Rules of Engagement

Meetings are generally scheduled starting at 10:00 a.m.   Each meeting is blocked for ½ hour.  Generally ¼ hour is allowed between meetings to provide time to go from one to another.   For efficiency in travel, it is best to schedule meetings on the House side in the morning and on the Senate side in the afternoon as it is a good 20 minute walk from the House side to the Senate side of the mall.  

Everyone will work in teams.  Each team has two captains.  Captains lead the team and drive the discussion.  They will guide their teams with signals to keep the discussion flowing and on track.

Our 2014 Door Knock issues are as follows:

  1. HR 597
  2. Access to voting
  3. FBAR and FATCA impacts
  4. Immigration hurdles for LGBT families
  5. Transmission of citizenship

Team members will introduce themselves, with voting state and country of residence.  Teams may decide to divide up the DA issues, with persons assigned to one or two topics.  Please remember that we represent Democrats Abroad and are on the Hill to give the DA position on issues.   

We encourage all team members to speak up:  share your expertise, opinions and experiences, but be on message and succinct.  Please be sensitive to signals from the captains if it seems your “time is up.”  As you know, some/most of these Congressional offices will only have limited time to meet with us.


Each team should bring with them:

1.      Leave-Behind Pack:  Folders which will contain the DA issue briefing papers to leave at Congressional offices.  A copy of these will be printed for each team member and visit scheduled.

2.      Talking points on the issues.

3.      Some DA swag, including bookmarks, postcards, brochures, buttons to leave.


Every Team Member should bring :

  1. Every team member should bring a passport or US driver’s license.  Please bring at least one form of photo ID with you (such as a driver’s license but preferably a US passport) to all meetings. Different offices and government agencies have different security requirements so a passport is usually the best way to go to be certain you will be granted entry to the building.  
  2. A copy of the schedule to keep track of your meetings.  Your initials will indicate where you are to go.


Brief Outline of the Agenda


Tuesday, March 4 th   8:30 – 9:30 a.m.  

Meet for orientation (and bagels/donuts) at the DNC Offices

430 South Capitol St. SE  -  “South Capitol” station on the blue or orange Metro line


Meetings from 10 am until 5 PM

Meet for lunch, a coffee, or a chat

Cafe Longworth House Office Building Cafeteria

basement of the Longworth House Office Building,

Independence Ave. and New Jersey Ave.

"South Capitol" station on the blue or orange Metro line




Wednesday, March 5 th   8:30 – 9:30 a.m.  

Meet for orientation (and bagels/donuts) at the DNC

430 South Capitol St. SE -- “South Capitol” station on the blue or orange Metro line


Meetings from 10 am until 5 PM

Meet for lunch, a coffee, or a chat

Dirksen Senate Office Building Cafeteria

(need address)





Enjoy!  Thank you for your time, energy and ideas. 



2014 Democrats Abroad DC Door Knock



Please complete and either give or email to Beth Tudan at Beth_Tudan@democratsabroad.org (or someone else?)


  1. What was your best Door Knock experience?




  1. What could we do better, organization-wise, next time?




  1. Which topics seemed to get the most traction with our Congressional interlocutors?




  1. What follow up should we make on any of these issues?



  1. What issues do you think we should lobby on next time (possibly 2016)?