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Friday, October 9, 2020


1. Trump Refuses Next Debate To Avoid Accountability

2. Trump’s Irresponsible Behavior Worsens Coronavirus Crisis


3. Senator Harris Won the Debate

4. 25 Days Until Election Day, 7 Million Votes Have Been Cast


1. Trump Refuses Next Debate To Avoid Accountability

Yesterday, Trump said he would not participate in a virtual debate next week.

  • Vice President Biden was prepared to accept the debate commission’s proposal for a virtual town hall, but Trump refused because he does not want to face questions from the voters about his failures on COVID and the economy.

  • As a result, Biden will instead take questions from voters at an ABC primetime town hall on October 15, as he has done on several occasions recently.

  • Trump’s erratic behavior does not allow him to rewrite the calendar, and pick new dates of his choosing.

    • Trump doesn't make the debate schedule; the Debate Commission does.

  • Biden looks forward to participating in the final debate on October 22, which already is tied for the latest debate date in 40 years. Trump can show up, or he can decline again. That’s his choice.

  • Given Trump’s refusal to participate in next week’s planned town hall debate, we hope the Debate Commission will make the final October 22 debate a town hall format, so Trump is not able to evade accountability.

    • Voters should have a chance to ask questions of both candidates, directly.

    • Every presidential candidate since 1992 has participated in such an event, and it would be a shame if Trump was the first to refuse.

2. Trump’s Irresponsible Behavior Worsens Coronavirus Crisis

  • Trump’s irresponsible and erratic behavior is making the coronavirus crisis worse.

  • Trump is pushing to restart crowded, largely maskless rallies while he is potentially still infected with COVID-19.

    • Only a week after being diagnosed, Trump wants to travel for in-person events even though medical experts say he could still be contagious.

    • Trump’s rallies have violated his own administration’s guidelines, been labeled a “severe public health threat,” and caused spikes in coronavirus cases.

    • Trump’s campaign and the White House have never taken proper safety precautions against the coronavirus.

    • Instead of taking responsibility for his behavior, Trump shamefully and without evidence blamed Gold Star families for giving him coronavirus.

  • Instead of working to get relief to Americans struggling through his pandemic crisis and recession, Trump abandoned relief negotiations that would have helped small businesses, schools, struggling families, and unemployed workers — and saved hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    • Today, Mitch McConnell said a stimulus deal was “unlikely” before the election.

    • Trump admitted he is delaying relief to working Americans for political reasons.

    • Trump’s chief economic adviser admitted Trump is rushing a Supreme Court confirmation instead of getting relief for working Americans.

      • 74% of Americans believe Congress should take action on COVID relief before a SCOTUS appointment.

    • Trump never really tried to get a deal for struggling Americans.

      • Nearly 5 months after the House passed the Heroes Act, Trump has never attended negotiations or brought Republicans and Democrats together.

  • Because of Trump’s lies, irresponsible behavior, and failure to contain the virus, the U.S. has more cases and deaths than any other country in the world.

    • With more than 210,000 Americans dead and 7.6 million infected, the U.S. has 4% of the world’s population but 20% of infections and deaths.

    • Infections are rising across the country with 39 states reporting increasing cases, even as experts like Dr. Fauci warn we need far fewer cases as we enter flu season.

    • Trump’s failures led the world’s most prestigious medical journal to break with more than 200 years of precedent and criticize Trump for having “taken a crisis and turned it into a tragedy.”


3. Senator Harris Won the Debate

After the vice presidential debate, the DNC War Room released a video of Senator Harris calling out Pence for lying about the Trump administration’s record on coronavirus and health care.

  • What we saw from Pence was more of the same lies and interruptions.

    • Pence was completely unable to answer for his and Trump’s failures.

  • In sharp contrast to Pence’s lies, Senator Harris spoke directly to the American people. She spoke to working families about how the Biden-Harris administration will contain COVID-19, build the economy back better, and bring our country together.

  • Trump and Pence have no plan for the issues facing American families.

    • Pence still wouldn’t outline a plan to address the coronavirus.

    • Pence and Trump still don’t have a plan to protect health care for Americans with pre-existing conditions.

    • Pence didn’t answer the moderator’s questions — either to explain the failures of the last four years or what Trump and Pence will do in the next four.

  • Just because Pence doesn’t shout, doesn’t mean he didn’t lie and interrupt.

    • Pence mansplained and interrupted Senator Harris and Susan Page.

    • Pence didn’t answer the questions he was asked.

    • Pence was rude, ineffectual, weak.

  • Americans are sick and tired of Trump and Pence’s lies and failures. They want leaders like Biden and Harris who will give it to them straight and have a plan to address the crises we face.

4. 25 Days Until Election Day, 7 Million Votes Have Been Cast

  • While it is 25 days until November 3, 7 million voters have already cast their ballots and about a million more are voting every day.

  • A majority of states are already voting, including Colorado, Alaska, and Montana, where ballots are mailed today.

  • Go to today to check your registration status, learn how to register to vote and what choices you have to cast your ballot, and find out where and when to vote.

  • Democrats have out-registered Republicans across the country, including in key battleground states like Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

    • Today is the deadline to register to vote in North Carolina, New York, Oklahoma, and Idaho.

    • But North Carolina and Idaho voters can also register at their polling place during early voting, and Idaho voters can also register on Election Day.

  • The Biden campaign has launched the biggest voter protection program in history: thousands of staff on the ground, lawyers, and poll watchers throughout the states to ensure every eligible voter can vote.

--Democratic National Committee, 430 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003, USA

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