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Bid to host the 2018 DPCA Global Meeting


Questionnaire for bids for the 2018 DPCA Global Meeting

This two-page questionnaire is the minimum requirement for a Country Committee to bid for an annual Global Meeting of the DPCA. Additional documents and information should be included with any bid.


Country Committee:                                                                    


Coordinator Details

Bid Coordinator:

E-mail address:

Phone number (with country code):

Will this person also be the main Meeting Planner?  Yes  No

If not, who will be the Meeting Planner?


City Details

What city will host the meeting?

Do you have an active chapter or precinct  (or key officers) in this city?   Yes No

Are volunteers in the bid city willing to help plan and staff the meeting? Yes               No

Does the bid city have a major international airport?  Yes No

If not, how far is the nearest international airport and how do people get from the airport to the city?

Please provide an explanation on why this city will meet the needs of a Democrats Abroad Global Meeting.



Venue Details

Please describe the physical rooms available for all-members sessions and break-out groups.


Please describe the audio-visual and internet-access facilities.

What is the cost of this venue? (An estimate for total costs per day, excluding meals.)

Does this cost include all audio-visual and internet-access facilities?  Yes No

Can this venue provide coffee breaks and/or meals at lunch-time? Yes No

Would it be possible to bring coffee break items and/or lunch in to the venue?       Yes               No

Are there overnight accommodations on-site for all participants? Yes No

Are on-site overnight accommodations limited in number, or too expensive for some participants?

How close are alternative accommodations to the meeting venue?

Can you provide accommodations ranging from budget to luxury? Yes  No

Can you provide home-stay accommodations for at least some visitors to your city? Yes  No

Please describe the type of transportation that visitors would use during their stay. (For example, the ease of public transit, the availability of local volunteers for transport, or the need to rent a vehicle.)




Hosting a DPCA meeting generally consists of the tasks listed below.  Is your committee prepared to complete these tasks?


Find a venue & negotiate a contract acceptable to the DPCA ExCom Yes No

Host a welcome reception at your committee’s expense Yes No

Plan a dinner for the participants (at participants’ expense) Yes No

Prepare a welcome packet for the meeting participants Yes No

Produce name tags & table tents for the participants Yes No

Provide an adequate number of volunteers to run a registration table Yes No

Provide an adequate number of volunteers to support long-distance participants Yes               No

Provide an adequate number of volunteers for local technical support Yes No


Security Concerns

Are there any security concerns of which the DPCA should be aware? Yes No

If yes, please describe the concerns.


If yes, what measures will your committee take to address those concerns?


If yes, what measures should DPCA take to address these concerns?



Additional Required Information

1.       The names and addresses of two to three hotel venues with ample meeting space.


2.       Sample hotel accommodation prices at those venues for single, double, and triple rooms, preferably with direct access to the hotel for participants to book rooms online or by phone.


3.       A specific plan to meet technical requirements that meet expectations for WebEx use.


4.     Exact contact information for hotel and tech suppliers.