This is the DNC’s Battleground Brief -- a weekly wrap-up of Trump’s broken promises and everything you need to know across the path to 270. 


AXIOS: DNC CHAIR TO HIT TRUMP ON HEALTH CARE IN BATTLEGROUND STATES TOUR. The DNC kicked off 2020 by launching a tour of the battleground states to discuss Trump’s broken promises on health care. DNC Chair Tom Perez’s first event was in Miami yesterday and we’ll be in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin later this month.

MIAMI HERALD: DNC CHAIR KICKS OFF ‘BATTLEGROUND TOUR’ WITH LATINO-FOCUSED HEALTH CARE TALK. Chair Perez drew the stark contrast between Democrats and Trump on health care at a roundtable in Miami on the first stop of his health care tour. Trump’s health care agenda jeopardizes coverage protections for millions of Floridians with preexisting conditions and coverage gains made by the Latino community under the ACA, while Democrats are working to lower costs and expand access to care. Some highlights from the roundtable from the Miami Herald: 

  • “‘As we head into this election cycle, we’re going to be talking about healthcare every single day because it’s the most important issue for so many people here in Florida and across the country,’ said Perez.

  • “Healthcare is a top priority for voters, polls show, and is especially relevant in South Florida, where counties lead the state in total sign-ups for health insurance under the ACA, also known as Obamacare. Hialeah, for example, has the highest Obamacare enrollment in the country.

  • “The visit kicked off Perez’s tour of battleground states, where he will be meeting with voters to raise concerns over Trump’s approach to healthcare. The planned stops also include states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.”

NEXT STOP: PHILLY. Chair Perez is heading to Philadelphia later this month to discuss Trump’s failed record on health care with voters across the commonwealth. More from the Pennsylvania Capital-Star:

  • “In the absence of a coherent Republican counter-narrative, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is launching a tour of key battleground states this month, including Pennsylvania, ‘to raise concerns’ about the Trump White House’s approach — if you can call it that — to healthcare issues.

  • “‘Drug prices are out of control, and millions of Americans are hurting,’ David Mitchell, a cancer patient and the founder of Patients For Affordable Drugs Now, said in a statement. ‘Patients are choosing between filling prescriptions and buying groceries –– and it’s got to stop. We want to thank Rep. Fitzpatrick for standing strong against the pharma lobby and voting ‘Yes’ on H.R. 3.’”


  • Toledo Blade: “Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper said there was only one reason for the president to visit Ohio so much during his last campaign and come back to the state to kick off his 2020 campaign. ‘Our state is in play,’ he said. Mr. Pepper was part of a group of Democratic leaders, candidates for office, and local stakeholders who came together mid-morning Thursday for a news conference to highlight what he calls President Trump’s broken promises and failed policies.”

  • Columbus Dispatch: “Ohio has fewer jobs today than it did in the year 2000. Currently, job growth in Ohio ranks 39th out of 50 states, according to the Seidman Research Institute at Arizona State University. As in the rest of the state, jobs are down in the Toledo area, dropping 3,000 (0.1%) from November 2018 to November 2019, the latest statistics available from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Democrats already are pushing back on what they say are Trump’s failed promises. Most frequently cited was his July 2017 advice in Youngstown: ‘Those jobs (that) have left Ohio, they’re coming back. They’re all coming back. Don’t move, don’t sell your house.’”

Michigan Democrats joined in too, and this headline says it all -- MLive: Donald Trump tells Toledo crowd Ohio had its ‘best year economically,’ even as the state lost jobs

  • The Detroit News: “Lavora Barnes, chairwoman of the Michigan Democratic Party, predicted in a Thursday afternoon interview that Trump would focus on the economy during the rally. While Michigan's unemployment rate is 4%, Barnes said many people are working two to three jobs to get by. ‘Their future is not going to be the future they hoped for with Donald Trump,’ she said of voters.”

NEVADA DEMS CALL OUT TRUMP FOR HURTING WORKING FAMILIES: As Ivanka Trump, Elaine Chao, and Marc Lotter descended upon Nevada, Democrats called out Trump and his administration for breaking their promises to Nevadans:

  • Nevada Independent: “...Democrats quickly panned her appearance. ‘She can’t spin the truth: Donald Trump has been a devastating failure for working families,’ Nevada Democratic Party Executive Director Alana Mounce, said in a statement.”

  • Reno Gazette Journal: “Trump's appearance in Las Vegas Tuesday spurred some partisan backlash in Nevada. Nevada Democratic Party Executive Director Alana Mounce released a statement challenging the administration's impact on working families. ‘She can’t spin the truth: Donald Trump has been a devastating failure for working families,’ Mounce said. ‘He’s raising our taxes, hiking health care costs, and sabotaging women and families’ prospects for the future. Nevadans saw through Trump’s empty rhetoric three years ago, and we’re going to reject it again on November 3.’”

DNCMKE! NO MATTER WHO OUR NOMINEE IS, DEMOCRATS ARE READY. The DNC held a walk through of the convention center in Milwaukee ahead of the July convention and shared our strategy to win in Wisconsin and across the battlegrounds. 

From the AP: “‘Having the convention in Milwaukee is more than just a ‘great party,’ it’s also an organizing opportunity to reach thousands of volunteers, said David Bergstein, battleground state communications director for the DNC. ‘We can't take anything for granted,’ Bergstein said. ‘We have to reach out to every possible voter that we can.’”

TRUMP’S ECONOMY HASN’T LIFTED ALL BOATSTrump made lots of promises to Pennsylvanians on the campaign trail to boost the economy and make their lives better, but he has failed to deliver. Those broken promises are causing Trump to face headwinds in PA. More in this column in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star: 

  • “Trump targeted voters, including many Democrats, in rural and depressed counties, promising to turn those areas around by reviving manufacturing industries. He vowed to reopen steel mills and coal mines, a number of which had been shuttered over the years.

  • “While Trump has made some gains in bringing manufacturing back to Pennsylvania, they’ve been small and certainly nothing on the massive scale he talked about during his 2016 campaign.

  • “...The bottom line is that Trump won Pennsylvania by only 44,000 votes. He will need the full support of those who backed him in 2016. Any slippage in vote totals could well spell defeat for Trump.”

AMERICAN BUSINESSES AND CONSUMERS ARE STILL PAYING FOR TRUMP’S ERRATIC TRADE POLICIES. Trump promised Americans a booming economy, but his trade deal with China has caused American workers to bear the brunt of his failed policies. From the NYT:

  • “American businesses and consumers, not China, are bearing the financial brunt of President Trump’s trade war, new data shows, undermining the president’s assertion that the United States is ‘taxing the hell out of China.’

  • “The findings are the latest evidence that voters and American businesses are paying the cost of Mr. Trump’s penchant for using tariffs to try to rewrite the terms of trade in favor of the United States.”

NEVADA IS MAKING 2020 CAUCUSES MORE ACCESSIBLE THAN EVER BEFORE. The Nevada Democratic Party announced even more caucus sites on the Las Vegas Strip, making it easier than ever before for casino and hospitality workers to participate in the 2020 caucuses this February. These locations will be open 24 hours a day to ensure that every single eligible voter is able to participate in the process.


CNBC: ‘It crushes me’: Dairy farmers struggle to survive Trump’s trade wars and declining milk demand

Yahoo: Farmer: Trump's $28 billion bailout isn't worth the trade war

The Herald-Tribune: Florida farmers continue to raise alarms as NAFTA rewrite nears passage

The Daily Advertiser (LA): Despite trade war reprieve, soybean farmers fear irreparable damage, lasting tariffs


Democrats are going full-force in Arizona to win in 2020 -- while Republicans are “having to work harder.” Read all about it in the AZ Central:

  • “An Arizona Republic analysis of precinct-level voting results and registration trends shows both parties making gains, but Democrats turned Republican red precincts purple, while their blue precincts turned deeper blue. 

  • “With Trump back on the ballot this year, Democrats think they can build on their winning formula from 2018.

  • “Trump's narrow win in 2016 and the party's 2018 loss of a Senate seat signaled peril. Republicans are having to work harder because the state is in flux, political experts say.”


Make sure to follow the DNC’s War Room (@DNCWarRoom) to get real-time updates on Trump’s abuses of power and broken promises.

Happy Friday! 

The DNC Comms Team

Hello Women Making A Difference! 

I’d like to welcome you to our first DNC Women’s Update of 2020! These updates are an effort to let folks know what we are working on at the DNC as it relates to all things women and to share relevant info, trainings, and articles that might be helpful to you as you work to organize in your communities. I don’t have to tell you that President Trump and his administration’s policies are downright dangerous for women - and we are doing all we can to make him a one term President. 

By way of introduction, my name is Taylor Barnes, and I am proud to be the Women’s Political Director for this cycle! I’ll be working hand-in-hand with our National Political Director, Muthoni Wambu Kraal, and our other leads, including three of our seasoned Constituency Directors, Cynthia Jasso-Rotunno, Ebony Baylor, and Libby Schneider as well as Kristin Avery and Lila Jafaar on the Battleground States team. My past work includes helping start the United State of Women Organization and Summits with the Obama White House Council on Women and Girls and being a field organizer in NH and FL - so my heart is definitely in this work!  

I’ll be back in touch later this month, but in the meantime, I wanted to make sure I shared news about recruitment for our PAID grassroots organizing initiative - Organizing Corps 2020. This program is an unprecedented program and investment made by the DNC to recruit, pay, and train young people to work on the 2020 presidential cycle, starting last year with our 300 Wave 1 Members. This program ensures the eventual Democratic nominee has the support of hundreds of homegrown and diverse field organizers. We need your help to make sure women are well-represented in this group for Wave 2 and 3 in the following states: AZ, FL, GA, MI, MN, NC, PA, & WI. Here’s how you can help: 

  • Tweet: If you’re a college senior/recent grad looking to make a difference in 2020, check out @orgcorps2020. They’re offering paid trainings and an on-ramp to full-time employment in this year’s election. We cannot afford to sit this out. Learn more at #OC2020 (More tweet samples in this toolkit

  • Share: Share one of these graphics (option 1 // option 2 // more options) in your insta stories, tagging @OrgCorps2020 or post on facebook!

  • Email: If you have someone specific in mind, this toolkit has email to student language you can copy and paste. And if they end up applying, please let me know and I am happy to flag the application for the OC2020 Team. 

  • Include in Updates: If you send regular updates to your community, include this as a job opportunity! Additional text and graphics can be found in the full toolkit here

And as an unpaid summer 2011 organizer in NH myself, this program hits close to home. I hope you’ll consider spreading the word and helping a young person get their jump start in politics! 

I look forward to working with you all in 2020, 

Taylor Barnes
Women's Political Director
Democratic National Committee 

Dear Disability Community Advocates,

Happy New Year. Your efforts are making a difference.

For the first time, the December debates put a spotlight on the disability community! Missed the debate? Check out "5 Disability Lessons Everyone Can Learn From The December Democratic Debate" and "Disability Rights Finally Got Airtime in Thursday Night's Debate".

Many of the presidential campaigns have completed the Presidential Questionnaire on Disability Policies, developed by National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) and the REV UP Campaign American Association of People with Disabilities’ (AAPD)Check out their responses by clicking HERE. Notably
, eight presidential candidates have unveiled disability policy platforms, thanks to invaluable input and hard work from advocates like you.  

Save the date for the next Democratic debate sponsored by CNN and the Des Moines Register on January 14 at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. You can find a full listing of debates, primaries, and important dates, compiled by DemList at the end of this email. 

Thank you for fighting for accessibility and inclusion locally and nationally. Thank you for staying in this fight! 

In solidarity,

Tony Coelho
DNC Disability Council Chair

P.S. To follow Disability Council news and events, remember to "like" us on the Disability Council Facebook page. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. 

Elected for Inclusion: A Presidential Forum on Disability Issues 

Greetings and Happy New Year, 
Due to the timing of the January democratic presidential candidate debate, the impeachment proceedings in the Senate, and other factors beyond the control of the organizers, Elected for Inclusion: A Presidential Forum on Disability Issues has been postponed. It will be rescheduled, and we are working with our partners to determine a new date as soon as possible.
As we have worked on Elected for Inclusion, we have been deeply appreciative of the enthusiastic public response for this effort, including ticket sales, partnerships, and event volunteers. The 2020 election cycle has seen unprecedented levels of engagement on disability issues from Presidential candidates, with 8 candidates issuing detailed disability policy platforms and many completing the AAPD/NCIL Presidential Candidate Questionnaire on Disability Policies. However, with the announcement of the January democratic  presidential candidate debate (January 14th) and the pending Senate impeachment hearing, and other factors, we realized that the Forum’s planned date and location - January 13th in Austin, Texas - would not allow for the level of direct candidate engagement that the disability community deserves nor would the date allow for a level of candidate engagement that reflects candidates’ commitment and interest in disability rights. Although we worked diligently with campaigns and community partners to manage these challenges and identify creative methods of engagement, with a little more than a week and a half before the event, AAPD and REV UP Texas had to make the difficult but necessary decision to postpone the forum. We continue to work with presidential campaigns and community partners to determine a new date.
We remain committed to the political empowerment of people with disabilities and elevating the power of the disability vote, and we appreciate your support and understanding as we work to establish a new plan for this important event. Building the power of the disability vote starts at the local and state levels, and the forum will reflect the growing influence of the disability community within the electorate.  
For those who have already registered for the forum, your registration will be applied to the new conference date. Refunds are available but individuals are encouraged to await developments regarding rescheduling before making a refund request. We sincerely apologize for any issues that this postponement may cause. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 
Thank you,
Maria Town, President and CEO, AAPD         Bob Kafka, REV UP Texas

A Conversation with Democratic Presidential Candidates: Focus - People with Disabilities and Health Care - November 2, 2019

National Iowa Democratic Disability Caucus Chair Catherine Crist organized "A Conversation with Democratic Presidential Candidates: Focus - People with Disabilities and Health Care" on November 2, 2019 from 10-4 PM in Cedar Rapids, IA, with virtual participation. Featured speakers include the Honorable Tony Coelho and the Honorable Tom Harkin. These questions were generated through the AIO Conference, and submitted from advocates around the country. All presidential Candidates were invited and the following attended: Senator Chris Dodd for Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Cory Booker, Mayor Pete Buttigiegthe Honorable John Delaney, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Andrew Yang. Each candidate answered questions for 30 minutes and then spoke with voters following their remarks. Over 200 people participated, with an additional 57 members of the press. Every campaign had information booths. The Facebook livestream of the event had every state represented, with over 100 viewers from California alone. 


Spotlight on Iowa Disability Caucus

Monthly Conversations with Candidates are held in conjunction with Iowa Disability Caucus and sponsored by the Iowa Democratic Party. The following presidential candidates have participated: Representative Eric Swalwell, Secretary Julian Castro, the Honorable John Delaney, Tom Steyer, and Marianne Williamson. At the Conversations with Candidates, candidates are asked whether they have people with disabilities as a part of their campaign and policy staff, and if elected, if they would commit to including them in their cabinet.  
Iowa Disability Caucus Catherine Crist has future commitments from Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Corey Booker, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Andrew Yang. The following month will be very busy for Iowa Disability Caucus as they continue to organize Conversations with Candidates and prepare for the Iowa Caucus on February 3rd. 

Youth Outreach Committee

The Youth Outreach Committee, chaired by Seamus Campbell, and the Young Democrats of America Disability Caucus wrote a resolution urging 2020 presidential candidates to address disability rights. The resolution passed unanimously at the YDA meeting in Birmingham, Alabama. Read the resolution by clicking HERE.

Congratulations to the Disability Council Policy Committee!

The Policy Committee has created a first draft of a policy guide which addresses employment, criminal justice, emergency mgmt and climate change, transportation, housing, education, financial wellness, and healthcare. Thank you to co-chairs Kelly Buckland and Chakir Underdown, as well as over 30 committee members who made this possible! 

Finance Committee update

Per Disability Council Vice Chair for Fundraising and Development Janni Lehrer-Stein, DNC Disability Council Finance Committee's fundraising total grew slightly this month, from an approximate $230,000 to $233,250! Thank you to those who attended the Women’s Leadership Forum and contributed through the Council's link! Our scheduled fundraiser in Austin has been postponed. However, the Disability Council is interested in organizing a finance event in SF/Bay area, or Boston. Please let us know if you are interested in creating or assisting in a finance event by contacting Finance Committee co-chair Dylan Bulkeley-Krane. 

Protect the Disability Vote

The Disability Council's Voter Protection Committee chairs met DNC Voter Protection team to develop plans ahead of the 2020 General Election for disability integration into the election protection plan and education to our state partners. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Eddie Correia and Kelly Simoneaux. 

Let us know what's happening in your region.

If you would like to share news of events within your own state’s Disability Caucus, for inclusion in this newsletter, please contact Midwestern Disability Council Vice-Chair Dr. Terry Friedrichs, Western Chair Jayson Morris, and Eastern Chair Monica Wiley.  


2020 Campaign Calendar Countdown by DemList
January 14: Seventh Democratic Primary Debate (Des Moines, Iowa)
February 3: Iowa Caucuses
February 7: Eighth Democratic Primary Debate (Manchester, New Hampshire)
February 11: New Hampshire Primaries
February 19: Ninth Democratic Primary Debate (Las Vegas, Nevada)
February 22: Nevada Democratic Caucuses
February 25: Tenth Democratic Primary Debate (Charleston, South Carolina)
February 29: South Carolina Democratic Primary
March: Eleventh Democratic Primary Debate (TBD)
March 3: Super Tuesday! AL, AS, AR, CA, CO, ME, MA, MN, NC, OK, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA & Democrats Abroad
March 10: Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and Washington Primaries, North Dakota Caucus
March 14: Northern Marianas Caucus
March 17: Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio Primaries
March 24: Georgia Primaries
March 29: Puerto Rico Primary
April: Twelfth Democratic Primary Debate (TBD)
April 4: Alaska, Hawaii and Louisiana Primaries, Wyoming County Caucuses
April 7: Wisconsin Primaries
April 28: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island Primaries
April 28Special Election in Maryland's 7th Congressional District


May 2: Guam Caucus, Kansas Primary
May 5: Indiana Primaries
May 12: Nebraska and West Virginia Primaries,
Special Elections in Wisconsin's 7th CD Special Election and California's 25th Congressional District
May 19: Kentucky and Oregon Primaries
June 2: D.C., Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota Primaries
June 6: Virgin Islands CaucusJuly 13-16: Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
August 24-27: Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina
September 29: First Presidential Debate (Notre Dame, Indiana)
October 7: Vice Presidential Debate (Salt Lake City, Utah)
October 15: Second Presidential Debate (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
October 22: Third Presidential Debate (Nashville, Tennessee)
November 32020 Election Day

 Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee logo


In 2019, Milwaukee made history. For the first time ever, the Democratic National Committee selected a city in Wisconsin to host its national convention, and eyes from across the globe turned to the heartland in anticipation for the big event. 


Since then, the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee has been working hard to ensure the 2020 Democratic National Convention is more than four days in an arena. We set out to make this a year-long community engagement initiative, and, together, we’ve accomplished quite a bit:

And that’s just the beginning. From the launch of our official resource portal for volunteers to our CommUNITY Growth Summit and much more, we’re bound for an exciting first quarter of 2020. 

But we know that our 2020 vision – to organize, fund, and host a convention that is accessible and intentionally inclusive – would not be possible without your help. Over the next six months, we’ll continue to look to Milwaukeeans and people from across the region and country for their feedback as we work to create a lasting, positive impact on Milwaukee and the surrounding region. 

As always, thank you for your ongoing support. We can’t wait to continue this historic journey with you.


Liz Gilbert

President, Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee

Dear DNC Member,

Happy New Year! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season (for those who celebrate) and had some time to rest and spend time with loved ones.

As you all know, in addition to the primary election where we will elect delegates to our national convention in Milwaukee to select the next President of the United States, per our Charter and Bylaws, 2020 is also the year in which we will elect DNC Members for the 2020-2024 term. 

DNC Members that will be elected this year at your state conventions and Party meetings for the 2020-2024 term will take office immediately following the closing gavel of the 2020 National Convention. Current serving DNC Members serve through the end of the 2020 Convention.

Every four years the Charter and Bylaws require the DNC to reallocate the base membership described in Article Three, Section 2(b) of the Charter. The formula used to apportion seats is similar to that used to apportion Delegation Figures to the 2020 Convention. You can find the allocation for the 2020-2024 term here. Please note, these figures include the State Chair and Vice Chair. These numbers do not reflect Members from your state serving the DNC by virtue of election or appointment from an affiliated Democratic organization or as an at-large member.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Jason Rae
Democratic National Committee

Friend -- 

It's been a busy year legislating in the House and campaigning across the country for Democrats up and down the ballot. I wanted to share with you some of the things I've done in 2019 to ensure Donald Trump is a one-term president and that our state parties are in the strongest position possible to elect Democrats everywhere.

Cross-Country Travel

Since 2017, I’ve campaigned across 23 states -- including 10 this year. I got to hear from our diverse slate of Democratic presidential candidates, and speak myself, at both the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention and the Iowa Steak Fry. I also had the opportunity to visit Montana with Chair Tom Perez to speak at the Lewis & Clark Democrats Sponsor’s Reception and Dinner, attend the Kansas Democratic Party’s Demofest, be a part of the launch of Maryland Democratic Party's Women’s Diversity Leadership Council, and speak at the Vermont Democrats’ Autumn Harvest Celebration. In every state I visited, I also took the time to meet with local Democratic clubs and organizations, visit local small businesses and speak with their owners, and above all listen to local voters about how our party can better serve them. Every person I spoke with this year and since being elected Vice Chair has inspired me, moved me, and has proven again and again that even in traditionally red states, Americans are ready for a blue wave.

Youth Engagement

Over the past couple of years, I’ve made it my top priority to listen to, engage with, and empower the next generation of Democrats -- young voters and college-age voters. The DNC launched a new organizing initiative with a goal close to my heart -- youth engagement. Organizing Corps 2020 is a program that is recruiting and training the next generation of Democratic leaders. I'm already excited about the incredible young people who have participated and are going to grow our party not just in 2020, but for generations to come. I’ve seen models like this work: In 2018, I invested $80,000 through the New York State Party to fund full-time campus organizers across the state in Red to Blue districts, three of which we flipped. This year, I met with young Democrats from around the country, including the College Democrats of New YorkCollege Democrats of MontanaHigh School DemocratsBlue Future, and more groups by and for young Americans. The young people I spoke to this year are the future of our party, and I couldn’t be more certain that our future is in good hands. 

Asian American And Pacific Islander Voter Outreach

This year, I’ve had the privilege of celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with the North Carolina AAPI Caucus, meeting with the Ed Lee Democratic Club in San Francisco, and working with the DNC’s own AAPI Caucus and AAPI Leadership Council. AAPI voters will be key to Democratic wins in 2020, and this year and every year, I’ve committed to doing the organizing work needed to reach these voters and get them to the polls. I’ve led the fight for more AAPI inclusion in every step of the primary process in my role as DNC Vice Chair and as the Chair of the ASPIRE PAC, including ensuring that the December debate in Los Angeles has an AAPI moderator.  Additionally, I had the chance to moderate AAPI Victory Fund's Presidential Forum. With ASPIRE PAC, we’ve already started the 2020 endorsement process to support AAPI Democratic candidates for Congress across the country, and have introduced an Adopt-A-State program, where our leadership commits to increasing AAPI engagement and securing Democratic wins in states across the country. Democrats must make sure every community has a seat at the table -- and this year I put in the work to make it happen. 

Supporting Families in Queens and Across the Country 

In 2018 and 2019, I led the fight to keep the Trump administration’s bigoted and politically motivated citizenship question off the 2020 census. I’m proud to say that we won and that next year’s census will not include a question that would keep countless Americans from responding. In Washington, I introduced new legislation in 2019 to support families as well. My New Deal for New Americans Act would establish critical assistance programs for immigrants and refugees, building a more inclusive and welcoming immigration system. My Total Recall Act would require businesses to post recall notices on their websites and on all social media accounts to ensure busy families get the information they need to stay safe from dangerous recalled products. And my Closing the Homework Gap Through Mobile Hotspots Act would create a $100 million grant program to connect more students to the internet. Finally, I was excited to help open a Small Business Development Center in my district at Queens College to support the entrepreneurs that make Queens strong.

House Achievements

In 2019, the House passed over 400 bills that will make a real difference in the lives of American families. The Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act will help us lower the cost of prescription drugs by directly negotiating the prices for Medicare recipients, and includes strong penalties for companies that raise the prices of drugs at a rate higher than inflation. The House also took a stand against the Trump administration’s cruel immigration policies, both with the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019, which offers a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and TPS recipients and with our letter to the heads of the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services demanding that they abandon the administration’s plans to hike USCIS application fees. These achievements are exactly why voters came out in historic numbers in 2018 to flip the House blue. 

As always, please reach out if you have any questions, ideas, or just want to catch up. Thank you for all that you do, and have a happy holidays!


Congresswoman Grace Meng is a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, DNC Vice Chair, and Assistant Whip for House Democrats.

Hello Adrianne, 

Yes, we'd be happy to provide these resources to your leadership team. Below are the links to our 2019 T3 Spring Series webinars. Please note that these links should not be shared beyond your leadership team

2019 T3 Webinar Recordings and Slides Links:

T3 Webinar 1: Program and Political:

Program and Political Recording

Program and Political Slides

T3 Webinar 2: Communications:

Communications Recording

Communications Slides

T3 Webinar 3: Digital I:

Digital I Recording

Digital I Slides

T3 Webinar 4: Digital II:

Digital II Recording

Digital II Slides

T3 Webinar 5: Grassroots Organizing I:

Grassroots Organizing I Recording

Grassroots Organizing I Slides

T3 Webinar 6: Grassroots Organizing II:

Grassroots Organizing II Recording

Grassroots Organizing II Slides

T3 Webinar 7: Technology I:

Technology I Recording

Technology I Slides

T3 Webinar 8: Technology II:

Technology II Recording

Technology II Slides

T3 Webinar 9: Fundraising:

Fundraising Recording

Fundraising Slides

T3 Webinar 10: Political:

Political Recording

Political Slides

T3 Webinar 11: Research:

Research Recording

Research Slides

T3 Webinar 12: T3 Program Wrap-up:

T3 Program Wrap-up Recording

T3 Program Wrap-up Slides


Cheyenne Davis

National Director


This is the DNC’s Battleground Brief -- a weekly wrap-up of Trump’s broken promises and everything you need to know across the path to 270.  

GEORGIA ON MY MIND. On Wednesday, ten candidates took the stage for the debate in Atlanta while the DNC and the Democratic Party of Georgia showed why the state is a major defensive liability for Republicans and a battleground they’ll have to defend

Take a look:

  • USA Today: Is Georgia a swing state? Democrats think so, and some trends are on their side. “A changing population, strong performances from Democrats in U.S. House, statehouse and statewide races, and increased attention from national voter groups has Democrats hopeful they can flip the traditionally red state blue in 2020. ‘I can’t think of a better place to showcase the Democratic field in one of the most diverse cities in this critical battleground state,’ Perez said in a statement provided to USA TODAY.”

  • Associated Press: DNC chairman blasts Georgia GOP leaders, voter suppression. “The chairman of the Democratic National Committee took aim at voter suppression during a summit in Atlanta hours before the city was to host his party’s presidential candidate debate. Tom Perez blasted Georgia’s Republican leadership Wednesday and what he described as restrictive practices at the polls. Perez also took verbal shots at President Donald Trump, calling him ‘the most dangerous president in American history.’”

  • GPB: Stacey Abrams Kicks Off DNC Panel On Voter Suppression In Disabled, Minority Communities. “Abrams delivered her remarks as she kicked off a panel discussion about voter suppression across the country and in Georgia and its disproportionate impact on disabled voters and non-white voters. … That was the focus of the panel discussion, moderated by the Democratic Party of Georgia’s Saira Draper and Andrea S. Young with the Democratic National Committee.”

  • The New Yorker: The 2020 Democrats Converge on Atlanta, Signalling Georgia’s New Political Importance. “All of this points to the fact that the Democratic National Committee is holding a debate in a place where it is possible to see both the power of aspiration and the obstacles to realizing it. Tharon Johnson, a Democratic strategist who is based in Atlanta and was the National Southern Regional Director for Barack Obama’s reëlection campaign, told me, ‘The D.N.C. is putting their resources in a state and, particularly, a city that they believe can be part of the equation for a Democratic nominee to get to two hundred and seventy electoral votes.’”

  • The Root: Democratic Debate: Democrats Can Win Stacey Abrams' Georgia If They Really Want It. “Georgia’s Democratic Party Chair Nikima Williams says the eventual Democratic nominee for president of the United States can win Georgia, if they put in the work. ‘I’m looking towards the 2020 election, but we did not stop what we did in Georgia in 2018,’ Williams said. ‘We’re only building up on the energy and everything that Stacey Abrams built in the state and we continued that energy into 2019. We didn’t take 2019 as an off-year-election. We continue to build upon that and pick up municipal races along the way. So as we conclude the 2019 election cycle, we’re looking towards 2020 and how we can engage our constituency groups and Georgia Democrats across the state, so we can move into 2020 turn Georgia a bright blue.’”

Lots more coverage here

CHAIR PEREZ ON MSNBC: “DEMOCRATS HAVE THE WIND AT OUR BACK”Fresh off Democratic victories in Kentucky, Virginia and other states, Democrats’ win in the Louisiana governor’s race once again confirmed that our party is entering 2020 with the winds at our backs and delivered another “black eye” to Donald Trump. See more from Chair Perez’s appearance on MSNBC:


Chair Perez: “I think Democrats have a real wind at our back. There’s been three Novembers since this president took office. In every November election, Democrats have scored decisive victories.


Just like in other 2019 states, Democratic turnout was up in Louisiana, and independent voters -- particularly in the suburbs -- rejected the Republican Party. 




  • Democrats are looking to expand early investments in seven key battleground states in the lead up to the 2020 election cycle, with a six-figure investment to fund a new round of general election staff operatives, according to a Democratic Party official. The investment is part of a broad voter protection campaign -- signaling their commitment to safeguarding the integrity of U.S. elections.

  • “The DNC is making historic, early investments to build the general election infrastructure our eventual nominee will need to defeat [President Donald] Trump. In addition to organizers who are working to mobilize key communities, we are proud to partner with our state parties to build an on-the-ground, voter-protection infrastructure that will protect the rights of voters to participate in our democracy,” said Reyna Walters-Morgan, DNC director of Civic Engagement and Voter Protection, in a statement to ABC News.

  • For its part, the DNC's most recent battleground investments are part of a far-reaching campaign to build up voter protection infrastructures through education, advocacy and organizing resources, and by backing four lawsuits related to ballot order in Arizona, Texas, Georgia and Florida. Last week, Democrats secured a major victory when a Florida court overturned the state’s law requiring that ballots list Republicans first, which Democrats argued implicitly gave the GOP candidates an unfair advantage.

DISPATCH FROM MICHIGAN: Republicans Are Stuck With Trump’s Broken Promises

  • As Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes writes in The Detroit News: “Yes, Michigan Republicans up and down the ballot are tied to Donald Trump. Yes, they have tried desperately clinging to him and his broken promises. And the results have been devastating.”


In Texas:

  • Texas Tribune: “The Texas Democratic Party, meanwhile, called the visit a stunt that shows Republicans are worried about the upcoming elections... Texas Democrats, meanwhile, hosted ‘a workers roundtable event exposing Donald Trump’s failed economic record for working Texans.’ That 9:30 a.m. event, at the Texas AFL-CIO headquarters, featured Austin Mayor Steve Adler and multiple Democratic state representatives.”

  • Austin Statesman: HEADLINE: Trump in Austin: Democrats rebuke Trump over economic policies: “Democratic state representatives and local officials, flanked by labor leaders, airport workers, electricians, public school teachers and other workers, gathered Wednesday ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit to Austin to denounce Trump administration policies that they said largely have hurt working class Texans while cutting taxes for wealthy people... ‘We’re here today to talk not about Apple or (CEO) Tim Cook,’ said Austin Mayor Steve Adler. ‘We’re here to make sure that we’re talking about how the president’s economic policies are failing Texas workers and workers around the country.’”

  • State Representative Gina Hinojosa (D-Austin):Texas is one of the few states that is actually seeing the income disparity gap increase. That's the difference between the rich and the poor. That gap is getting larger.” Watch more from KVUE (ABC) here.

In Wisconsin:

  • Green Bay Press Gazette: “Democrats held an event Wednesday morning in Green Bay to counter Pence's visit. ‘Donald Trump and his administration have been a disaster for hard working Wisconsinites, and no amount of lip service will change the hardship so many in our state are feeling,’ said Philip Shulman, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.” 


  • The AP: “Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman Philip Shulman said Trump has been a disaster for working people and hasn’t addressed any of their issues such as health care and prescription drug costs.”

  • Randy Scannell, District 7 Alderperson, Green Bay: “(Trump) has lied to us, again and again. He has broken every promise, again and again.” Watch more from NBC26 here.

  • Watch more from FOX 11 here.  

In Oregon:

  • Salem Statesman Journal: “The Democratic Party of Oregon released a statement in response to the visit. ‘If Trump thinks his path to victory runs anywhere near Oregon, he’s about to have a rude awakening. Over the last three years, he has broken his promises at every turn, jeopardizing our health care and passing a corporate giveaway that will hike taxes on working families,’ it read. ‘Oregonians saw through Trump’s empty rhetoric three years ago, we rejected it by double digits, and we’re going to do it again in 2020.’”

In Indiana: 

  • WIBC: “Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody had this to say in response to Pence's visit: ‘Nothing Pence says today can erase this administration’s long trail of broken promises to hard-working Hoosiers. Over the past three years, he and Trump have attacked our health care, hiked our taxes, and blocked our children's path to quality education. We deserve better, and in 2020, we’re going to get it.’”


  • Michigan: Nearly 27,000 manufacturing jobs lost since October 2018.

  • Pennsylvania: 9,700 manufacturing jobs lost since October 2018.

  • Wisconsin: 7,700 manufacturing jobs lost since October 2018.

  • Ohio: 2,000 manufacturing jobs lost since October 2018.


CNN: Trump's options for winning a second term are narrowing.

BLOOMBERG: Trump Pledged to Help Small Farms. Aid Is Going to Big Ones.

FINANCIAL TIMES: Why US farmers are falling out of love with Donald Trump.

Make sure to follow the DNC’s War Room (@DNCWarRoom) to get real-time updates on Trump’s abuses of power and broken promises.

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Contact: Nils Robbins
Tel: 202-770-8053
For Immediate Release


Democratic Municipal Officials Board Member and Blue Star Rising candidate Alderman Van Johnson II wins runoff election for Mayor of Savannah. 


Savannah, GA, December 4, 2019 - 

Democrats won an important victory last night as they took back the City of Savannah, Georgia after a 2015 Republican takeover of the mayor's office. Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO) Board Member and Blue Star Rising candidate Alderman Van Johnson II won his runoff election for Mayor of Savannah against incumbent Eddie DeLoach. The victory was a landslide 62-38% in favor of Johnson, bringing control of the mayor's office and city council back to Democrats in a clear statement of values by the people of Savannah. 

Johnson, DMO's National Treasurer and Savannah Alderman elected in 2003, gained Blue Star Rising recognition in May of 2019. This endorsement came after a unanimous vote of the DMO Board of Directors, and gave Johnson the support of the DMO organization along with resources from national level consultants, political organizations, and DMO partners. Last night's victory was particularly poignant as DMO instituted the Blue Star Candidate program to help Democratic candidates win a mayor's office or gain the majority of a city council after former Savannah Mayor Edna Branch Jackson lost to DeLoach in 2015. 

Along with resources normally out of reach for mayoral candidates, the DMO Blue Star Rising program conferred national recognition from the wider Democratic network. Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez hosted a November fundraiser for Johnson alongside the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG), and the DNC ran a text campaign to help get out the vote. The DPG likewise instituted an election support program consisting of phone contacts, texting, and paid canvassers to get out the vote.  

Johnson's candidacy also garnered state and national endorsements. Democratic candidate for president Cory Booker announced his endorsement for Johnson and used his resources to drive get out the vote efforts in the race. Three 2020 Georgia Senate candidates lent support to the campaign. Candidate for US Senate Sarah Amico canvassed with Johnson on Election Day, and Senate candidates Teresa Tomlinson and Ted Terry, both having served as Georgia mayors themselves, contributed to fundraising efforts. Former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams employed her team Fair Fight to offer significant assistance to the race, including a video endorsement and a series of successful campaign events on Monday.

Democratic Municipal Officials plans to expand on the successes of the Blue Star Candidate program and continue partnering with the Democratic Party and allies to elect more Democrats to local office in 2020 and beyond. 

DMO is the DNC Association for municipal elected officials who personally identify as members of the Democratic Party, including those who hold a non-partisan office. The organization holds three seats on the DNC, and advocates for the thousands of local elected Democrats across the United States.


For more information, please call 202-770-8053 or email

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Fri, Dec 6, 9:02 PM (4 days ago)

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This is the DNC’s Battleground Brief -- a weekly wrap-up of Trump’s broken promises and everything you need to know across the path to 270.  

TRUMP’S HEALTH CARE RECORD IN THE SPOTLIGHT -- HOUSE DEMOCRATS TO VOTE *NEXT WEEK* ON BILL TO LOWER PRESCRIPTION DRUG COSTS. Next week, House Democrats will vote on more legislation aimed at lowering drug costs. The contrast couldn’t be clearer: Democrats are working to cut health care costs for hardworking families, while Trump’s broken promises are spiking costs and jeopardizing coverage. 

Remember, Trump’s agenda spikes costs, jeopardizes coverage protections for people with preexisting conditions, and cuts Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  

Expect to hear more from Democrats across the battleground states on this topic next week. 

A DEATHTRAP FOR REPUBLICANS -- LA TIMES ON THE GROUND IN THE SUBURBS OF BATTLEGROUND ARIZONA. “The orderly subdivisions and kid-friendly communities that ring the nation’s cities have become a deathtrap for Republicans, as college-educated and upper-income women flee the party in droves, costing the GOP its House majority and sapping the party’s strength in state capitals and local governments nationwide [...] The dramatic shift is also reshaping the 2020 presidential race, elevating Democratic hopes in traditional GOP strongholds like Arizona and Georgia, and forcing Trump to redouble efforts to boost rural turnout to offset defectors who, some fear, may never vote Republican so long as the president is on the ballot.” 

Read more from the LA Times: Trump has turned the suburbs into a GOP disaster zone. Does that doom his reelection?


  • The Hill: Trump faces severe suburban slump

  • The Wall Street Journal: Democratic Gains in Suburbs Challenge Trump’s Hold in Pennsylvania

  • The New York Times: The G.O.P.’s Election Day Problem in the Suburbs Is Getting Worse

  • Associated Press: Analysis: Trump’s GOP has no answer for suburban slid

  • ABC News: Suburban revolt boosts Democrats on Election Day in the age of Trump 



  • The Michigan Democratic Party is embarking on its largest-ever organizing program in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. The thrust into the countryside is part of wider efforts, partly funded by the Democratic National Committee, to build up party organizations in all 83 counties.


  • “I’m not going to assume folks have made up their minds,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chairwoman Lavora Barnes. “It’s our job to move people to the Democratic column.”


  • The Michigan Democratic Party hired 12 field staff in November to lay the groundwork for the eventual presidential nominee and statewide candidates -- more than 900 volunteers were trained as of last month. Michigan Democrats also trained 45 campus organizers last summer and are poised to expand that program in 2020


  • Regardless of who becomes the nominee, Barnes said the work Democrats are doing now will pay off in future elections. “We never thought that this was a cakewalk, we certainly didn’t think that this was a done deal,” Barnes said. “We know that we have work to do to convince folks to vote for the Democratic nominee, and we’re going to continue to do that work.”


DEMOCRATIC ENTHUSIASM UP IN PHILLY, FROM THE INQUIRER: THE ENCOURAGING 2020 SIGN FOR DEMOCRATS BURIED IN PHILLY’S ELECTION RESULTS. “A relatively quiet off-year election in Philadelphia last month had some good signs for Democrats in 2020. Almost half of the city voters who cast general election ballots this year did not vote in the same election cycle four years earlier, according to an Inquirer analysis of voter data from the Philadelphia City Commissioners Office.”


“The Democratic National Committee released a statement to Playbook from Mark Mellman, head of the Democratic Majority for Israel, ahead of the event. And as you can imagine, Mellman is highly critical of Trump: ‘Donald Trump’s record is a direct affront to America’s cherished values. Instead of respecting diversity, encouraging pluralism and extending a helping hand to immigrants, Trump has too often aligned himself with the forces of white supremacy, bigotry and exclusion. In foreign policy his abandonment of the Kurds and his attacks on NATO demonstrate he is, at best, an unreliable ally. His feckless policy has made a two-state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict harder to achieve, while increasing Iran’s power and influence in the region, despite his stated intent. Neither the American people generally, nor the pro-Israel community specifically, will reward Trump for fomenting hatred at home or for offering symbolic gestures and pursing counterproductive polices abroad.’” 


In Florida:

  • Bay News 9: “‘Floridians keep hearing what Trump and Florida Republicans ‘are going to do,’ ’ says Florida Democratic Party executive director Juan Penalosa. ‘Trump was going to provide FEMA funds to the panhandle. He was going to help Venezuela. He was going to lower healthcare costs and honor our troops. Trump has not kept one promise,’ Penalosa went on. ‘If he does intend to keep the promise of spending $200 million to attempt to buy an election, he is going to face a great deal of opposition from the millions of people he has marginalized, dismissed and lied to.’”


  • Miami Herald: “Juan Peñalosa, executive director for the Florida Democratic Party, said volunteerism is up about 400 percent from this time four years ago and fundraising has jumped as much as 15 percent since Trump announced he was moving to Florida. Those numbers aren’t possible, Peñalosa said, ‘unless there’s a whole lot of enthusiasm on our side to get him out of office.’”


  • CBS Miami: “President Donald Trump’s ‘Homecoming Rally’ at the BB&T Center in Sunrise won’t be the only rally at the venue. With nearly 600-thousand registered Democratic voters in Boward, they outnumber registered Republicans in the county by more than two to one. Democrats plan to welcome Trump to Florida with the Baby Trump Balloon and a rally to Defeat Trump. ‘We plan to send a message to Trump – Florida is tired of being hurt by his broken promises,’ said Rizzo in a statement. ‘This isn’t a homecoming rally, this is a retirement party.’”


  • Miami Herald: “A day before newly minted Florida resident President Donald Trump’s ‘homecoming’ visit to Broward County and hours before a Republican rally for Latinos Monday, Democrats held a conference call to talk about their efforts to mobilize Hispanic voters to vote blue in 2020. Among the issues they discussed: Cuba policy, Trump’s actions in Puerto Rico and the Latinos for Trump group, which they called ‘a sham.’ … According to a recent Telemundo/Mason-Dixon poll, 64% of Latino voters would choose to replace Trump with a Democratic president, compared with 25% who said they would support him.”


  • WTSP Tampa: “‘We plan to send a message to Trump - Florida is tired of being hurt by his broken promises,’ Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo said in a statement. ‘This isn’t a homecoming rally, this is a retirement party.’”


  • The Ledger: “When Trump arrives for Tuesday night’s event at the BB&T Center, Democrats will be protesting nearby. An email sent out by the Palm Beach County Democratic Party called on its members to offer the president their own ‘welcome’ rally. ‘Donald Trump is moving to Florida, but we’ve got a message for him: Whether he resides in New York or in Florida, we WILL defeat him in 2020!,’ the email invite read.”

In Michigan:


  • The Detroit News: “Michigan Democratic Party Chairwoman Lavora Barnes blasted Trump and Pence in a press release about his visit, connecting the stop to gubernatorial losses Republicans have suffered this year in Louisiana and Kentucky. ‘Mike Pence saw this too and that’s why he’s here,’ Barnes said. ‘He sees Michigan rejecting Donald Trump’s broken promises and knows that will cost Donald Trump the presidency.’"

  • MLIVE: “‘Mike Pence and Donald Trump have broken the promises they made to Michiganders, and they’re terrified of losing because of it,’ said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes in a statement.”

  • Holland Sentinel: “While the Trump campaign received votes from a large swath of evangelical Christians, Holland United Church pastor and House candidate Bryan Berghoef, D-Holland, said the actions of the Trump administration are divisive and polarizing.”

In Arizona:

  • Arizona Democratic Party Statement On Betsy DeVos Visit: “Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Brad Bainum issued the following statement on U.S. Education Sec. Betsy DeVos’s visit to Arizona to attend a meeting hosted by the corporate special interest group ALEC: ‘With support from Arizona Republicans like Martha McSally, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has a long record of siding with corporate special interests and predatory for-profit schools, while working to undermine public education, slash funding, and sell out defrauded student borrowers. DeVos’ Arizona visit highlights Martha McSally’s long record of alignment with DeVos’ war on public education, which has earned McSally robust support from anti-public education special interests — including at least $66,000 from Betsy DeVos’ extended family.’”

In Nevada:

  • Nevada Democratic Party: DeVos Can’t Spin Trump’s Broken Promises to Nevada Students and Families: “In response to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ visit to Nevada today, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II issued the following statement: ‘Betsy DeVos can’t spin this administration’s broken promises. For nearly three years, she and Donald Trump have repeatedly attempted to cut much needed funding from our schools, stood in the way of justice for survivors on college campuses, and gutted protections from predatory for-profit colleges. Nevadans deserve a secretary of education who actually fights for students and families—not another politician flying in for a photo-op.’”

NEVADA DEMOCRATS ANNOUNCED THEIR FIRST-EVER EARLY VOTING OPTION FOR PRESIDENTIAL CAUCUSES. DNC Chair Tom Perez joined a press call with the Nevada Democratic Party to highlight their new plans for the Nevada Caucuses and the early work being done in Nevada to prepare for the general election, take a look:

  • Associated Press: “The Democratic National Committee has approved a plan by Nevada Democrats to offer the first-ever early voting option for presidential caucuses, a change stemming from a push to make the in-person presidential nominating meetings more accessible. The state party’s chairman, William McCurdy II, and the DNC chairman, Tom Perez, intend to hold a conference call on Monday to announce the approval of the plan, the party confirmed.”


  • Reno Gazette Journal: “Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez says he’s impressed with Nevada’s 2020 caucus plans, praising newly approved blueprints for the first-in-the-west caucus in a brief Monday conference call with reporters.” 


  • Nevada Independent: “On a press call Monday morning, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Will McCurdy announced that the party’s delegate selection plan has officially been approved by the Democratic National Committee. The plan includes major changes to the caucus process, including four days of in-person early voting and offering presidential preference cards in Tagalog. It also includes provisions continuing the practice of offering at-large caucus sites on the Strip to make it easier for casino workers to participate. On the call, DNC Chair Tom Perez projected “record turnout” in Nevada’s upcoming caucuses because of the changes the party has put forward. (In 2008, roughly 118,000 Democrats, or 27 percent, participated in the caucus, compared to only about 84,000 people, or 17 percent, in 2016.)”


  • Nevada Appeal: “Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez and Nevada Democratic Chairman William McCurdy have signed off on plans they say should draw a record number of Democrats to upcoming caucuses and conventions. The plan includes four days of in-person early voting at nearly 80 locations statewide as well as multi-lingual caucus materials and workplace caucus sites to accommodate Nevada’s 24-hour workforce.”


  • KUNR Public Radio: “Speaking to reporters during a press call, DNC Chair Tom Perez says he expects the changes to bode well for the state. ‘I am confident that there is going to be record turnout at this upcoming caucus. And you want to make sure — and we want to make sure together — that we channel that energy from the caucus into defeating Donald Trump in the general election and electing Democrats up and down the ticket.’”


  • CBS News: “After an at-times rocky approval process that saw the scrapping of the state's proposed ‘tele-caucus’ system, CBS News campaign reporter Alex Tin says the Democratic National Committee has approved the Nevada State Democratic Party's final Delegate Selection Plan. The party estimates that the caucus could cost more than two million dollars to run after reforms to this year's contest, including an expansive and unprecedented early vote effort.”


  • Philippine Daily Inquirer: “The Democratic National Committee has approved a plan by Nevada Democrats to offer caucus materials in Tagalog for the state’s growing Filipino-American population. At the same time, Nevada’s plan will offer the first-ever early voting option for presidential caucuses, a change stemming from a push to make the in-person presidential nominating meetings more accessible.”


CNBC: Trump trademark applications spiked around the world when he started running for president

NPR: Stocks Slide As Trump Says China Trade Deal Might Wait Until After 2020 Election

NYT: Trump Inflames the Trade Wars, Again

CNN: Markets shudder after Trump warns China trade war could go beyond 2020 election

Forbes: Trump Trade War Turns South



Make sure to follow the DNC’s War Room (@DNCWarRoom) to get real-time updates on Trump’s abuses of power and broken promises.

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The DNC Comms Team

December 6, 2019

Dear DNC Member,

 Thank you to everyone who was able to join us on Tuesday for the DNC members call with Chair Perez. It was great to hear from so many of you. 
As promised, please find here the one-pager of actions that DNC members can take to help us prepare for victory in 2020.
In addition, I have also included information below my signature on the DNC's General Election Unity Program that we discussed on the call and sent to the membership on November 1st, the One Year Out memo that we sent to the membership on November 4th from Seema, as well as information on Organizing Corp Round 2. Lastly, please find a new video on what grassroots donors help fund at the DNC here. We hope that this information is helpful to you in the work that you are doing.
Thanks for all you do. As always, if you need anything, please do not hesitate to let me or my office know.

Jason Rae
Democratic National Committee

DNC Announces New General Election Unity Program

One year out, Democrats are working to ensure our eventual nominee enters the general election with the full support of the party

One year out from the 2020 presidential election, today the Democratic National Committee is announcing a new initiative to ensure Democrats enter the general election unified behind our eventual nominee and ready to defeat Trump in 2020. 

The unity initiative will help ensure that the eventual nominee has the full support of all elements of the party and facilitate the transition of primary campaigns’ infrastructure into supporting Democrats’ general election efforts. 

Presidential campaigns has been briefed on this effort. 

 “Leading up to the general election, we’ll need every Democrat working together in order to defeat Donald Trump,” said Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez. “That’s why the DNC is proud to partner with our presidential candidates and Democratic state parties in this effort so that our eventual nominee has the full support of the entire party behind them. By coming together, we will put our eventual nominee in the strongest possible position to win the White House and help Democrats secure victories at every level of the ballot in 2020.” 

"It’s smart for the DNC, together with state parties, to begin the work of unification now,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “We know that in order to be successful we’ll need every Democrat rallying behind our eventual nominee, and this work will help put our party in the strongest possible position for victory in 2020.”

The program includes six key components: 

1. The Democratic Unity Fund 

  • The Democratic Unity Fund is dedicated to raising the resources and immediately investing in the infrastructure we need to elect our party’s eventual presidential nominee and winning up and down the ballot in 2020.

  • No matter who earns our nomination, she or he will need a strong, united, and well-prepared DNC ready to lift them to victory the moment the general election starts.

  • Candidates have sent fundraising emails and participated in fundraising events, with more in the works, that go towards supporting infrastructure the eventual nominee will need to win.

  • Later this month President Obama will headline a fundraiser in California around this effort. In addition,  President Obama sent a Unity Fund email for the DNC October 25, which was the DNC’s best online fundraising day this year.  Both Congressman Tim Ryan and Congressman Swalwell sent unity fundraising emails for the DNC on October 29. 

2. Presidential Campaign Unity Ambassadors

  • Every campaign will be asked to designate a unity ambassador -- a senior member of each campaign who will remain the point of contact between their candidate’s campaign and supporters and the nominee’s campaign, helping ensure a strong transition between the primary and general election.

  • This program will help ensure that the infrastructure of Democrats’ primary campaigns is well integrated into the general election efforts and help unify Democrats from all parts of the party behind the eventual nominee.

3. Commitment From Candidates to Campaign for the Eventual Nominee 

  • The DNC will ask all candidates to not only support the Democratic nominee, but to serve as surrogates, particularly in the weeks following the Democratic National Convention, helping to flood the battleground states or take other actions as appropriate on behalf of the eventual nominee.

  • Former candidates like Congressman Tim Ryan, Congressman Eric Swalwell, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and others have already confirmed to the DNC they will take actions to support the eventual nominee.

  • Rep. Seth Moulton, Rep. Eric Swalwell, and Rep. Tim Ryan have all sent emails on behalf of the DNC to our grassroots donor list to tout the importance of building Democratic infrastructure and uniting around the eventual Democratic nominee.

4. State Party Unity Strategies  

  • We will be engaging state parties to develop a unity strategy that incorporates best practices regarding the administration of party-run events to emphasize inclusivity, encouraging state party chairs and vice chairs to remain neutral until after their state’s contest if they have not already endorsed a candidate (or to disclose their support for a campaign if they do endorse), and offering best practices for engaging convention participants and helping to transition the party to a general election infrastructure.

  • This includes a variety of tactics designed to both rally grassroots Democrats around the eventual nominee and ensure grassroots supporters of each candidate know how they can integrate into the infrastructure of the general election. 

5. Resume Bank of Democratic Staff on Campaigns and Continued Trainings:

  • The DNC will work with campaigns to maintain a resume bank of talent coming off primary presidential campaigns so that the nominee’s campaign can utilize this trained workforce, including organizers.

  • The resume bank is intended to capture a wealth of information upfront on an applicant including their top states and which departments they would be willing to work in. Being able to deliver to the nominee a large pool of interested talent who are willing to work in the states for them will help save them time as they hire for the general election.

  • Throughout the primary, the DNC will continue training all levels of potential campaign staff to ensure the eventual nominee has a strong pool of talented staff. 

6. Coordinated Social Media Unity Campaign. 

  • On Sunday, November 3 -- one year out from the election -- Democratic presidential campaigns and other Democratic organizations will participate in a coordinated social media push across multiple platforms highlighting the field’s commitment to unity and to support the eventual nominee in the general election. They’ll be using the hashtag #OneYearOneTeam.


November 4, 2019
TO: Interested Parties
FR: Seema Nanda, DNC CEO 
RE: One Year Out, The DNC Is Preparing To Win The General Election 

One year from the presidential election, Democrats are making historic, early investments to build the general election infrastructure our eventual nominee will need to win. Meanwhile, Trump is facing major headwinds across the battleground states and his standing with voters is crippled by his record of broken promises. Here’s the state of the race: 

Trump faces historic headwinds 
Nationally, Trump’s net approval has averaged lower than any president in modern history according to FiveThirtyEight: 

Polling from Morning Consult also shows his net approval in every major battleground state has decreased by double digits: 

He’s also badly damaged his standing with key subgroups, like suburban voters. Only 32 percent say the would vote to reelect him according to the Grinnell College poll and NBC-Wall Street Journal polling found 61 percent of suburban women disapprove of Trump and prefer a Democratic candidate by 29 points. 

Democrats are making historic, early general election investments 
Democrats are taking nothing for granted and the DNC and Democratic state parties are working now to lay the groundwork for the general election. Here are some of the programs already underway: 

  • Organizing Corp 2020. The DNC has launched Organizing Corps 2020, an unprecedented field and training program in 8 battleground states (AZ, FL, GA, MI, MN, NC, PA, WI) helping ensure the eventual nominee has a pool of trained, ready to hire field-talent working in the neighborhoods where they are from, with a special emphasis on communities of color. Applications for wave 2 and 3 open today. Read more from The Atlantic: The DNC Army That Could Soon Descend on Swing States

  • Data and Technology. The DNC has rebuilt our data infrastructure with a state-of-the-art, cloud-based data warehouse. We’ve also invested in our data itself to make sure our view of every voter and possible voter is accurate as possible with correct information like addresses and phone numbers, as well as integrating advanced data sets like demographic and behavioral modeling. And we’ve modernized our cybersecurity infrastructure to improve our own security posture, while helping state parties and campaigns do the same.

  • War Room. The DNC’s War Room is a rapid response operation with significant communications, research and digital components, staffed by dozens of operatives -- the majority of whom are veterans of the 2016 campaign who have been tracking Trump for years — who work with hundreds of media outlets, surrogates, and online influencers to shape the narrative of the Trump presidency using reporter outreach, research, extremely localized content and disruptive online content, along with placing major stories about his record.

  • Defining & Localizing Trump. The DNC is funding communications staff in 6 battleground states (AZ, FL, OH, PA, MI, WI) who work in concert with the DNC’s War Room to define and localize Trump’s record of broken promises. Read more from POLITICO: DNC hires staff in six battleground states

  • Research. The DNC is home to the largest and most experienced research team in Democratic politics who have been tracking Trump since 2015. They’ve built the world’s most comprehensive research file on Donald Trump - including “more than 7,000 lawsuits, volumes of Freedom of Information Act requests and thousands of hours of video footage.” This work began in 2015 and has continued without pause since the 2016 election.

  • Full-Time Organizing Staff. The DNC is funding organizing positions in 8 battleground states (AZ, NV, CO, FL, MI, PA, WI, TX) who are working with key communities on general election readiness efforts -- like programs to engage the Latinx community in Arizona and Nevada, African American organizing in Detroit and rural outreach in states like Wisconsin. Read more from HuffPost: The DNC Is Sending Organizers To 8 Battleground States

  • Increasing Monthly Investments in State Parties. The DNC has increased its monthly investment in every state party by 33 percent since this time in 2015, helping support a variety of general election programs. For instance, Florida Democrats have 54 organizers on the ground; Wisconsin Democrats have 17 regional field organizers; and Michigan Democrats are continuing the One Campaign For Michigan which has 12 field staff across the state.

  • Voter Protection. The DNC is building a voter protection infrastructure to protect Americans’ right to participate in a fair election-- including funding voter protection positions in battleground states, a national voter resource hub, and voter assistance hotline, as well as education, advocacy and organizing resources. The DNC is also filing voter protection litigation in states like AZ, TX and GA. Read more from The Washington Post: Democrats sue three battleground states over law that GOP candidates’ names be listed first on the ballot.  

The bottom line: Democrats are preparing now to win in 2020 
Democrats are taking nothing for granted and laying the groundwork across a wide battleground map so that our eventual nominee can defeat Trump in 2020.

Unlike in 2016, Trump has a record and he’s left behind a trail of broken promises: his health care agenda spikes costs and jeopardizes coverage protections for people with preexisting conditions, his tax scam will end up hurting the middle class in order to give more handouts to his rich, powerful friends, and his chaotic economic policies are costing us jobs. At every turn he is looking out for himself, hurting hardworking Americans, and in one year voters will hold him accountable. 

OC2020 Bootcamp 

The OC2020 Bootcamp is geared towards college seniors and students completing school by June 2020, as well as those looking to work on the 2020 general election but cannot commit to the 5-week Immersion Program.

  • 7-days in-person in January and March 2020
  • $500 travel and living stipend
  • Hosted in coordination with local state Democratic parties and led by campaign veterans
  • Training and simulations on the fundamentals of organizing: voter registration, volunteer recruitment, voter contact, digital tools, data analytics, and field strategy 
  • Access to ongoing learning and support so you can keep developing your campaign toolbox before the general election kicks off
  • Direct support applying and transitioning to the 2020 general election in late spring/early summer of 2020
Apply at
OC2020 Immersion 
The Immersion Program is designed for recent graduates and career switchers interested in getting intensive training and on-the-ground practice in their hometown before applying to join the 2020 general election.
  • 5-weeks April 27, 2020 through May 31, 2020 in your hometown
  • Full-time Tuesday-Saturday including nights and some Sundays
  • $3,000 or more plus an additional gas stipend
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Background: Alexander Vindman: Ukraine Expert, Purple Heart Recipient, Firsthand Witness

Here’s some background on Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, a firsthand witness who will testify today about Trump’s abuse of power. 

Vindman is an expert on Ukraine and a decorated veteran who has served in the Army for twenty years, receiving a Purple Heart.

  • Vindman received a Purple Heart, a Ranger tab, and a Combat Infantryman Badge, all before serving as a Russia expert to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

Vindman has firsthand knowledge of Trump’s call with Ukraine.

  • Vindman listened in on Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s President Zelensky and was so alarmed by the national security implications that he reported it to the NSC’s top lawyer.

Vindman’s deposition laid out key details of the Trump White House plot to withhold defense aid to Ukraine. 

  • Vindman said that White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney directly coordinated a plot to withhold Ukraine’s White House meeting until Ukraine announced an investigation into Trump’s political opponent.

  • Vindman, a Russia expert, noted that in pushing back on Russian aggression, Ukraine was — with the help of U.S. aid — "defending the United States."

Background: Jennifer Williams, Pence Aide and Firsthand Witness

Foreign policy expert and senior Pence aide Jennifer Williams will testify today. Ahead of her testimony, Trump falsely claimed Williams opposed his presidency and has no knowledge of his pressure campaign in Ukraine, but that’s not true.

Williams doesn’t oppose Trump’s presidency. She is a foreign service officer detailed to work directly for his vice president. She is Pence’s top aide on Russia.

  • She is detailed from the State Department, where she has worked for more than a decade.

Williams is a firsthand witness to Trump’s abuse of power during the July 25th phone call. Importantly, she took notes on the call to compile a briefing for the Vice President. 

  • Williams listened, from the White House Situation Room, to Trump’s July 25 call with Ukraine. 

  • She took notes during the call.

  • She testified that the White House omitted key phrases from its summary of the call.

Williams’ testimony is important for several reasons. In her deposition, she agreed that Trump pressured Ukraine to support his “personal political agenda,” and called his requests “inappropriate.”

  • She agreed that his pressure campaign was about his “personal political agenda.”

  • She found Trump’s request for investigations “unusual and inappropriate.”

Background: Laura Cooper


Here’s some background on Laura Cooper, a senior Department of Defense official who helped oversee the allocation of U.S. military aid to Ukraine. 


Laura Cooper is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia.




Cooper can provide critical details about $400 million of security assistance to Ukraine that was withheld, and the ramifications that decision had for our own national security.


  • Cooper previously testified that the Department of Defense certified that Ukraine met all necessary anti-corruption requirements to receive aid, and was making progress on corruption. This undermines Republicans’ talking point that Trump withheld aid because he was concerned about corruption.


  • Cooper also testified that providing security assistance to Ukraine was in America’s national interest, and that failing to fund Ukraine aid would potentially strengthen Russia.