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Tuesday, September 22, 2020


1. NEW: National Voter Registration Day

2. Passing of Justice Ginsburg & Future of the Supreme Court

3. 200,000 Americans Die After Trump Lies About COVID-19


4. Unemployment in Trump’s Recession


1. NEW: National Voter Registration Day

  • Go to today to check your registration status, learn how to register to vote and what choices you have to cast your ballot, and find out where and when to vote.

  • You can be one of the first to move our country forward by making a plan to vote early — either by mail or in person.

    • Once you know how you are going to vote, make sure your friends and family have a plan too.

  • Join the record number of new voters registering to vote in states across the country.

    • Democrats are out-registering Republicans across the country, including in key battleground states like Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

    • 1.5 million Texans have registered to vote in the last four years, more than double the average of recent cycles.

  • Democrats across the country are requesting ballots and turning out to vote in record numbers.

    • 23 states are already voting, including Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

  • A record number of voters have requested mail-in ballots in numerous states.

  • Voters in 10 states are already voting in person, with huge turnout.

2. Passing of Justice Ginsburg & Future of the Supreme Court

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an American hero and a relentless voice in the pursuit of equal justice under law. She fought for all of us, and her legal rulings advanced:

    • Equal rights for women

    • Access to health care

    • The right to choose

    • The right to vote

    • Clean air and clean water

  • While Republicans and Trump have dragged their feet getting relief to 13 million unemployed Americans, hundreds of thousands of families suffering from COVID, and schools and teachers, they are rushing to confirm a new justice because they believe they can overturn the Affordable Care Act.

    • Americans are struggling right now and the GOP is using their power to take more from working families.

  • The Supreme Court will hear Trump’s attempt to tear down the Affordable Care Act, including preexisting conditions protections, just one week after the election.

    • The next Supreme Court justice could be a deciding vote on whether or not Americans still have protections for preexisting conditions — including COVID-19 or cancer.

  • In her final days, Justice Ginsburg asked that the president elected on November 3 choose her successor, and that is exactly what should happen. Voters are already casting ballots for president, and that president should select a successor to Justice Ginsburg.

    • The American people deserve to be heard, especially when health care for millions, in the middle of a pandemic, hangs in the balance.

    • Voters in 23 states are already casting ballots.

  • We have a lot to learn from Justice Ginsburg — who had a spine of steel, but believed it was important to offer an open hand to those you disagree with. That is exactly what Joe Biden will do as president — be a president for all Americans, and bring Americans together to confront the challenges we face.

3. 200,000 Americans Die After Trump Lies About COVID-19

  • Trump lied to the American people and downplayed the coronavirus for months, and now 200,000 Americans are dead.

    • Trump’s lies have had real consequences — for the families of 200,000 lost loved ones, for the 6.8 million Americans who have been infected, and for the 13 million who are unemployed.

  • Trump is still downplaying the risk of the virus to young people, claiming at a rally last night it “affects virtually nobody.”

    • This morning, Dr. Fauci flatly contradicted Trump, confirming that the coronavirus “can be serious in young people.”

    • Dr. Fauci also said that Trump’s pandemic response is far from “terrific.”

    • Trump claims we’re “rounding the turn” on COVID-19, but infections are rising in 31 states and across the country.

  • Trump is on tape admitting that he knew early on that the virus was “deadly,” but that he was “playing it down.”

    • As Trump lied to the American people, he told the truth to Washington insiders — that the coronavirus is “more deadly” than the flu and that it was airborne and highly contagious.

  • And a former senior White House aide confirmed what we know — Trump put his reelection ahead of the health and safety of the American people.

    • Trump rarely attended task force meetings, contradicted his health officials, and wasted months to slow the virus, which “cost lives.”


4. Unemployment in Trump’s Recession

  • Trump’s economy is working for his rich friends and big corporations, but American workers have been left behind.

    • Millions have lost their jobs — and with it their health care and ability to make ends meet — but Trump is focused on more tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%.

  • Last week, new numbers were released showing nearly 1 in 5 workers (almost 30 million Americans) are receiving unemployment assistance.

    • For 26 weeks, more workers have filed unemployment claims than any week during any previous recession.

  • It didn’t have to be this bad but Trump purposely downplayed this virus.

    • More than 13 million Americans are out of work

    • More than half the jobs lost haven’t come back

    • Trump is on track to be the worst jobs president in recorded history

    • More than 100,000 small businesses have closed for good

    • Trump’s actions have “combined to shutter factories … eliminating hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs”

  • Biden and Harris will put workers, small businesses, and middle-class families first. They know we can’t just go back to the way things were before the virus — we have to build back better.

--Democratic National Committee, 430 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003, USA

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