We are SO CLOSE now to getting the ERA ratified!  The Virginia general assembly starts their session on January 9th and the Virginia Equal Means Equal team needs our help right now!

They would love to have some photos and videos of Americans living abroad who support ERA to use to win over some votes.   So if you could take a photo holding a sign and/or make a 30-45 second video, that would be appreciated.  Check out the simple guidelines below

 If possible, they would like by the end of the week so they can put something together for a big event in Richmond on Jan 8.   So if you could send something before then, that would be great.   However, if you miss this first deadline, we have also been asked by both Arizona and North Carolina for the same thing and they do not need as soon.  Just send as soon as you can!

So – show your support of women and equal rights by creating a photo and/or video.   Send the photo and video links to  era@democratsabroad.org

THANK YOU for your help!

ERA Video Guidelines

Video Guidelines:

  1. Consider wearing something or standing/seating by something that shows you are living abroad – for example a foreign newspaper, translation dictionary, map, typical item from country, or outside at a recognizable place in your country.  However, don’t worry about it – just a blank wall is fine.
  2. Do NOT wear or say anything partisan.  Almost all Dems support ERA so trying to win the Rep vote.
  3. Please show some passion but avoid/limit profanity.
  4. Start with “I’m an American living in {country name}”.   You can also use city name if it is one all Americans would recognize, like London, Paris, Tokyo.
  5. If you live in a country that has equal rights for women in the constitution, especially if in some non-European country, mention that. 
  6. If you are from one of the 13 states (AR, AL, AZ, GA, NC, SC, VA, FL, MS, MO, OK, UT, LA) that have not ratified the ERA, you may want to mention that.  Note that Virginia, North Carolina, and Arizona are the top 3 targets right now.
  7. For Virginia, you may want to call out Speaker Cox since he is the current ‘gatekeeper’ that could cause it to stall and never get to the Virginia House floor.
  8. Ask for ERA support.
  9. Keep video to less than 60 seconds, ideally 45 seconds.
  10. If you post the video on Facebook or Instagram, please add hashtags #DAforERA , #EqualMeansEqual and #VAratifyERA
  11. Send a link to the video to era@democratsabroad.org

Text ideas:


ERA Photo Guidelines

Photo Guidelines:

  1. Make sign on A4 or 8.5x11 paper
  2. Please include on the sign “American living in {country name} or {city name}” along with some support for ERA.
  3. Take photo with sign with your face showing
  4. Photos of your kids holding the sign is also good – if you are ok with the photo on the internet
  5. If you are from one of the 13 states (AR, AL, AZ, GA, NC, SC, VA, FL, MS, MO, OK, UT, LA) that have not ratified the ERA, if you could do a second sign and photo replacing “American” with your state, like Oklahoman, that would be great.
  6. Please send photo to ERA@democratsabroad.org

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