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I hope this email finds you and your loved ones safe. While the wildfires ravage the West, the President continues to spray a firehose of lies on the science behind climate change, COVID, health care, and other topics. To put it bluntly, we are given new reasons to elect different leadership on a daily basis.

With 47 days to go until the election (just 7 weekends!), we are firing on all cylinders and want to make sure you have multiple opportunities to take action. Campaigning during a pandemic is certainly unique, and we need all hands on deck to contact as many voters as possible. In this update, you’ll find info on:

  1. Upcoming events (like our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month tomorrow with Women for Biden and Mujeres Mobilize!)
  2. Weekly recurring phone banks and trainings
  3. Our expanded one-stop shop for voting info at and
Let's get to it!

Women for Biden + Mujeres Mobilize Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

We’re excited to be gathering during the first week of Hispanic Heritage Month and hearing from some incredible Latina activists from around the country. Join us THURSDAY at 7 PM ET and learn how you can take continued action with Todos con Biden, Women for Biden, and Mujeres Mobilize!

P.S. Yesterday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris released their plan to ensure Puerto Rico has the resources they need and deserve, and outlined how they will work directly with the people of Puerto Rico to rebuild and restore hope. You can read the English version of the plan here and the Spanish version here

Ways to Take Action

I’m including many phone banking opportunities below, which I know can be intimidating. I successfully lobbied my own mom to phone bank for the first time this cycle - and I believe you can do it too! If you’re hesitant about starting, just reply to this email and I’m happy to talk it through with you. Each volunteer opportunity below also offers a training to begin.

One of my favorite ways about how we are organizing in the pandemic is we really are organizing in culture and in language across so many different groups. So if you’d prefer to take action with another one of our constituencies, just let me know and I’ll gladly send you a recommended event! 

One-Stop-Shop for Voting Info

This Monday, we released the brand new site, which is the most comprehensive and accurate source of voting information no matter what state you live in. There is a large team working behind the scenes to ensure data is rapidly updated with any changes happening on the ground, like additional polling sites being added or extended voting hours. 

Previously, you could check or update your registration and find voting locations. Now, voters will also be guided through their best voting-by-mail option based on their state and county regulations, including:

  • Requesting a ballot online: A voter will be directed to their state’s online vote-by-mail request form. 

  • Requesting a ballot by email: A voter completes a vote-by-mail request form, including uploading a picture of their signature (where required), on The form is automatically emailed to the state. 

  • Printing and mailing their request: A voter completes a vote-by-mail request form on The voter then prints, signs, and mails the request form to the state. 

  • Requesting a prepaid return envelope: A voter completes a vote-by-mail request form on and requests a prepaid return envelope for it. The voter will then receive their completed request form via mail to sign and return in a prepaid return envelope.

  • View all deadlines in one, easy-to-read, and mobile-friendly place: We know there are lots of deadlines and that it can get confusing which is why we've created state-specific "learn more about voting" pages that include deadlines, voter registration requirements, and ID requirements for voting. 


Additionally, in the coming days, the site will allow users to find ballot drop locations near them, find their early vote polling location(s), and find their Election Day polling location. This information comes directly from the Secretaries of State across the country. Want graphics to share this site with your network? Check out the folder below! 

Thank you for all you do and all you continue to do to better our nation. I look forward to working with you as we sprint towards the finish line!

In Solidarity, 

Taylor Barnes
Deputy National Political & Organizing Director
Democratic National Committee

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