Resolution to amend the Democrats Abroad Charter to establish qualifications for DPCA officers


Proposed by Shari Temple (Voting Representative, Germany)



BE IT RESOLVED, that Section 4.3 of the Democrats Abroad Charter shall be amended as follows:


Section 4.3 (Nominations)

(a)    Prior to the election meeting, the International Chair shall appoint, after consultation with the Executive Committee, five (5) members of Democrats Abroad as an Elections Committee, at least three (3) of whom shall not be members of the DPCA members . Members of the Elections Committee shall not be candidates for office nor be elected to office.

(b)       It shall be the duty of the Elections Committee to call for nominations for officers and to determine which individuals whose names are submitted for nomination are qualified (as per Section 2.4(b) of this Charter) to fill DPCA offices. Members of the Elections Committee shall not be candidates for nor be elected to office. To be qualified for DPCA office, an individual shall have:

  1. been a member of Democrats Abroad for more than six (6) months prior to the date of the DPCA election is qualified for DPCA office, and
  2. attended at least one DPCA meeting, either in person or by electronic means.

If the qualifications of an individual are unclear or challenged, the Elections Committee may deem an individual genuinely residing outside the United States and its territories to meet the membership qualification by a majority vote of the committee.

(c)            The names of the qualified individuals placed in nomination with the Elections Committee shall be forwarded in writing to the International Chair and other DPCA members of the DPCA by the Elections Committee, after their qualifications have been determined, at least forty-five (45) days in advance of the scheduled election meeting of the DPCA. Nominations of qualified candidates for office may be made from the floor at the election meeting. The elections shall be conducted by the Elections Committee.



Proposed: March 21, 2017