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Friday, October 2, 2020


1. NEW: Trump’s Positive COVID-19 Test

2. NEW: Jobs Numbers Show Economic Recovery Slowed


3. Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett & Future of the Supreme Court

4. 32 Days Until Election Day, Nearly 3 Million Votes Have Been Cast


1. NEW: Trump’s Positive COVID-19 Test

In response to news late last night that the president and first lady tested positive for COVID-19, Vice President Biden and Senator Harris released statements wishing them a swift recovery.

  • We are praying for a swift and safe recovery for the President and First Lady.

  • Vice President Biden, Dr. Biden, Senator Harris, and Doug Emhoff have tested negative for COVID-19.

  • Since the start of this pandemic, the Biden campaign’s top priority has been the health and safety of all Americans.

    • The campaign has been working closely with public health experts to determine and implement the best practices to campaign safely.

    • The campaign implements social distancing, mask wearing, and other best practices in all campaigning.

    • They will continue to campaign with public health as the top priority.

  • The Bidens and traveling staff have been regularly tested. After Tuesday’s debate, the campaign is taking extra precautions to make sure Vice President Biden, Dr. Biden, and all travelers are safe.

2. NEW: Jobs Numbers Show Economic Recovery Slowed

  • The recovery from Trump’s recession has slowed dramatically, with nearly 8% of workers unemployed.

    • More than 12 million Americans are unemployed.

    • Job growth slowed significantly in September — with less than half as many jobs recovered as in August.

    • Only half of the jobs lost during the pandemic have returned.

    • There are now 2.5 million jobs permanently lost since February.

    • The recovery is leaving behind Black and Hispanic Americans — the unemployment rate didn’t improve for either last month.

    • Millions of Americans have dropped out of the labor force entirely.

    • In the past week, tens of thousands of workers have been laid off — from Disney to American Airlines.

    • Trump is on track to be the worst jobs president in modern history.

    • As many as 400,000 small businesses have closed for good.

  • Yesterday, new numbers were released showing nearly 1 in 6 workers (26.5 million Americans) are receiving unemployment assistance, more than the previous week.

    • 1.4 million workers filed new unemployment claims last week.

    • For 28 weeks in a row, more workers have filed unemployment claims than any week during any previous recession.

  • It didn’t have to be this bad but Trump purposely downplayed this virus. We need to get back to normal, but we can’t until we get the virus under control.


3. Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett & Future of the Supreme Court

  • While Republicans and Trump have dragged their feet getting relief to the millions of Americans hurt by COVID and Trump’s recession, they are rushing to confirm a new justice because they want to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

  • Trump’s nominee has a track record of ruling against health care, voting rights, workers rights, and more. This nomination risks:

    • Americans’ health care and protections for people with preexisting conditions

    • Women’s right to reproductive health care guaranteed by Roe v. Wade

      • Yesterday, news broke that Barrett signed a statement calling Roe v. Wade “barbaric” and calling for its end, and supported an “extreme anti-choice group” that wants to restrict IVF.

    • The right to vote

    • The right to clean air and clean water

    • The right to equal pay for equal work

    • Workers’ right to collectively bargain

    • DREAMers’ ability to avoid deportation

  • The Supreme Court will hear Trump’s latest attempt to tear down the Affordable Care Act just one week after the election.

    • If Trump succeeds and his justice helps overturn the ACA, 20 million people could lose their health insurance and as many as 133 million Americans with preexisting conditions will lose coverage protections.

    • Trump still has no plan to replace the ACA or protect Americans’ health care.

  • Americans are voting for president in a majority of states — with nearly 3 million votes already cast — and they deserve a say in who selects a successor to Justice Ginsburg.

    • Never before has a Supreme Court Justice been nominated and installed while a presidential election is already underway.

    • The majority of Americans want the winner of the election to select Justice Ginsburg’s replacement.

4. 32 Days Until Election Day, Nearly 3 Million Votes Have Been Cast

  • It may be 32 days until November 3, but nearly 3 million votes have already been cast and a majority of states are already voting.

    • Of the 9 million voters who have requested mail ballots in battleground states, Democrats have requested almost twice as many ballots as Republicans.

  • Go to today to check your registration status, learn how to register to vote and what choices you have to cast your ballot, and find out where and when to vote.

  • Democrats are out-registering Republicans across the country, including in key battleground states like Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

  • A record number of voters have requested mail-in ballots in numerous states — with Democrats far in the lead.

  • Voters in nearly a dozen states are already voting in person, with huge turnout.

  • Biden’s campaign has launched the biggest voter protection program in history: thousands of staff on the ground, lawyers, and poll watchers throughout the states to ensure every eligible voter can vote.

--Democratic National Committee, 430 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003, USA

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