Resolution to amend the Democrats Abroad Charter to expand the number of DPCA officers on the International Executive Committee from eight (8) to thirteen (13)


Proposed by Quaide Williams (Chair, Germany)



BE IT RESOLVED, that Section 4.1 of the Democrats Abroad Charter shall be amended as follows:


Section 4.1 (Officers)


The elected officers of the DPCA shall consist of:


  1. the International Chair, International Vice Chair, International Treasurer, International Secretary, and International Counsel, no more than two (2) of whom shall be from the same Country Committee at the time of the election.     Such offices shall be held by individuals from at least two (2) different Regions; and


  1. the Three (3) Regional Vice Chairs . ; and


  1. Five (5) at-large members who are elected to coordinate the most important tasks of the organization. The titles and Responsibilities (see 4.6-4.12) of these positions will be set by the Executive Committee three months before an international meeting where they are to be elected. The titles and job descriptions (Responsibilities) must also be approved by the DPCA membership at such meeting. These jobs may include, but are not limited to: IT & Database, Membership & Volunteers, Fundraising & Events, Diversity & Constituencies, Communications, etc.


However, if there is no other candidate for any position, a candidate who would otherwise be ineligible under the previous sentences of this Section 4.1 may be elected.


The Executive Committee shall be comprised composed of these eight (8) thirteen (13) elected officers of the DPCA.



Proposed: March 10, 2017