As always, avoid anything that could be misunderstood as an anti-American protest, or a protest against the government where you live. The ideas and photos provided here are to help inspire, but you may want to add an "American abroad" element. This can help with your message and make it more interesting to people in the states as well as where you are. For example, "Americans abroad stand with Stoneman Douglas" instead of "We stand with Stoneman Douglas."


We want change.

We call BS.


Now IS the time. / The time is NOW.

Disarm hate.

Never again.

No more silence, end gun violence

Hey Hey, NRA, How many kids were killed today


Americans in [LOCATION] stand with Stoneman Douglas

Americans abroad will vote out the NRA to vote out the NRA

Vote them out.

Or a statistic that compares gun violence where you live to gun violence in America

Protect kids, not guns.

Arm teachers with pencils, not guns.

Fear has no place in schools.

Now IS the time to talk about gun control.

This is not normal.

Power to the people.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough.

Lives are worth more than an NRA endorsement.

Thoughts and prayers Action and Change

Better Laws = Safer Lives

Do Something

I stand with survivors of gun violence.

We the people > The gun lobby