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4 Days to Election Day and AAPI Voters Across the Country are Energized!

We have 4 days left to Election Day and AAPIs are voting in historic numbers across the country! In states like North Carolina, Texas, and Georgia, AAPIs have already exceeded their turnout from 2016, and there is still time to vote early. This weekend, we will make sure that AAPI voters in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are also voting in droves to make sure that Joe and Kamala win on Tuesday! These three must-win Blue Wall states are our clearest path to the White House, and whoever carries them will win. So join us and make these last 100 hours count! 

Join us as we engage with AAPI voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin on the last days leading up to Election Day. Volunteers will make contact with voters in these pivotal Midwestern states through phonebanks and textbanks. We will need all the help we can get to make sure that we are turning out as many voters in these states as possible, so we look forward to working with you to rebuild our Blue Wall and to elect Democrats up and down the ballot!

Marylanders are coming to the rescue! Volunteers from across Maryland will be making calls this weekend to key battleground states to make sure that we are turning out AAPI voters to the polls. Former Gov. Martin O'Malley will join us as we make every effort to flip Michigan and Pennsylvania for Joe!


Go Canvassing in Montgomery & Bucks County, Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania is THIS CLOSE to flipping blue and we need your help! The campaign there needs canvassers for the last weekend through Election Day. If you're coming from DC, MD, DE, NJ, NY, or CT, the biggest needs are in Bucks County and Montgomery County which are close to Philadelphia.

Once you sign up for a canvass, you'll be connected to choose one of their nightly 7 PM trainings where you'll learn more about the conversations we’re having with voters, learn how to use the phone app to track responses, and precautions for COVID 19. Please make sure to attend one before your first canvass shift.

If you want to fight the good fight but don't want to go it alone, we got you!  There's a group heading over from NJ and if you'd like to coordinate with us, feel free to email Ginny Barahona at!


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