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Dear 2020 Democratic Convention Participant,

Thank you so much for your service as a participant in our historic 2020 Democratic National Convention this summer where we nominated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our next President & Vice President. We are so thankful for your commitment and dedication to our party and to electing Democrats up and down the ballot.

We have 19 days to go in the most important election of our lifetime and we need your help. We encourage you to check locally on important races in your states and how you can get involved. 

We are also still in need of people who can volunteer full-time in the final stretch either in-person or remote. Can you take time off to help with GOTV? Consider committing 4 to 18 Days to Volunteer with a Battleground State whether in-person or remote. You can see more details here.  

Your help in this final stretch is so important to the campaign. Thank you so much!

Jason Rae
Democratic National Committee

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