airborne, while in public he didn’t embrace mask wearing and held indoor rallies with no social distancing.

      • Trump knew COVID was more dangerous than the flu, but repeatedly told the public it was the same as the flu.

  • Trump’s lies didn’t prevent panic, they cost an untold number of lives and caused devastating economic harm.

    • Now, more than 6 million Americans have been infected, 190,000 have died, and our economy has been devastated because he purposefully didn’t do his job.

    • Trump “ludicrously” compared himself to FDR and Churchill, who unlike Trump told the public the truth about the threats they faced and the difficulties ahead.


3. Unemployment Claims Rise in Trump’s Recession

  • Trump’s economy is working for his rich friends and big corporations, but American workers have been left behind.

    • Millions have lost their jobs — and with it their pay, health insurance, and the dignity of work.

  • New unemployment claims increased again last week and nearly 1 in 5 workers (29 million Americans) are receiving unemployment assistance.

    • For 25 weeks, more workers have filed unemployment claims than any week during any previous recession.

  • It didn’t have to be this bad but as new reporting shows, Trump purposely did not take this virus seriously.

    • More than 13 million Americans are out of work

    • More than half the jobs lost haven’t come back

    • Trump is on track to be the worst jobs president in recorded history

    • More than 100,000 small businesses have closed for good

  • Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress are blocking real relief for American workers, with Senate Republicans instead voting on a bill that doesn’t do enough to fight the virus, abandons state and local governments struggling with the fallout from the pandemic, and ignores families facing hunger and homelessness.

  • Last night, Trump claimed he saved the automobile industry, but the Obama-Biden administration did. In reality, Trump broke his promises to rebuild American manufacturing:

    • Auto industry investment slowed under Trump, even before the pandemic

    • Trump’s tax cuts encouraged offshoring jobs and factories

    • Manufacturing was in a recession even before COVID

    • Trump’s own administration isn’t buying more American-made products

  • Workers deserve a president who will put them first. Biden and Harris will invest in American manufacturing and innovation to ensure that the future is made in America.

4. Trump Attacks Fallen Soldiers and Wounded Veterans

This week, the DNC War Room released a new television ad, “Sacrifice,” that blasts Trump for his long record of disparaging comments about America’s service members.

  • Trump’s attacks on service members and veterans are beyond disgusting — they’re un-American.

  • Trump inherited everything and sacrificed nothing, and has no respect for those who have given everything for our country.

    • Brave Americans who have sacrificed life and limb in defense of our freedoms are not “losers” or “suckers.”

    • America’s heroes deserve a president who respects their courage. Sadly, they do not have one now.

    • Trump can’t defend his alleged comments, so instead he’s attacking military leadership.

  • The Atlantic’s report has already been confirmed by numerous outlets, including Fox News. And Trump can’t hide his long history of disparaging military service and denigrating American heroes like John McCain.

  • As a military family, Joe and Jill Biden know the burden shared by those who give everything to our country. It’s why they’ve always prioritized the health and well-being of service members, veterans, and military families.

--Democratic National Committee, 430 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003, USA

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