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Tuesday, January 12, 2021


1. Trump Incites Assault on Democracy

2. Removing Trump From Office To Protect Our Democracy


3. Trump Fails To Quickly Distribute Vaccine

4. 140,000 Lost Jobs as Trump Fails To Contain Pandemic


1. Trump Incites Assault on Democracy

President-elect Biden delivered forceful remarks on the attack at the Capitol last week on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • President-elect Biden spoke directly to the American people about the unprecedented assault on our democracy and the rule of law.

    • These were not protestors. They were rioters, insurrectionists, and domestic terrorists. Six Americans — including two Capitol Police officers — lost their lives as a result of that day’s tragic events.

    • Trump unleashed this assault. For four years, he has attacked our democracy, our Constitution, and the rule of law.

  • Last week was a painful reminder that democracy is fragile. But the attack on the Capitol does not reflect the true America — they were a small number of extremists.

    • Let’s be clear: democracy prevailed. A bipartisan majority — including the vast majority of Senate Republicans — voted to uphold President-elect Biden’s win and forcefully condemned the assault.

    • It is shameful that some Republicans abdicated their oath of office just days after taking it. They undermined our democracy and encouraged this mob.

2. Removing Trump From Office To Protect Our Democracy

  • Trump’s days as president are numbered. Americans rejected him in November.

  • To prevent further chaos, the Cabinet must step in.

    • Today, the House will call on Pence and the Cabinet to activate the 25th Amendment and remove Trump for his incitement of insurrection and the danger he still poses.

    • Yesterday, House Republicans temporarily blocked this legislation, enabling Trump’s unhinged, unstable and deranged acts of sedition.

  • If Trump does not leave office imminently, the House will move to impeach him.

    • The President’s threat to our Constitution and our democracy is urgent.

  • President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris will work over the next four years to restore democracy and respect for the rule of law.


3. Trump Fails To Quickly Distribute Vaccine

  • Trump’s administration is failing to quickly distribute a vaccine, leaving Americans waiting.

    • Trump’s vaccine rollout is failing for the same reason his entire COVID response has failed: absence of leadership, inconsistent messaging, and a lack of coordination.

    • For months, states warned they didn’t have enough resources, but Trump held up funding by delaying the COVID relief package.

  • Trump’s vaccine rollout is way behind schedule.

    • Only about 9 million Americans have been vaccinated of the 20 million Trump’s administration promised by the start of the year.

  • Trump’s pandemic response has failed.

    • More than 2 million Americans were infected and more than 28,000 died in just the first 10 days of January.

  • President-elect Biden is working with his COVID-19 team to administer 100 million shots by the end of his first 100 days.

    • The Trump administration is already enacting the president-elect’s proposal to release all available vaccine doses.

    • The president-elect will invoke the Defense Production Act if necessary to accelerate the making the vaccine, and work with Congress to secure necessary funding.

4. 140,000 Lost Jobs as Trump Fails To Contain Pandemic

  • Last month, the U.S. lost 140,000 jobs as Trump did nothing to contain the pandemic and Republicans delayed relief to working families.

    • The economy lost jobs for the first time since April as COVID surged.

  • Trump’s K-shaped recovery is leaving working Americans farther behind while the rich continue to get richer.

    • Low-wage workers and workers of color are bearing the brunt of this crisis with higher rates of job loss

  • President-elect Biden will act quickly to contain the virus and get relief to workers. He is calling for bold action, including:

  • $2,000 direct relief checks to Americans

  • Increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour

  • Support for small businesses

  • Funding for vaccines, testing, and schools

--Democratic National Committee, 430 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003, USA

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