Following is the current list of (unformatted) policy briefing papers for the Washington DC Congressional Door Knock.

Open Town Hall WebEx meetings took place to review and discuss these briefing documents:

  • DPCA Town Hall on DC Door Knock, Mon 10 Feb, 7AM EST / 12noon GMT8PM SGP 
  • 2nd DPCA Town Hall on DC Door Knock, Mon 10 Feb 23:00 EST / 12 noon, 11 Feb SGP

If you have any further questions or where unable to attend one of these 2 Town Hall meetings then 1) you can get all caught up at a briefing session on the Door Knock issues which is scheduled to take place during the Sunday afternoon sessions of the DA global meeting or 2) you can contact Carmelan Polce at any time on


This space is Open to the Public for DA members to access our Congressional Door Knock policy briefing papers.

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