Resolution to amend the Democrats Abroad Charter by clarifying the terms for electing Regional Vice Chairs

Proposed by Merrill Oates (Regional Vice Chair-EMEA; Vice Chair, Hungary)

WHEREAS, the timeline for the election of RVCs is not in-sync with the recent modifications made to the timeline for Country Committee office r elections;

WHEREAS, there has been some confusion in the past regarding the allocation of votes for RVC elections;

WHEREAS, it is the role and responsibility of the RVC to work with, support, and represent the individual Country Committees in their region;

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Democrats Abroad Charter shall be amended as follows to clarify the timeline and voting allocations for Regional Vice Chairs:


  1. Section 6.2 (Regional Vice Chair) shall read as follows:

“Each Region shall elect a Regional Vice Chair at a meeting of the Region held in each odd-numbered year.

Election shall be by simple majority of the votes cast by the Chairs (or Vice Chairs) of the Country Committees in the Region in attendance. Each Country Committee will be allocated one (1) vote in electing the Regional Vice Chair, to be cast by the Chair or the Vice Chair. If both the Chair and the Vice-Chair are in attendance, then the single Country Committee vote will be divided into two (2) one-half (1/2) votes. Voting shall be in person, by proxy, or electronically. The term of office of a Regional Vice Chair shall be for a two (2)-year period or until the election of a successor at the next Regional meeting during an odd-numbered year .

Regional Vice Chairs must have their principal residence in the Region for which they are elected.”

Proposed: 22 March 2017