Saturday April 20, 2019 

8A - 11A EDT

NOTE: Public Hearing #3 will be hosted on ZOOM (and not WebEx) at this link

(For PDF texts of all 2019 Charter Amendment Propositions under consideration, please see here.)

I. Call to Order & Introduction

8:00A EDT (5 mins)

II. Proposition 15: Charter Amendment Review, Certification, Distribution

8:05 (15 minutes)

II. Proposition 16: “Full and Fair” Completion of 1P1V

8:20A (30 minutes)

III. Proposition 17: Change Voting Allocation System

8:50A (30 minutes)

IV. Proposition 18: Proxies

9:20A (30 minutes)

V. Proposition 19: Allow for the Election of Alternate Voting Representatives

9:50A (30 minutes)

VI. Spillover: Additional Comments on Other Propositions

10:20A (40 minutes)

VII. Adjourn by 11:00 a.m. EDT