Association of State Democratic Chairs TRAINING REPORT

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The 2017 T3 Training Program is well underway, and we're excited to announce that over 2,600 Democrats from all over the country have joined this year's program, and that number continues to increase by the day! Through two weeks, we've trained County Chairs, local candidates, and activists on framing our message, email organizing, and social media organizing. Next week, we'll begin our Grassroots Organizing series. Registration will remain open for several weeks, so please continue spreading the word in your state. The top 5 states by registration are:

1. Oklahoma
2. Iowa
3. Indiana
4. Minnesota
5. South Carolina

Rounding out the top 10: Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Colorado and Wisconsin

Recorded training sessions, along with corresponding PowerPoint presentations, from our first two weeks can be found below. 

Past T3 Training Sessions:
Introduction to T3: The Democratic Party ft. Rep. Keith Ellison - take this short quiz for credit.
Communications: Amplifying the Message ft. Former Lt. Gov. Joe Maxwell - take this short quiz for credit.
Digital: Email Organizing - take this short quiz for credit.
Digital: Social Media Organizing - take this short quiz for credit.

Introduction to T3: The Democratic Party
Communications: Amplifying the Message
Digital: Email Organizing - Getting started on email organizing? Feel free to use this sample!
Digital: Social Media Organizing 

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Vanna Cure
Training Director
Association of State Democratic Chairs