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AR Dems 'House a Variety of Views' in spite of DNC Chairman's Pro-Choice Comments

Speaking out after Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said abortion rights were "not negotiable." the Democratic Party of Arkansas said it "houses a variety of views." On Monday, Rep. Michael John Gray, D-Augusta, and chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas said ideological purity leaves little room for compromise on the group's most important issues."The only litmus test we care to take is whether what we do is in the best interest of the people we serve. Ideological purity leaves little room for compromise on our most important issues. When it comes to the matter of reproductive rights, our nation’s highest court issued a ruling on this matter over forty years ago, providing a woman with the capacity to make the decisions that she believes are best for her overall health and wellness. These protections are afforded to women under the Fourteenth Amendment and, in turn, we believe it is our obligation to trust the ruling of the court and to trust women.”


Clinton County Democrats celebrate past, look to future

The Clinton County Democrats honored their past while also looking forward to the future during their annual Hall of Fame Dinner on Friday night. Derek Eadon, the new chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party, said Pardee “wrote the book” on what it means to be a party chair. Eadon worked on the early Barack Obama caucus campaign and told a story of how well Pardee ran events. While a lot of time was spent thanking Pardee for her work, Eadon described the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections and 2020 as “unique opportunities” for Democrats. “We haven’t lost our values and I think that needs to be our message,” Eadon said. “We need to get better at talking about our values,” Eadon said.


Nebraska DNC Chair Kleeb Says Perez Was Wrong, Party Can Include Pro-Lifers

Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez was wrong to say that Omaha mayoral candidate Heath Mello must support abortion rights, said Nebraska Democratic chair Jane Kleeb in an interview on Monday. Appearing on MSNBC, Kleeb was asked by host Steve Kornacki about the ongoing controversy after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) endorsed Mello's candidacy. Mello had previously supported anti-abortion legislation while in the legislature, and the endorsement drew the ire of pro-choice lobbying groups like NARAL Pro-Choice America. Mello told the Huffington Post that, as mayor, he would not block abortion rights. "I think there is a very clear bright line that the Democratic Party wants to make sure that a woman's right to reproductive rights is protected," Kleeb continued. "That means Roe v. Wade is the law of the land. I also think at the same time there's room for pro-life Democrats to come to the table with very concrete ideas to reduce the amount of abortions."

How Bernie Sanders Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Democratic Party

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) called on an arena full of Omaha Democrats to get behind the city’s mayoral candidate Heath Mello on Thursday night, passionately appealing for unity hours after national reproductive rights advocates criticized the Democratic Party for backing an anti-choice lawmaker.A key to understanding the kumbaya atmosphere in Omaha is Sanders’ close relationship with Nebraska Democratic Party chairwoman Jane Kleeb. Kleeb backed Sanders in the March 2016 Nebraska caucus, which Sanders won, and a few months later was elected chair of the state Democratic Party on the strength of the Sanders wave. She now sits on the board of Our Revolution, the successor organization to Sanders’ presidential campaign. But Kleeb’s considerable accomplishments as a party chair and grassroots organizer in the state were clearly what impressed Sanders most. He implied that not traveling to Omaha to speak on behalf of Mello would have been an insult to her hard work and success in a state that Donald Trump won by 25 percentage points. “She is great. She is exactly the kind of energy that we need for the Democratic Party,” Sanders said.

North Carolina

Local Democrats to hold inaugural gala

The Burke County Democratic Party invites the community to join it for its very first “Blue Gala” celebration. The party’s inaugural gala will take place this Saturday from 7-10 p.m. at CoMMA. The event will feature a live performance by the students of Morgan String Studios, a DJ, dancing, heavy hors d’oeuvres, alcoholic refreshments and a silent auction. “Our local folks thought it would be a good idea to celebrate local democratic principles and the fellowship of all the hard work folks put in for the party,” said Mark Vitrone, the newly elected chair of the BCDP. “Stakeholders in the area will have a chance to mingle and talk.” The local party has invited two special guests from the North Carolina Democratic Party to speak at the gala, party chair and former state insurance commissioner Wayne Goodwin , and second vice chair Matt Hughes.


Dennis Richardson unveils complex redistricting plans

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson on Monday revealed his draft for a new system of drawing legislative districts. But he quickly drew criticism for its complexity and its effect of giving the secretary of state new powers. Jeanne Atkins, who heads the Democratic Party of Oregon said in a statement that Richardson's plan is "a new kind of election gerrymandering" created without the input of Democrats. "This is not reform. It's a plan that imagines a problem where none exists and then proposes an impossibly complicated and unbalanced solution," said Atkins, who was secretary of state herself prior to Richardson.


Memphis Democrats Prepare To Reorganize

Shelby County Democrats hope to have the local party up and running by the Fourth of July. The Shelby County Democratic Party was disbanded by the Tennessee Democratic Party in August after two disastrous county election cycles for the Democratic slate and increasing dysfunction by the local party’s executive committee. In taking the action, Tennessee party chairwoman Mary Mancini wrote that she wanted the reformed local party to determine its own needs and “enact reforms that will bring in new people and build a strong grassroots organization.”


Comal County Democratic Party leader killed in crash

Democrats in Comal County are mourning the loss of their county chairwoman, Roberta 'Robbi' Boone, who was killed Friday evening in a traffic accident on Texas 46. A statement by Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said, in part, “All of us will miss Robbi’s determination and passion going forward. Our thoughts are with the entire Boone family during this difficult time.”


Lt. Gov. comes to Brattleboro with a message

Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman suggested Windham County residents in the Vermont Democratic Party and the Vermont Progressive Party get more involved when he visited both groups in separate sessions Sunday. He encouraged citizens to educate their legislators on issues they know about. If all the participants in the Women's March in Montpelier picked up the phone 15 minutes a week to talk with lawmakers, he said, bills would be passing much faster. "I thought they wanted to help folks get to the middle class and they don't," Gill said. "We want to grow the middle class."