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Dear Friends-

We are just 15 Days from Election Day and it’s official, over 28 million votes have already been cast! 

But as BFP Campaign Manager Jen O’Malley Dillon wrote in a recent memo to supporters, “However, the reality is that this race is far closer than some of the punditry we’re seeing on Twitter and on TV would suggest. In the key battleground states where this election will be decided, we remain neck and neck with Donald Trump. In Arizona and North Carolina, for example, polling averages show us just three points ahead. And, if we learned anything from 2016, it’s that we cannot underestimate Donald Trump or his ability to claw his way back into contention in the final days of a campaign, through whatever smears or underhanded tactics he has at his disposal. Nor can we lose sight of the fact that the billionaires who have benefited so handsomely from this administration have been shovelling tens of millions of dollars towards pro-Trump Super PACs, and could very easily erase our financial advantage with the stroke of a pen.”

With that being said, the Trump campaign has just announced that it will spend $55 million in coordinated ad buys across major swing states during the final two weeks of the election. The ads are slated to run in the following states:  AZ, IA, NC, WI, MI, NH, ME, OH, and FL. This means we will need as much support as we can amass to counter his likely smear campaign. 

In these last few weeks in the campaign, I am asking for your continued help in amplifying credible voting resources like and I hope you’re all circulating (all the cool kids are doing it).

AND we need your help now with filling critical volunteer roles and virtually deploying staff who can commit for the last 4 to 10 days of the election.  So please let me know by responding to this email and cc’ing Atoyia Deans (deansa@dnc.orgor move them directly to this late help opportunities link. We still have skilled volunteer holes that need to be filled ASAP. 

On the volunteer front, we still have needs for phone bankingtext bankingvoter assistance hotlineand poll observers

  • Here is a nifty phonebanking link tree that our intern Alya put together for us! It’s comprehensive and by constituency. Love our interns! Please use it to share out to your networks.

We are also preparing for the third and final Presidential debate that will take place this Thursday. During last week’s town hall on ABC, voters saw there was one leader and one liar. Vice President Biden demonstrated leadership and gave thoughtful answers to voters' questions about COVID-19, taxes, racial equity, climate change, and more. He talked in depth about his policy proposals to reward work, not wealth, and invest in infrastructure and the clean energy jobs. He connected with the voters in the audience and directly addressed their concerns. Vice President Biden’s fundamental character and decency shown through once again. He will bring that same level of decency to this week’s Presidential debate, scheduled for Thursday, October 22 at 9PM ET.  The topics have been announced (see below) and we’ll be sending more information as it becomes available.


An insightful New York Times Editorial declared that “Donald Trump’s re-election campaign poses the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II.” I highlight this not to instill fear but to emphasize why this work is so important. The work of volunteers we recruit could be the deciding factor in this election. There must be a clear and undeniable mandate from the voters that this nation must change course if we are to thrive. 


Yesterday, Biden for President released a new ad to highlight how Trump’s failed response to the pandemic is shortchanging student-athletes across the nation which will air on ESPN during Monday Night Football. The ad features Tristen Vance, an educational leadership student and football player at Northern Arizona University. 


And last week the DNC kicked off the release of awesome and informative, state-specific voter education videos featuring former President Barack Obama, encouraging Americans to visit to learn about options to cast their ballot and to make a plan to vote today.


On behalf of myself, this whole team, and Mary (see below) who knows a thing or two about the importance of the 411--I cannot be more proud of the work being done to win this election and to fight for the “soul of the nation!” 



Mary J. Blige Teams Up With To Encourage People To Vote

October 18, 2020

As November draws near, many prolific singers and artists have lended their voices to encourage all those who feel like the country has left them behind to come together and cast their vote in the name of change.


Yours in the Fight,


In this Update:

  • Presidential Debate (Thursday October 22)

  • Download the Greenfly App

  • Make a Plan to Vote

  • Late Help

  • Voter Protection Hotline Volunteers

  • DNC Disability Council and Voter Protection

  • General Volunteer Sign-up

  • Download the Vote Joe App

  • Text Banking Opportunities

  • Phone Banking Opportunities

  • Phone Bank Link Tree (By Coalition)

  • Visit /

The last Presidential debate is scheduled for Thursday, October 22 at 9PM ET. There are multiple ways to watch the final debate. Broadcast networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX will air the final debate, as will major cable news networks like FOX News, MSNBC and CNN. It can also be viewed on C-SPAN and streamed online via YouTube and TV streaming apps. 

Date: Thursday, October 22

Location: Belmont University in Nashville, TN

Time: 9-10:30 p.m. ET

Moderator: Kristen Welker, NBC News White House correspondent and co-anchor of “Today Weekend”

Topics announced: Fighting Covid-19; American families; Race in America; Climate change; National security; Leadership. Each will get 15 minutes.


Download the Greenfly app for reliable content to share on social media. When you download the Greenfly app use the code DEMSTEAM to join.  Please share these videos on social media and with your networks. We’d like to help as many people as possible find credible information on how to vote, and your voices and networks are so powerful! The easiest way to share these videos is by joining Greenfly.


Voters can learn how to make an effective plan to vote by visiting With so much at stake in this election, it is crucial the voters have the latest information on voting so they can make a plan that is best for them. 


The Biden Campaign Late Help team is recruiting volunteers who can commit for the last  4 to 10 days of the election. Volunteers will be matched with states in both in-person and virtual activities.
 Late Help Sign Up Form.


The National Voter Protection Hotline has a critical need for multilingual-speaking volunteers. Our phones are ringing off the hook with voters who have questions about the process. They need your help to make a plan to vote for Joe Biden and Democrats up and down the ticket.With your help, we can ensure that all eligible voters are able to exercise their right to vote. Can you answer the call? Sign up for a training 
here and for a shift here.

Language needed include: Apache; Arabic ; Cantonese; Creole; Filipino/Tagalog; French; Hindi; Hmong; Korean; Mandarin; Navajo; Punjabi; Somali; Spanish; Vietnamese


The DNC Disability Council and Voter Protection program are partnering to expand the accessibility focus of our Election Protection Plans. They are actively recruiting volunteer lawyers, law students and disability advocates (non-attorneys) to join the team. They also need people who are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). Prospective volunteers can sign up 



Get out the vote to friends and family by downloading the
 Vote Joe appThrough the app you can reach out to your community and provide key voting resources. Please encourage those within your networks to download the app to receive reliable voting information from the Biden campaign. 




PHONE BANK TRAINING - New to Phone Banking? Sign up for a Call Crew Training:


PHONE BANKS - And then make calls from the comfort of your couch:



  • For a comprehensive list of phone banks by coalition, Please refer to the link tree here.



It is the most comprehensive and accurate source of voting information. There is a large team behind this ensuring data is rapidly updated with any changes happening on the ground, like additional polling sites being opened or extended voting hours

The new features on the site help voters learn about their options to participate in the election and make a plan to vote that works for them. and has launched new features that allow you to make it easier than ever to: 

  1. Check your registration

  2. Register to vote

  3. Request a mail ballot

  4. Sign up for info on voting in person

  5. Find more information about voting in your state

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