Tips and Guidance for in-room WebEx Moderators

Sometimes, such as our Global DPCA Meetings, we need to combine remote WebEx participation with a gathering of people in a conference meeting room. This becomes much more complicated than when remote individuals are each sitting in front of their own personal computer.

Participants in a meeting room can easily forget about the remote participants on WebEx. Having dedicated WebEx moderators will help keep the meeting together and create a more positive experience for everyone.

These Moderator Tips are intended to provide orientation and guidance to moderators who may be new to WebEx and help them to create a successful and productive meeting.

Key Points To Remember:

  1. Make sure that people in the room do not forget about remote WebEx participants
  2. Make sure that remote participants do not disrupt the room with audio-feedback or other noise
  3. Keep everyone engaged and communicating with each other – but don't flood the chat box
  4. Always use the chat box to "Everyone" to request **Hand Up to manage the speakers queue 
  5. Know how to reach one of the in-room technical specialists in an emergency



Moderating the Meeting

Host, Presenter, and Moderator Team Work

Staffing and Team Members

WebEx Login names

Hardware and Technical Setup

In-Room Audio/Visual/Internet Setup Schematic

Outline of the audio, video, and wired network connections that are needed to setup and manage a typical WebEx configuration in a conference room.


  • This does not take into account additional WiFi networks that may be made available to in-room participants, but that network should be separated from the high-capacity Quality of Service wired LAN that is needed to ensure good video transmission in and out from the WebEx Hub computer.
  • In-room microphones may be either wired or wireless depending on the audio mixer setup

Webcam Positioning