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Goals for 2020

Discussion items


Notes/Action Item

  • Introductions & Check in: Name, January 2020 Priorities.

In attendance: Amerika, Alison, Lissette, Michael, Nelleke, William Prescott, Edgar Lopez, Ale Tenorio, Guests Merrill Oates and Farid Enrique Amor

·       January Update


·       Phonebanking – Guest Speaker Merrill Oates Case Study:

1.       Team of ~5 Spanish speakers to focus on specific needs, ex membership verification in specific countries

2.       DONE Amerika to email Lissette, Susan Penrod, Nelleke, Will P, Ale, Merrill to discuss in more detail.

·       Podcast Producer/Champion needed to take the lead

3.       Yes, continue paying for storage, Nelleke to work with Michael on producing podcast, Michael to send podcast job description DONE, Alison to work within her network for possible support.

4.       Everyone: Encourage caucus members to consider running as a Delegate-Candidate. If you’re interested, contact Amerika or the Affirmative Action Committee to discuss specifics

  • Endorsements – suggested: incumbent Fabi Maldonado running for County Board of Supervisors in Racine, WI,

5. DONE Michael Ramos to send additional suggestions via email 

I next recommend DAHC endorsements for tx state rep candidates:

Lorena Perez McGill (15th district)

Eric Holguin (32nd district)

Abel Herrero (34th district - incumbent)

Oscar Longoria (35th district - incumbent)

Ramón Romero (90th district  - incumbent)

Ana-María Ramos (102nd district - incumbent)

Mary Ann Perez (144th district - incumbent)

(All of these are all the only Dems running in their respective races.)

And in Illinois' state races:

Delia Ramirez (4th state house district - incumbent)

Karina Villa (25th state senate district)

5. Writer Needed

  • Local Chapters – Largest memberships in (alpha order) Australia, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom 

7.       2020: No additional resources into developing local chapters, will support those with interest, added to calendar for 2021 development in advance of 2022 midterms

    • GERMANY: Thorin - Monsy is going to the annual general meeting in Munich, where she will be giving a presentation on DACA. Our Düsseldorf-Ruhr chapter meeting is this coming Sunday and we'll be brainstorming ideas then. We also might be working with the Berlin chapter of DA for a GPP event but that's all pretty vague at the moment. I'm in talks with the chapter chair Diego and country chair Candice to see how the HC can help out.


8.  Everyone: Read through the toolkit invite two friends over, have each of them bring a friend (Group size=5), pick a topic to talk about, submit feedback  

9. Additional Hispanic Caucus webinars welcome – send potential speakers and topics to Hispanic Caucus Democrats Abroad   



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