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A Great Location


Select and secure a great location for at least one Voting Center by the deadline of 31 December 2019.


What makes a location great?












Online Ballots


Help your members understand remote voting in the GPP, particularly online ballots.


When will this goal be complete? (Place this card on that point of your timeline.)




How will you know that you've accomplished this?







New Members, New Voters


Only DA members can vote in the GPP.


What's a reasonable percentage increase over current members as of 1 January 2020?



What's the message to drive new membership?




How do you deliver that message?





Committed Volunteers


Get commitments from volunteers to staff Voting Center(s).



How many volunteers and in what roles?




How many need to have Confidentiality Agreements on file?





What training is required?




Planks of the Platform


Issues-based engagement with members and potential members by including them in the 2020 DA Platform.


How can members get involved in the platform process?





Which groups in your country/city are most likely to find this appealing?



A Second Location


Will you have a second location or date in your city or region? Do you have enough volunteers?


Will it be at a different time?




Will one of your dates be Super Tuesday?




How does this affect your press strategy?




Responsible Recipient


By December 31, your CC chair must name someone to send ballots to those who request paper ballots. Also someone to receive voted ballots by post, tabulate them, and send them to global tabulation after March 10.


Is this a role for someone new?









Outreach & Inclusion


Our delegate selection plan requires that we reach historically-underrepresented groups with information and invitations to participate at every level.



How will your DA group encourage voting in the GPP?




How will your DA group support affirmative action for our delegates?




Break a Leg: Rehearsal


Is it feasible to hold a rehearsal Voting Center with volunteers?


What are the key elements of this rehearsal?





Phonebank all your members.


Will you use CallHub? Is CallHub even possible when you want to do it?





What's the message?







What's the ask?



Your First Time Matters


The first planned appearance on local media (print, online, radio, or TV) to talk specifically about your Voting Center(s)


What media do you want to start with?





Who will be the spokesperson?




Spring Semester Abroad


Let students studying abroad know about the opportunity to cast a ballot while living abroad.


Make sure they understand they still need to register for the general election.


What do you need to accomplish both these things at the same time?




Launch Social Media


A planned and scheduled campaign to drive voting in the GPP.


Will your DA group spend money on this campaign?






What are the main stages in this social media campaign?






Voting Assistance with Online Ballots


Reach more voters without an official Voting Center: help them cast their online ballots via email from anywhere and anytime*


What geographic or demographic groups in your area would use remote voting?









*after remote ballots are available



The Ballot Box


Decorated or OECD-official, how will you collect voted ballots?






What are the key parts of the layout for your Voting Center?





Who will collect and mail the ballots to the International Chair and how much will it cost to mail them?



What else?


Based on the presentation today and what you understand, what's missing from your timeline?