DA WebEx Host Certification Training

To be a WebEx Host you must:

  1. Participate in a short live training session with one of the DA WebEx Volunteer Team
  2. Be able to carry out each of the following tasks:
    1. Install WebEx onto your computer and do a minimal test 
    2. Schedule a meeting using the WebEx Scheduling Form
    3. Explain to participants how to Join a WebEx meeting
    4. Reclaim Host role in a meeting
    5. Know how to Call Using Computer (audio speakers/mic)
    6. Understand why we do not encourage phone dial-in calls
    7. Turn your video on and off
    8. Understand the "**Hand Up" chat protocol
    9. Mute and Unmute meeting participants
    10. Be able to pass the Presenter role to others and reclaim it
    11. Share a document (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc)
    12. Share the view of a program from your desktop with participants
    13. Recover default screen layout
    14. Review the DA WebEx Process Flow info sheet
    15. Know how to record a meeting
    16. Be able to end a meeting (and understand why this is important)


DA Host Certification Resources


DA WebEx Certified Hosts 2019-2021

NameRegionCCL1/2/32021 Certification
Sheri EklundEMEASEL1January
Sonya DayEMEAPTL1January
Beth LandryEMEASEL3Admin
Merrill OatesEMEAHUL3Admin

Sue AlksnisAmericasCAJanuary
Randi WeitznerAmericasCAJanuary
Peter ButterfieldEMEACHJanuary
Adrianne GeorgeEMEASEJanuary
Laura MessengerEMEACHJanuary
Kee Adams EvansAmericasGTJanuary
Danielle StampleyAmericasCAJanuary
Joann ShortAsia-PacificKRJanuary
Brooke BurnsEMEAFRJanuary
Andrea Host-BarthEMEAESJanuary
Karl BarthEMEAESJanuary
Brady KieslingEMEAGRJanuary
Steve NardiAmericasCAFebruary
Lawrence PihlAmericasMXFebruary
Lissette WrightAmericasCAFebruary
Ellie WallisAmericasECFebruary
John ChudyAmericasGTFebruary
Sam WongAsia-PacificCNFebruary
Will BakkerEMEALUFebruary
Kendra BorgenEMEANLFebruary
David ShallenbergerAmericasECMarch
Carija IhusEMEAIEApril
Jim MercereauEMEAESApril
Patrick OberlaenderEMEADEApril
Nicholas GordonAsia-PacificHKApril
Vance WhiteEMEACHApril
Nancy SchimkatEMEADEApril
Helenka KinnanEMEAITApril
Kaitlyn KennedyEMEADEApril
Michelle TaubeEMEADKApril
Stephanie LakeEMEADEApril
Vivienne Hayes-HobelsbergerEMEADEApril
Matt LeMieuxEMEADEApril
Naomi AgesEMEANOApril
Aileen DininEMEADEApril
Emily LinesEMEADEApril
Stephanie PerryAmericasCAApril
Mandi LarsenEMEADEApril
Joel ParthemoreEMEASEApril
Susan FitoussiEMEAFRApril
Mallory KingEMEADEApril
Vincienzo CabreraEMEADEApril
Mike LymanAmericasMXApril
Tim SmithAmericasCAApril

Kathy L. Kelley aka "Kelley"

Deandra AndersonEMEADEApril
Kimberly JohnsonAmericasCAApril
Stephanie StewartEMEAUKApril
John MedeirosAsia-PacificHKApril
Suma ShamannaAsia-PacificINApril
Alexander LeeAsia-PacificCNApril
Diego RivasEMEADEApril
Diane SklarEMEAFRApril
Alan CompagnonEMEA FRApril
Audrey TolbertEMEANLApril
Angie VachioAmericasCRApril
Gary SandblomAmericasMXApril
Michael SumpAmericasMXApril
David WenkEMEAUKApril
Gena BrumittAmericasCAApril
David MivasairAmericasCAApril
Julie ShapiroEMEAFRApril
Andrew TuckerEMEA NLApril

Bill Borden

Cynthia AdamsEMEAFRApril
Miguel MadrigalAmericasCRApril
Glenn HalperinEMEAPLApril
Erin Watson-ChappellAsia-PacificKRApril
Glen JustusEMEALUApril
Claire NaughtonEMEAFRMay
Patrick CranleyAsia-PacificCNMay
Georgie Ann GrossmanEMEAESMay
Courtney NewmanEMEADEMay
Katelyn LeaderEMEADEJune
Stephanie MattesAmericasARJune
Alan BarsonAmericasMXJune
Rachel EugsterAmericasCAJune
David VanunuEMEAILJuly
Heather PatersonAmericasCAJuly
Kim AntonsenAmericasPAJuly
Diana PowersEMEAFRJuly
Mark CooperEMEALUJuly
Barbara WellsEMEAFRAugust
Kat AllikianAsia-PacificNZ

Ann HesseEMEADEAugust
Susan PenrodEMEADEAugust
Kent GetsingerAsia-PacificAUAugust
Amerika GrewalAsia-PacificFijiAugust
Ada ShenEMEAFRAugust
Maite PennaEMEAFRAugust
Meghan DriscollAsia-PacificTHAugust
Marjorie BernsteinEMEAFRAugust
Christine ValverdeAsia-PacificNZAugust
Angela FobbsEMEADEAugust
Karen LeeEMEAGRAugust
Diane WeberAmericasMXAugust
Tim LawlerEMEAESAugust
Kristin GordonAsia-PacificAUAugust
Michael HaughtAsia-PacificNZAugust
Anna CostelloAsia-PacificJPAugust
Allison ColobertEMEAFRAugust
Gail FagenEMEAITAugust
Meredith WheelerEMEAFRAugust
Nick LoisosEMEAGRSeptember
Jeffrey ChengEMEASESeptember
Byron CannEMEACHSeptember
William PrescottAmericasMXSeptember
Candice KerestanEMEADESeptember
Mickey FarranceEMEAFRSeptember
Dana FrelingEMEAFISeptember
Brett CarnitoEMEAATSeptember
Michelle Cummings-KoetherEMEADESeptember
Robin GuinotEMEAFRSeptember
Pete KaiserEMEACHSeptember
Alex RehbinderEMEAFROctober
Heidi BurchAmericasCAOctober
Karen FrankensteinEMEADEOctober
Bob VallierEMEAITOctober
Trip DuBardEMEABENovember
Joan StackAmericasPANovember
Bob RooneyEMEAUKNovember
Kathy RothschildAmericasCRNovember
Stacey Harris-PapaiouannouEMEAGRNovember
Cuthbert TelesfordEMEADKNovember
Salli SwartzEMEAFRNovember
Rebecca LammersEMEAUKNovember
Derek SellinEMEAFINovember
Liz VossEMEACHNovember
Linda AdesonEMEAUKNovember
Eileen WalshAsia-PacificCNNovember
Beverly SeebachEMEADENovember
Katie SolonEMEADENovember
Barbara ChapEMEADEDecember
Judy Lynn WallesonAmericasMXDecember
Alexander ArcelayEMEASEDecember
Ben MillerAmericasCADecember
Emily PereyAmericasMXDecember
Betsy EttorreEMEAFIDecember
Beth RosenthalAmericasMXDecember
Marcy FowlerEMEAATDecember
Nathan FowlerEMEAATDecember