Resolution to amend the Democrats Abroad Charter by noting that Country Committees should adhere to the County Committee Election Procedures

Proposed by Merrill Oates (Regional Vice Chair-EMEA; Vice Chair, Hungary)

WHEREAS, Country Committees are expected to adhere to high standards of transparency, openness, and fairness in conducting their local officer elections;

WHEREAS, the DPCA has adopted and endorsed a set of Country Committee Election Procedures, to be amended from time-to-time by the DPCA Executive Committee;

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Democrats Abroad Charter shall be amended as follows to reaffirm the importance of election integrity for our Country Committees:


  1. Section 5.4(c) ( Country Committee Compliance and Filings) shall read as follows:


Country Committees shall hold their elections no later than June 30th of odd-numbered years. To the extent practicable, Country Committee elections shall adhere to the rules and procedures described in the Democrats Abroad Country Committee Election Procedures document. Within fifteen (15) days of any election held by a Country Committee, the Secretary of such Country Committee shall certify the results of the election to the International Secretary and forward the minutes of the election meeting, with full address and contact information of the office holders so elected.

Proposed: 22 March 2017