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DNC Voter Pro Hotline: 1-833-DEM-VOTE


  • Census: SCOTUS has ruled that the Trump Administration can halt the census early. Today is the final day for your constituents to visit and secure resources for their neighborhood.
  • Voting: Voters can now visit to prepare for when, how, and where they will cast their ballot. 
  • Obama: President Obama headlines this important video on all the ways Americans can get out and vote.

Take Action

  • Giffords: Giffords is launching Gun Owners for Safety this Friday. Join their launch event to engage responsible gun owners in the work of firearm safety. 
  • GOTV: Join the DNC Best Practices Institute next Wednesday for a webinar on strategies to Get Out The Vote. 

Messaging - Voter Disinformation Guide

  • Avoid amplification: Social media algorithms feed on engagement, whether negative or positive. Even reacting with “angry” on a Facebook post boosts it and creates the possibility for more people to see the piece of disinformation. Only comment on disinformation that is a high-level threat to debunk false information.
  • Report: If you encounter a piece of disinformation, flag it for removal from the social network or submit to the tip line for further evaluation.
  • Avoid cross-pollination: If you see a post on Facebook, avoid posting on Twitter about it, even to remark that it is incorrect. That only helps the disinfo spread and makes it more likely that it will become viral on other platforms.
  • Inoculate: Prime your audience to distrust disinformation when they see it by naming bad actor’s motivations and sharing factual information from trusted sources that encourages people to make a plan for voting.

Voter Protection

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