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Thursday, September 17, 2020


1. NEW: Tax Policies: Trump Rewards Wealth, Biden Rewards Work

2. NEW: Trump Politicizes COVID-19 Vaccine

3. Trump Lies To Americans and Downplays COVID-19


4. Unemployment in Trump’s Recession

5. NEW: Trump and Barr Politicize the Justice System


1. NEW: Tax Policies: Trump Rewards Wealth, Biden Rewards Work

Today, the Biden campaign released Joe Biden’s plan to reward work, not wealth, requiring corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share while enacting more than a dozen middle class tax cuts as President.

  • Trump’s tax policy has rewarded multinational corporations over small businesses and the wealthiest Americans over working families.

    • 83% of Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax giveaway will ultimately go to the top 1% of earners in this country.

    • 91 Fortune 500 companies paid no federal income taxes in the first year under Trump’s tax law.

    • Trump’s tax giveaway made our country’s racial wealth gap worse, with the average Black and Latino family receiving less than half the tax savings as the average white family.

    • Trump even snuck in a hidden middle-class tax hike that will kick in after he leaves office to pay for this permanent corporate tax giveaway. 

  • Trump needs to get off the golf course and provide emergency tax relief to middle class families as part of a new COVID-19 response package.

    • Trump has refused to deliver for struggling working families.

    • Instead, Trump wants to give a $30 billion tax break to the top 100 billionaires in America, who’ve made more than $300 billion this year.

  • Biden will require corporations and the wealthiest Americans to finally pay their fair share. He won't ask a single person making under $400,000 per year to pay a penny more in taxes.

    • In fact, he will enact more than one-dozen middle class tax cuts that will finally give working families the financial support they deserve.

      • Biden will increase tax credits to help working families afford health insurance, child care, and buy their first homes.

    • Trump is focused on further enriching billionaires like himself, while Biden wakes up every day asking how he can help the middle class.

2. NEW: Trump Politicizes COVID-19 Vaccine

Yesterday, Vice President Biden was briefed by public health experts and delivered remarks on developing and equitably distributing a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Americans trust health experts and doctors to approve a vaccine — they do not trust Donald Trump because he’s continually lied about COVID for his own political gain. 

    • Trump sees a vaccine as a political tool. Biden sees it as a lifesaving product of science and research.

    • Instead of listening to the experts and instilling confidence, Trump yesterday contradicted his own CDC director on when a vaccine will be ready for the public.

  • Trump is playing politics with our lives. He is putting his reelection ahead of Americans’ safety by not following the science to ensure it’s safe and effective.

  • Given the administration’s track record on PPE and testing, Biden has laid out three questions Trump’s administration must answer to assure the American people that politics will play no role in the approval and distribution of a safe and effective vaccine.

    • What criteria will be used to ensure a COVID-19 vaccine meets the scientific standard of safety and efficacy?

      • Trump must publicly commit to respecting the independent judgment of the professional staff at the FDA to make this determination.

    • Who will validate that the administration’s decision to greenlight a COVID-19 vaccine is driven by science and not political motivation?

      • There have been multiple examples of Trump exerting political pressure on the FDA and undermining public confidence.

    • What is the plan to allocate and distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to Americans cost-free, safely, equitably, and without politics?

      • Biden has called for an effective distribution plan for months. Given Trump’s record on testing, PPE, and reopening schools safely, Americans have every reason to worry whether he will fall down on the job again.

3. Trump Lies To Americans and Downplays COVID-19

This week, the DNC War Room released a new television ad, “Red Handed,” that blasts Trump for lying to the American people about the severity of the coronavirus.

  • Trump lied to the American people and downplayed the coronavirus for months despite knowing how deadly it was. It’s a stunning act of betrayal.

  • Trump is on tape admitting that he knew the virus was “deadly,” but that he was “playing it down.”

    • Trump told the public that COVID would miraculously “disappear,” that it was no more dangerous than the flu, and that it would “pass.”

    • As Trump lied to the American people, he told the truth to Washington insiders — that the coronavirus is “more deadly” than the flu and that it was airborne and highly contagious.

  • Trump’s lies didn’t prevent panic, they cost an untold number of lives and caused devastating economic harm.

    • Now, more than 6.6 million Americans have been infected, 195,000 have died, and millions are unemployed because he purposefully didn’t do his job.

  • Trump continues to downplay the virus, endanger lives, and muzzle health officials.

    • Yesterday, Trump contradicted his own CDC director on the effectiveness of masks and testing, and when a vaccine will be widely available.

    • Trump is completely disconnected from Americans’ suffering — claiming we are “substantially” below 100-240,000 deaths when nearly 200,000 have died.

    • Trump continues to politicize COVID-19discounting deaths in “blue states.” COVID isn't a red state or blue state issue, it has impacted all Americans. 9 of the 10 states with the most infections per capita have Republican governors.

    • Trump is holding a potential “superspreader” rally in Wisconsin, even after the NIH Director and Dr. Fauci rebuked the lack of precautions at his rallies.


4. Unemployment in Trump’s Recession

  • Trump’s economy is working for his rich friends and big corporations, but American workers have been left behind.

    • Millions have lost their jobs — and with it their health insurance and ability to make ends meet — but Trump is focused on more tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%.

  • Nearly 1 in 5 workers (almost 30 million Americans) are receiving unemployment assistance, with 1.4 million workers filing new unemployment claims last week.

    • For 26 weeks, more workers have filed unemployment claims than any week during any previous recession.

  • It didn’t have to be this bad but Trump purposely downplayed this virus.

    • More than 13 million Americans are out of work

    • More than half the jobs lost haven’t come back

    • Trump is on track to be the worst jobs president in recorded history

    • More than 100,000 small businesses have closed for good.

  • Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress are blocking real relief for American workers. Instead of taking bold action, Senate Republicans voted on a bill that doesn’t do enough to fight the virus, abandons state and local governments struggling with the fallout from the pandemic, and ignores families facing hunger and homelessness.

  • Biden and Harris will put workers, small businesses, and middle-class families first. They know we can’t just go back to the way things were before the virus — we have to build back better.

5. NEW: Trump and Barr Politicize the Justice System

  • Bill Barr has repeatedly politicized the Justice Department and acted as Trump’s personal fixer instead of working on behalf of the American people.

  • This week, Barr put his overt politicization on full display as he made clear he will do whatever it takes to protect Trump and his political interests:

    • Barr called stay at home orders the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history, other than slavery.

      • Barr thinks public health orders — which the Trump administration has called for — are worse than Jim Crow, Japanese-American internment, the massacre of Native Americans, and the denial of women’s rights.

    • Barr, who has been accused by DOJ officials of political interference, said he had the right to intervene in investigations and to overrule career lawyers.

    • Barr wanted the DOJ to bring criminal charges against Seattle’s mayor for her handling of protests in her city.

    • Barr has repeatedly floated a conspiracy theory that other countries may distribute counterfeit ballots, which election officials say is virtually impossible.

    • Barr accused his own employees, without evidence, of trying to thwart the administration and repeated Trump campaign talking points.

  • Vice President Biden will return integrity to the DOJ and will never politicize our justice system. His attorney general will be the people’s lawyer, not his personal lawyer.

--Democratic National Committee, 430 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003, USA

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