Dates for DA Meetings in Washington DC

Will Bakker, December 19, 2013

Dear DA Leaders,

Mark your calendars and start looking for flights! The 2014 Global Meeting will be in Washington DC, on the following dates:

March 1 (Saturday evening):   The 50th Anniversary Gala

March 2 & 3:   DPCA Business Meeting

March 4 & 5:   DC Door Knock

Further details, including deadlines, venues, and registration procedures, will be forthcoming. We look forward to celebrating DA's 50th Anniversary with as many of you as possible -- and lots of special guests, too.

The formal announcement for this meeting will come later; we just wanted to share these dates as soon as we could.

Please note that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will meet in Washington DC on February 26 - March 1. There will be limited opportunities for Democrats other than DNC members to attend portions of that meeting. We'll share those details as they become available.


Will Bakker

International Secretary

on behalf of the DPCA Executive Committee

Bidding for the 2015 Global Meeting

Will Bakker, January 7

Dear DA leaders,

At our Global Meeting in March, the DPCA will determine the date and place of the 2015 Global Meeting, in accordance with our Charter (Section 3.1). The International Chair invites all Country Committees to submit non-binding bids for consideration. Bids received before February 16 will be reviewed.  

There is an informal custom of rotating among regions, and the Asia/Pacific region is next on that basis. Nevertheless, bids from Country Committees in all regions are welcome and encouraged. Please use the form below to make your Country Committee's bid, by emailing the completed form to the International Chair ( and the International Secretary (

Both Katie ( and Ken ( would be happy to field questions on the process. Joint bids from Country Committees that would like to work together are also welcome.

We have had an outstanding streak of delightfully hosted Global and Regional Meetings all over the world. Hosting a Global Meeting is not just a fun way to show off your city to fellow Democrats (and sometimes a Distinguished Guest). Hosting also energizes your volunteers and attracts new members.

On behalf of Katie,
Will Bakker
International Secretary

Locations for the Global Meeting, 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner, and Door Knock

Will Bakker, January 8

Dear DA Leaders,

Next week, I will distribute the official 45-day notice for the upcoming Global Meeting. A registration page will be available soon, with specific costs and instructions for making hotel reservations at the special rate. Your DPCA officers will fill in details about guest speakers and additional events as they become available.

In the meantime, I hope that the following information will help you make arrangements to join your fellow Democrats to celebrate our organization's 50th Anniversary.

Saturday, March 1
Democrats Abroad 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner
 7 to 10 PM in the Stevenson Ballroom
 of the Woman’s National Democratic Club
 The Whittemore House, An Historic Preservation Property
 1526 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC

Sunday and Monday, March 2-3
2014 DPCA Global Meeting
 at the DoubleTree Hotel, Crystal City / Washington DC
 300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, Virginia

Tuesday and Wednesday, March 4-5
2014 DC Door Knock
 on the Hill, after orientation at the offices of the Democratic National Committee
 430 South Capitol St SE, Washington, DC

Hotel rooms will be available at the DoubleTree Hotel, Crystal City / Washington DC.

Please feel free to forward this information to members and other potential guests. Thank you to the many wonderful volunteers who are bringing these events together.

Will Bakker
International Secretary

Resolutions for the 2014 Global Meeting

Will Bakker and Susan Vaillant, January 9

Dear DA leaders,

One of the most important items of business at each Global Meeting is the consideration of resolutions. The key portion of the Charter for the upcoming meeting is the deadline: Resolutions for consideration at the Global Meeting may be submitted to the International Chair up to 30 days before the meeting, that is, by January 31.

Please send the text as an attachment to and

That's the short version. The long story is that the DPCA Executive Committee has been working with the Resolutions Committee this year to clarify the process of submitting and considering resolutions. What follows is a brief overview for your information. We hope it will be helpful to you in the coming weeks.   

First, and as before: Any Voting Member of the DPCA may submit a resolution to the Resolutions Committee. Resolutions submitted by DPCA Voting Members must be presented at a global meeting (electronic or in-person) for consideration, as required by the Charter.

Second: Resolutions adopted by Country Committee Executive Committees, but not submitted to the Resolutions Committee by a DPCA voting member, may nonetheless be submitted to the Resolutions Committee by any member of that CC Executive Committee. The Resolutions Committee will consider whether the submission meets criteria for submission to the DPCA. The decision of the Resolutions Committee to submit or not in such cases should be made in a timely fashion, to allow the submitter to pursue other avenues.

The subject of the resolution should address a topic of relevance to members of Democrats Abroad. This may be a current political issue or an issue internal to Democrats Abroad. The topic should appear in the title in unambiguous language.  Resolutions with the greatest chance of success are those that are short, concise, topical and reflective of Democratic Party values.  

As before, co-sponsors to a resolution and passage by Country Committee ExComs are not directly relevant to the consideration of a resolution. These strategies are relevant to passing a resolution in March, but not necessary to submitting one now. If a DPCA Voting Member submits a resolution by the deadline, then the Resolutions Committee will review it for your consideration in DC.

The Resolutions Committee will be communicating with you over the next week or so, to update you on the status of the resolutions considered during the 2013 Global Meeting in London, and to further explain the overall process for handling proposed resolutions between Global Meetings.

Please let us know as early as possible if you plan to submit a Resolution and on what topic, by email to . This will allow better planning of the upcoming Global Meeting.

Best regards,

Susan Vaillant
Chair of the DPCA Resolutions Committee

Will Bakker
International Secretary

2013 Resolutions - adopted and outstanding

Susan Vaillant and Will Bakker, January 15

Dear DPCA-Leadership


As you know, the deadline for submissions of resolution texts for consideration at the upcoming DPCA meeting is January 31 (see Will Bakker's message of January 9).  


Here is a rundown of the status of Resolutions both adopted and outstanding, including any calls for action, from the most recent DPCA International meeting, in London 2013.    Please review so we can avoid redundant submissions and also so you are prepared to address outstanding texts in a timely manner, most of the debate around these having already taken place.   Those marked "outstanding" merit your timely attention and should be given priority status for a vote at the upcoming meeting.


1) Nuclear Resolution (outstanding) .     Discussed multiple times at DPCA meetings, most recently referred to the Resolutions Committee to rework the language.    A reworked version, with more moderate language and removal of the most controversial section, was sent in August to the Chair and to Michael Steltzer who had submitted the initial text.    We highly recommend that this text be discussed prior to the Washington meeting and voted on definitively.   We will post the reworked text shortly.


2)  Alice Germond (adopted).    This resolution does not require any specific action by the ExCom. We recommended that the Chair write a note to Ms Germond conveying the “warm thanks” of Democrats Abroad, after having first contacted the resolution’s author, Stan Grossman, who may have already communicated with Ms Germond.


3) Gun Control (adopted).   This resolution “urges the DNC to take all necessary and appropriate steps” to implement the Democratic Party Platform on Firearms.     Although this did not require any specific action by the ExCom, we recommended that the ExCom formally instruct all DNC Representatives for Democrats Abroad, including the Chair and Vice-Chair, to seek opportunities to express this position of Democrats Abroad in a way that reflects the intent of the resolution.


4) DA Country Committee Election Procedures (adopted).  Required the Excom to form a "Task Force to study our country committee election needs, to consult our membership, and to make recommendations to update and to ensure that these procedures remain relevant to the organization.” We urged the Excom to announce the Task Force's establishment, its mandate (in keeping with DA principles) and a projected deadline.  


5) Comprehensive Immigration Reform (adopted).   The text has been published on the DA website and been publicized by a leader of the LGBT caucus.   We advise that this Resolution be the basis of relevant text in the 2016 DA Platform, subject to updates due to recent political and judicial developments.   


6) Non-partisan redistricting (outstanding). Referred back to the Resolutions Committee.  We will work with the original author to determine whether the DPCA should consider this at the upcoming Global meeting.   


7)  Establishing a Travel Stipend (outstanding).   Referred back to the Resolutions Committee.   A perennial topic of DPCA discussion, we recommend that the Excom establish a small Travel Stipend Study Group, in consultation with the resolution’s author, to report on the feasibility of such a program prior to the next Global Meeting.  Notwithstanding the conclusions of such a Group, the Resolution remains on the table for the next Global Meeting.


8)  Database management (withdrawn).    Withdrawn by its author John McQueen in response to a document submitted informally by David Katz of Canada.  The resolution was contentious before and during the meeting, but it is considered urgent by several DPCA members.   We recommend the Excom a) consult with both John and David to determine the way forward, and b) should John choose to submit a new resolution on this topic, advise him to simplify the proposal to leave room for greater flexibility regarding technical aspects.


9)  UN Small Arms Treaty (outside deadline submission, not considered).  Submitted after the formal deadline for the 2013 meeting.    We had recommended its review during any "New Business" but there was not sufficient time.   We consider this proposal to be timely, urgent and well-written, we therefore recommend that the ExCom or the original author consider presenting the text to DPCA for adoption or rejection as a DPCA resolution.


10)  Several proposals from DA Philippines (outside deadline submissions, not considered).  Submitted after the formal deadline for the 2013 meeting.    We had recommended its review during any "New Business" but there was not sufficient time.       Some of DA-Philippines’s proposals are timely and worth further consideration.    We are ready to work with the authors to refine the language and to determine which ones could be considered by the ExCom, which should be submitted for the next General Meeting, and which should be withdrawn.  


Best regards,

Susan Vaillant

Chair, Resolutions Committee


Will Bakker

International Secretary

Secretary, Resolutions Committee

Resolutions - Rules and Guidelines

Susan Vaillant and Will Bakker, January 20

Dear DPCA members,

Please find below Rules (from the Charter) and Guidelines (from the Resolutions Committee) for Resolutions, we hope these will be helpful in the coming days.
best regards
Susan Vaillant
Chair, Resolutions Cmte

Will Bakker
International Secretary
Secretary, Resolutions Cmte

Resolutions - Rules and Guidelines
January 2014

The upcoming meeting will begin on 2 March 2014. The deadline to submit resolutions for this meeting will be 31 January 2014, at midnight, Washington D.C. local time. Be sure to submit your resolutions to International Chair Katie Solon ( The Resolutions Committee asks that you also address your resolutions to Resolutions Committee Chair Susan Vaillant (

DPCA Resolutions and the Resolutions Committee

The purpose of the Resolutions Committee is to prepare resolutions, submitted by DPCA Voting Members or Country Committee Executive Committees, for consideration during general meetings. Typically, a member of the committee will be assigned to work with each submitting member to develop clear wording and precise content for each resolution. The Resolutions Committee also makes recommendations regarding the resolutions, at DPCA general meetings.

The Resolutions Committee according to our Charter

3.3 (a): Any member may request the International Chair in writing, not less than thirty (30) days before the meeting, to place additional items on the agenda, and shall simultaneously furnish the text of any resolutions proposed for adoption. The International Chair shall circulate such additional items and proposed resolutions, as well as other resolutions, to the members of the DPCA not less than fifteen (15) days before the meeting. Items may be added to the agenda at the meeting by majority vote of the members present or represented.

3.3 (b): The International Chair may name a Resolutions Committee for the meeting to review any resolutions presented to the Chair as additional items for the agenda. The duty of the Resolutions Committee shall be to refine the language of proposed resolutions and obtain approval of the refined language from the person(s) / committee(s) submitting the proposed resolutions and to advise and make recommendations to the DPCA concerning the substance of the resolutions.

Suggestions from the Resolutions Committee

These are merely recommendations. There are no strict rules in our Charter or from past Resolutions, so the Resolutions Committee will work on any resolution submitted in accordance with the DPCA Charter. Following these suggestions will allow the Resolutions Committee to help you craft the best possible resolution.

1.     To be effective, the object of a Resolution should be a call to action. In most cases this will be a call to action by the DPCA, including calling on DPCA to take action to call on a third party (e.g. DNC, Democratic legislators, the White House, DA members) depending on the sense of the Resolution. Please limit the use of "Whereas" paragraphs, and instead focus on the action to be taken.

2.     Resolutions are different from topics for lobbying (e.g. during the DC door-knock). Resolutions passed by the DPCA can form the basis for our platform, or they can shape how the DPCA works. They are the official statements and regulations of our organization. (See Charter Section 2.1.)

3.     Any DPCA Voting Member may submit a resolution for a general meeting, with no requirement to pass the resolution at a lower level. Be advised that passing a resolution in your Country Committee is a good way to prepare it for the DPCA. Your fellow DA members will help you refine the aims and the language of the resolution, and local endorsement will make it easier to gather support for the resolution among DPCA members.

4.     Please include complete contact information with your resolution, including dates when you will not be available. In accordance with Charter Section 3.3(b), the Committee needs to work closely with you!

5.     Resolutions submitted by the deadline will be distributed to all DPCA members just 15 days later. Please submit your resolution as early as possible, to give the Committee time to work with you. If your resolution will be improved or approved by your Country Committee in the near future, don't wait to send it to the Committee –- we can make whatever changes arise from your Country Committee as we collaborate to research and refine your resolution. In fact, the Resolutions Committee can continue to make changes to your resolution, with your approval, in the days before the general meeting itself.

6.     The 2014 Resolutions Committee is now working on resolutions tabled from the previous general meeting, in London. If you believe that a resolution from a previous general meeting should be considered at the March 2014 meeting, or if you're not sure whether a resolution is under consideration for that meeting, please contact the Resolutions Committee Chair.

The Resolutions Committee looks forward to your submissions and to working with you to keep the DPCA moving forward. You are very welcome to address questions and comments to Resolutions Committee Chair, Susan Vaillant (

Hotel for DA Annual Meeting

Art Schankler, January 20

Dear DA Leaders,

As most of you know, our global Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, DC, from March 1-3, with the DC Door Knock on March 4-5.  The Registration pages for the Meeting and the 50th Anniversary Gala (on the evening of March1) will be up very soon and we will be sending you the links for those in a separate email.   But I wanted to provide you some hotel information in advance. The Annual Meeting will be held at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Crystal City, in Arlington, Virginia (near National Airport) and we have booked a block of rooms there for members.  The link to the hotel for the special DA registration is:
Please note that the room rate for February 27 - March 3 is $89 plus tax for a single or a double, but the  rate rises on Monday and Tuesday nights (March 3 and 4) to $179 plus tax.  The deadline for the special rate is February 2 and there are a limited number of rooms booked, so if you intend to be at the meeting, please book as soon as possible. If you have any questions or problems, please contact me at or Beth Tudan at

Looking forward to seeing many of you in DC.

Art Schankler

Registration for the 2014 DPCA Global Meeting and Democrats Abroad 50th Anniversary Gala

Art Schankler, January 26

Dear DA Leaders,

The registration pages for our 2014 DPCA Global Meeting in Washington and the Democrats Abroad 50th Anniversary Gala are now live, so I hope you take the opportunity to sign up soon for these great events.  Here are the links to the Registration Pages which include information pages and payment forms:

2014 DPCA Global Meeting:   http:/
Democrats Abroad 50th Anniversary Gala:

Please note that you must use both registration pages if you want to sign up for the Global Meeting and the Gala.
The 2014 DPCA Global Meeting will run from March 1-3 (Saturday afternoon to Monday evening) with the DC Door Knock to follow on March 4-5.  The agenda for the Meeting and the other events was sent out (by Will Bakker) last week with the official announcement of the Global Meeting.

We are looking forward to a great meeting, focused on our efforts for the crucial 2014 Mid-Term elections, with training sessions developed by the ASDC director of training and our Best Practices Committee.  The Door Knock will be over two days and give us an opportunity to present issues important to our members to key legislators and administration officials. If you are interested in joining the Door Knock, please click the appropriate box on the Registration Page.  

For those not traveling to Washington, WebEx facilities will be available for the Global Meeting, so please use the Global Meeting registration page to register to participate by WebEx.

Deadline for the Global Meeting registration is February 14.

The high point of our days in Washington will certainly be the Democrats Abroad 50th Anniversary Gala on Saturday night, March 1.  The Keynote Speaker for the Gala Dinner will be Senator Kirsten Gillibrand from New York, a real friend of Democrats Abroad.  We are expecting other leaders of the Party to attend the Dinner as well as the Gala Reception to be held before the dinner.  We hope that as many people as possible will be able to attend the Gala, regardless of whether they are participating in the Global Meeting. In addition to attending the Gala Dinner, we are encouraging members and others to become official Supporters and Hosts of the Gala.  See the Gala registration page for more details.

We will be sending out a global email to members about the 2014 DPCA Global Meeting and 50th Anniversary Gala, but please let your members know - and please invite friends and family to join us as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary at the Gala on March 1.  The deadline for registering for the Gala is also February 14.

As previously announced, the DPCA Global Meeting will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel (Crystal City) in Arlington, VA. Deadline for reserving rooms at the DPCA special rate is February 2.  Please note that the special room rate of $89 plus taxes rises to $179 on Monday night, March 3. Either call at + 1 800 222 8733, using the DPCA discount code of DPC or use the special DPCA Global Meeting Doubletree Link.  

Questions or comments, please write to me at or to the 2014 DPCA Global Meeting project manager, Beth Tudan, at

See you in DC.

Art Schankler
International Treasurer

 ASDC & DNC meetings in Washington before our 2014 DPCA Global Meeting

Katie Solon, January 28 - February 3

Dear Leaders,

Part of why we choose the first week of March for our 2014 DPCA Global Meeting was to coordinate with the timing of the winter ASDC* and DNC meetings -- so that DA leaders coming earlier to Washington could attend/observe those other meetings, listen to great speakers and network with our Democratic counterparts in the U.S.  And so that state party and DNC/ASDC leaders would be in town and might also attend our events.

The tentative agenda for the DNC meeting was just released and is attached for your information.  Most of the DNC meetings -- on Thursday afternoon February 27, Friday February 28 and Saturday March 1 -- are open to the public.

The ASDC (*Association of State Democratic Chairs - of which DA Vice Chair Ken Sherman and I am members) is holding its training sessions on Wednesday afternoon February 26 and business meeting on Thursday morning February 27.  If you would like to attend any ASDC sessions, please let me know and I will ask the ASDC to add your name to their list.

We are inviting state party, DNC and ASDC leaders to our Gala events and to some parts of our DPCA meeting.

Looking forward to busy and productive days in Washington.  Hope you will be joining us!



Hi again DA Leaders,


The ASDC and DNC meetings described below will be held at:

The Capitol Hilton

1001 16th St NW

Washington, DC 20036


Our 2014 DPCA Global Meeting will be held at:

DoubleTree by Hilton, WashingtonDC - Crystal City

300 Army Navy Dr.

Arlington, VA 22202

tel (703) 416-4100




Dear DA Leaders,
Below (and attached) (see DPCA-Leadership) is a more detailed agenda for the February 26th training sessions being offered at the ASDC winter meeting in Washington.  Please note some of the trainings will be at the DNC (430 South Capitol St SE) and others at the Capitol Hilton (1001 16th St NW).
Registration is required for these sessions.  The ASDC has requested that I submit the names of DA leaders who would like to participate.  If you would like to attend, please let me know which sessions.
Again, the ASDC training sessions that a few of us attended in Minneapolis (April), Scottdale (August) and New Orleans (November) were great!
Jonae Wartel, the ASDC Training Director who organized those sessions, will be coming to our DPCA Global Meeting to conduct 3 (different) sessions Monday March 2.  Lucky us! Details on those sessions coming soon.
Katie Solon

Updated Agenda for the 2014 DPCA Global Meeting (15-day notice)

Katie Solon, February 15

Dear DA Leaders,

This message serves as notice for the upcoming DPCA Global Meeting, 15 days from now. Please find attached the updated agenda for the Gala (March 1), the Global Meeting (March 2-3), and the DC Door Knock (March 4-5).

Remote participation by WebEx will be available for the business portions of the Global Meeting. The deadline for registration has passed, so you must register immediately if you will attend the meeting by WebEx or in person.

You will also find attached the proposed resolutions to be considered during the Global Meeting, as reviewed by the DPCA Resolutions Committee. The Resolutions Committee has included commentary on most of these. Those resolutions without commentary are, based on the committee's review, acceptable as is or do not need any extra "support". Reviewers' comments were shared with the initial submitters, although in some cases they did not reply. Where the authors accepted any improvements, the committee integrated these directly in the text. The Resolutions Committee invites you to begin discussing these resolutions on the DPCA-Leadership listserv now.

The form to designate a proxy, along with instructions on proxies, will be posted shortly.

Please note that bids from Country Committees to host the 2015 Global Meeting should be sent to me and the International Secretary ( by February 16 (tomorrow).

I'm looking forward to celebrating DA's 50th Anniversary with you, and also with special guests at the Gala and Gala Reception. (Register now at ) After the Global Meeting, the Door Knock is a special opportunity to talk directly with lawmakers about issues affecting Americans living abroad.

Please direct questions about the meeting to Beth Tudan (, the Project Manager for the March events in Washington DC. That said, you are always welcome to contact me about DA-related matters.

Will Bakker on behalf of
Katie Solon
International Chair, Democratic Party Committee


(attachments available at this link)